eyeforpharma - virtual conference

eyeforpharma - virtual conference


1. Prediction Markets and Forecasting Excellence, Joe Miles, eyeforpharma CLICK HERE TO PLAY

2. Prediction Markets: Intro to Prediction Markets Prof Robin Hanson, GMU PLAY

3. Prediction Markets: Practical Adotion Dr Carol Gebert, responsible for introducing PMs to Pharma PLAY

4. Prediction Markets: A new direction for pharma forecasting? Binyah Kesselly, J&J PLAY

5. Questions and answers PLAY

eyeforpharma - virtual conference

Joe Miles a mathematician has been studying the concept in relation to pharma, and is now implementing them on behalf of eyeforpharma. 

With our wealth of prediction market contacts and experience, EyeforPharma would love to talk to you about how we can help you implement Prediction Markets successfully at your pharma company.  Please email Joe Miles on jmiles@eyeforpharma.com or call him on +44 (0)20 73757222.


Prediction Markets will 'start to move us into areas we haven't been before'
Director of Strategic Planning at Jansenn Ortho.)

Prediction Markets are 'one of the best, if not the best ways of predicting the future'
Chief Research Scientist at Yahoo! Inc

You can't beat the market:
The ‘efficient market hypothesis' says that the price of a financial asset reflects all the information available and only reacts to surprising news.

Five major pharma companies have recently seized on an idea to improve their forecasting . They're creating ‘virtual markets' whose sole purpose is incorporating information . Their staff trade ‘virtual shares' on a ‘prediction market' – the price has proved to reflect an excellent picture of the future, beating the best known alternatives.

In the words of the Director of Strategic Planning at Janssen Ortho, Prediction Markets will ‘start to move us into areas we haven't been before'.

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