What you can expect from the 2020 agenda

Create your new business as usual


Case study: Realise a customer-centric reality by constructing your own Matrix Organisation

  • See how LEO Pharma discarded traditional function and brand structures to amplify customer engagement and experience benefits of cross-functional strategies
  • Embed commercial imperatives pre-launch by developing co-leadership strategies with R&D colleague


The death of the digital function

  • Use digital to bring together marketing, sales, market access and medical strategies under the umbrella of customer centricity
  • Overcome cultural obstacles to embed a digital mindset across every team to truly upscale your digital presence


PANEL: Beyond digital transformation to a customer-centric revolution

  • Create new levels of customer satisfaction with an adaptive customer-centric vision that responds to quickly changing needs
  • Diversify digital services beyond the boundaries of traditional customer value through next-gen PSPs and closed-loop customer engagement strategies
  • New metrics for a new vision. How to gain buy-in for new KPIs balancing traditional business goals with new targets, encouraging a culture of risk-based success

The post-Covid marketing model


Case Study: Embrace the ‘fail fast, fail often’ mantra to drive innovative success

  • Develop a culture within your team to constantly challenge the status quo of our traditional, risk averse model
  • See examples of how “test and learn” has propelled GSK Nordics to be European leaders in HCP engagement


Greater customer engagement through the reach and frequency model

  • Develop a brand-specific plan that tailors the scope and scale of your customer outreach strategy
  • Measure and weight your customer interactions to maintain a balanced engagement strategy that doesn’t invoke digital fatigue
  • How to accurately test across different brands to inform a scalable strategy


PANEL: Map, engage and create relationships with the customer profiles of tomorrow

  • Successfully reintegrate rep visits into your engagement strategy with requalified customer archetypes based on evolved channel preferences
  • Nurture relationships with newly acquired customers who desire virtual-only interactions
  • Collaborate closely with KAMs to design reintegration strategies and digital only launch approaches that HCPs want

Data-driven engagement excellence


Case Study: How Pfizer gained 360-degree understanding of their customers digital footprint with novel real-world data strategy

  • Build a complete picture of your customer’s journey by measuring all interactions, not just those with your own brands
  • Gain deeper insight into the motives of your physicians’ actions to move from treating customer problems to curing them 


Case Study: Understand your evolved customer’s new online behaviour to adapt and meet their needs in the new normal

  • Adapt you targeting strategy to the changing trends of your customer’s search behaviour
  • See how Google are tackling the ‘fake news’ crisis by increasing public access to reputable health resources


Case Study: How Novartis have enhanced customer engagement success by adapting their content mix to a region-by-region approach

  • Find the balance between disease vs promotional content to drive commercial success
  • Expand and diversify your educational content to satisfy differing customer need on a country by country basis


Panel: Leverage your data effectively to drive successful engagement with your customers

  • Use advanced analytics to respond to customer signals with personalised content that drives more sophisticated engagements
  • Increase the precision and effectiveness of your engagements with a deep understanding of the more complex post-Covid customer journey

Build capabilities capable of delivering your marketing objectives


Case Study: Use AI to streamline your content approval process

  • Adapt faster to customer content needs by reducing the time from creation to promotion
  • Develop an infrastructure that promotes faster, more personalised campaigns that remain compliant


Context is King. Combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence to achieve real intelligence

  • Enhance the decision making of your commercial team through AI systems that provide the context for next best actions
  • Constantly improve your AI through machine learning algorithms that provide contextualised feedback when the user disagrees with the recommendation


Beyond the click-rate. Embrace new metrics that tell the true story of engagement

  • Enact a culture change that uses metrics to improve, not measure customer engagement
  • Refine your engagement metrics through customer centricity to choose based on importance and not ease of access

Achieve omnichannel omnipotence


Case study: Integrate your Social Media marketing to achieve omnichannel marketing

  • Optimise your platform mix to create integrated campaigns with relevant content for your audience of one
  • Widen your marketing reach by integrating social media strategies into core marketing channels


Multichannel is not enough. Cater to the segment of one with a fully integrated customer experience

  • Disrupt your business model before big tech does it first by committing to deep personalisation
  • Create an omnichannel strategy rooted in patient centricity to develop meaningful connections with both patients and physicians with advanced PSPs and a philosophy that aids the patient-physician interaction


PANEL: New processes for a new normal – how to make agility part of your company DNA

  • Expunge the ‘because we’ve always done it this way’ mentality from your team to focus on the customer need and not the existing process
  • Discover how to make compliance your best friend when it comes to implementing new, more effective systems
  • The customer as your new CEO: ensure that company process is dictated by external not internal needs to be successful in the new world

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