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Forecasting Excellence and ‘Prediction Markets’ Webinar

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3 Reasons To Attend

Possibly the most intensely informative 1-hour of your pharma career

Understand why big names are quickly adopting this forecasting technique called 'Prediction Markets'

Benchmark your company's forecasting techniques against this cutting edge technique

Find answers to your questions by asking the world-class panel of experts.

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Intro by Richard Murgatroyd, Forecast Manager at Roche

1. Prediction Markets: A new direction for pharma forecasting?

Binyah Kesselly, Recently Director of Strategic Planning at Jansenn Ortho, now Director of Enterprise Improvement and Process Excellence at J&J.

2. Prediction Markets: What are Prediction Markets and how could benefit Pharma Forecasting? Prof Robin Hanson, George Mason Universtiy is one of the world's esteemed experts on Prediction Markets

3. Prediction Markets and Forecasting Excellence

Joe Miles a mathematician from Oxford University has been studying the concept in relation to pharma, and is now implementing them on behalf of eyeforpharma.

4. Prediction Markets: Practical Adotion
Dr Carol Gebert
, Thermofisher Scientific, was responsible for introducing the first prediction market into the pharma industry at Eli Lilly.

Questions and answers to a panel of experts on this cutting-edge forecasting technique. Sign up today

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Prediction Markets will ‘start to move us into areas we haven't been before'

Director of Strategic Planning at Jansenn Ortho. (Hear him now in our free podcast)

Prediction Markets are ‘one of the best, if not the best ways of predicting the future'

Chief Research Scientist at Yahoo! Inc

You can't beat the market:
The ‘efficient market hypothesis' says that the price of a financial asset reflects all the information available and only reacts to surprising news.

Five major pharma companies have recently seized on an idea to improve their forecasting . They're creating ‘virtual markets' whose sole purpose is incorporating information . Their staff trade ‘virtual shares' on a ‘prediction market' – the price has proved to reflect an excellent picture of the future, beating the best known alternatives.

In the words of the Director of Strategic Planning at Janssen Ortho, Prediction Markets will ‘start to move us into areas we haven't been before'. 

For more information on Prediction Markets, our 15-minute podcast is fantastic, but there's one place to find out all the facts - our hour long live webinar with unrivalled speakers for only $99 - Sign up today!

Three reasons to attend this easy live webinar:

1. Discover what what other forecasters are doing about this break-through technique for business intelligence and why. 

2. Unbeatable line-up: eyeforpharma has a long history of providing top quality, highly researched events with only the best independent speakers.  This is no exception:

  • One of the most esteemed world experts in the subject (hear free podcast here)
  • The Director of Strategic Planning at one of the top pharma firms (J&J, hear podcast)
  • The woman responsible for the first prediction market at a pharma company (Lilly)

3. Know the news before the headlines - a large number of high-profile press are already signed up to attend the event on this cutting-edge subject. Sign up today

Three benefits of this live webinar

1. Live Networking opportunities with other delegates with the easy instant message facility

2. Live interactive poll with live results to inform the post event report - find out what the industry is thinking

3. Live Q&A - Unprecedented opportunity to ask questions to an unbeatable panel on this subject applied to pharmaceuticals. Sign up today

Don't forget! 4 advantages following the event

1. Video Recording of the event straight to your inbox after the webinar

2. Copy of the presentations to look through and read at your leisure, together with the audio

3. Two page event report after the event, by Lisa Roner, our highly esteemed, independent eyeforpharma journalist - includes the results from our interactive live poll on the day

4. Ongoing Q&A - continue Q&A online in an exclusive online discussion group / collaborative network, set up and stimulated exclusively for this event.  Sign up today

Low effort, Low cost but highly convenient

Easy! All on your desktop - ring a local free phone number for top audio and watch the Powerpoint presentations on your screen - compatible for everyone with the internet and a phone with no messy software to install

Only 1 hour of your time, but with four speakers giving the best highlights of their knowledge and experience

Only $99, reduced from $199 - a unique introductory price to the highly convenient and informative world of eyeforpharma webinars. Booking fast - join us: Sign up today!

Can't make the date?

That's fine - people who can't make the date generally book anyway and we make sure they are the first to receive the video recording and presentation slides after the event.  All of the above benefits still hold due to the continuing Q&A after the event.  Sign up today!

For more information, download a brochure here, download our free white paper or listen to our exclusive free podcast.  If you'd like to speak with me, Joe Miles for a chat about it - please ring +44 20 73757222.

There's only one place to find out the facts for only $99 and 1 hour of your time - But be quick! Sign up today to guarantee your place.

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5th September 2007 -
10.00 EDT / 15.00 GMT / 16.00 CET.

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