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1Big Theme

‘Where pharma and patients accelerate the value roadmap’: Let’s find out how pharma can be the total solution and be rewarded for it.


Fireside chat: Forget Empowerment: Patients as Partners in Innovation, Education and More
  • How the smartest companies are able to go beyond empowerment, beyond advocacy and work with patients for sustained access in a virtuous circle

-Percival Barretto-Ko

-Marc Boutin

Fireside chat: Value Rewind: How Pharma can Demonstrate Meaningful and Measurable Impact by Redefining Value from the Patient Perspective
  • Understand the changing landscape of patient-centered drug development, and the move to quantify the qualitative and validate the subjective
  • Find out how pharma can incorporate the patient perspective into R&D in scientifically rigorous and meaningful ways
  • Hear how to scale patient insights into value frameworks that resonate across the health ecosystem – from regulators and payers, to patients and providers

Peter Anastasiou

Executive Vice President, North America


Panel: Unite Patients, Providers and Payers to Bring Preventative Care to Life
  • Preventative care changes lives: how we can transform patient health care experience
  • Go beyond unmet needs to address individual’s pre-disease
  • Align stakeholders to create the market for prevention, interception and cure solutions

-Ben Wiegand

-Avi Spira, MD, MsC.

-Anish Suri, Ph.D.

-Steve Catani

Partner Your Way to a Real Solution
  • What’s your partnership approach? How to identify the organizations that will take your offerings to a completely different level
  • How to combine digital, digital therapeutic, devices and service into a single unit, designed around the ultimate customer.

Michelle Carnahan

North America Head of Primary Care Business Unit


It’s Riskier Not to Change! Develop a Smarter Business Model for Commercial Pharma
  • How patient activation can better be achieved through intelligent data-linking and targeted outreach
  • How an individualized approach to physicians can enhance patient-physician interaction – and benefit you too

-Gillian Cannon

Commercial Excellence

Partner with Providers to Transform Patient Experience
  • Patient Experience requires salesforce to think beyond the product to deliver value
  • Connect and collaborate with your providers to improve patient outcomes
  • Case Study: How AstraZeneca partnered with Geisinger to give Asthma patients mHealth support

-Tosh Butt

Building a Culture to Capitalize on Analytical Insights
  • Use a ground-up approach to ensure that your company works effectively with new data
  • Translate insights into solid, actionable steps for success
  • Understand your analytics teams to capitalize on their work and ensure integration between them

Mike Injaychock

Executive Director, Data and Analytics


Lost in Translation: Why Your Teams Don't Execute Your Strategy
  • Pinpoint dysfunction in commercial strategy through internal diagnostics
  • Align leaders to evidence-driven best practice for the era of digital and value-based case
  • Audit your internal process to create a blueprint to empower field force to succeed

-James Brewer

-Dean McAlister

Mina Makar

Senior Vice President, US Respiratory & Infectious Disease


-Dan Zuniga

-Dave Giles

How to create a more engaged and engaging sales force
  • Discover what leading companies are doing to drive winning behaviours, recruit top talent and train for success
  • Gain insights into how the power of purpose can ignite top performers, engage customers and contribute to better outcomes
  • Gain insights into how top sellers use the power of purpose to engage customers and strive for patient outcomes

-Jennifer Muszik

-David Fortanbary

-Bryan Selby

-Jill Donahue

Train and develop field force capable of successfully engaging IDNs
  • Overcome ingrained habits to restructure teams around KAM principles
  • Throw away sales incentives and train field force to collaboratively engage to discover value
  • Apply customer-centric principles to take insights through a design process that creates customer solutions

-Matt Portch

Digital & Customer Experience

Adopt Data-Driven Strategy While Protecting Customer Privacy
  • Translate the promise of omni-channel strategy into a roadmap for operational implementation
  • How to manage a holistic customer approach that sets clear boundaries for customer privacy
  • Create structures that scale to spread the benefits of analytics without compromising compliance

-Chapman Richardson

Panel: The Operational Blueprint to Finally Get to Omni-Channel Market Engagement
  • How Marketing must adapt, and what to expect from sales reps, in an omni-channel age
  • How to leverage incentives to drive change
  • How to stop inertia, and drive execution with strategy in mind instead

-Peter Barschdorff

-Matt Smith

-Debra Hussain

-Tara Stewart

-Alexander Dudinets

Digital Engagement: How Physicians Really Behave Online
  • Transform insights into action based on data collected from more than 4600 medical, science, and research sites
  • Learn how to adapt your digital marketing strategies using data-driven tactics to meet HCPs where they are, with the right message, at the right time

-Amy Turnquist

-Paul Kudlow

Patient Value

Focus on Patient Experience to deliver Patient-Centric Support
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the patient in order to understand unmet needs
  • Analyze patient experience to discover why patients slip through the cracks of PSPs
  • How empathy with the patient set UCB strategy to simplify Patient Access

-Peter Stueckemann

A Systematized Approach for Collecting and Incorporating Patient Insights into Medicines Research & Development
  • Opportunities for meaningfully engaging patients in medicines research, development & delivery
  • Best practices for collecting and incorporating patient insights
  • Assessing the value and impact of patient input
  • Increasing the momentum for patient centered medicines development and delivery

-Luther Clark

Panel: Patient Partnerships are the Only Path to Value-based Care. So How can we Make Them Work? Why Patient Groups Will Become Pharma's Essential Link to Value Beyond the Pill
  • Perfect Match: learn what pharma and patient groups both require for partnerships to succeed
  • How National Kidney Foundation worked with 25+ pharma partners to translate advocacy into FDA change

-Anthony Gucciardo

Scott Williams

Vice President, Head of Global Patient Advocacy and Strategic Relationship

EMD Serono

Regulator Panel: Essential Briefing on the FDA's Work to The Advance Patient Voice
  • Update on current FDA efforts related to patient engagement
  • 21st CC and user fee related commitments to advance the science of patient input (CDRH’s patient preference initiative, CDER/CBER’s PFDD methodological guidance development, etc.)
  • How can patient experience data inform key stakeholders (e.g., patient stakeholders, medical product developers, regulators) and what opportunities are there for stakeholders

-Pujita Vaidya

Samir Shaikh

Deputy Director, Patient Affairs - Office of the Commissioner


-Michelle Tarvar

Patient Centricity 2.0
  • Join this interactive session with real-time feedback
  • Assess where your company stands on 9 domains of patient centricity
  • Ask questions that challenge the status quo, and leave with new ideas on how to deliver Patient Centricity 2.0"

-Amy Nicole Nayar

The Importance of Advocacy Groups in Driving Next Generation Patient-Centric Platforms and Engagement
  • Leverage the powerful relationship and credibility that advocacy has with patients
  • Deliver value to the patient by partnering with advocacy groups and navigating the complexity of patient engagement
  • Partner with advocacy to transform the broader health care ecosystem.

-Hope Wohl

-Kalahn Taylor-Clark

-Susan Thornton

-Jonathan Fox

Medical Affairs

Now or Never: It’s Time for Medical Leadership
  • Seize the initiative and lead the cross-functional effort to present pharma’s authentic face and deliver real value
  • Use this window of opportunity to establish medical’s strategic position in your company
  • How medical can own the response to value-based customer decisions
  • Shape your medical function as a future model for your company, based on scientific authenticity and patient importance

-Eliav Barr

Panel: Speak the Language of Your Consumer to Increase Engagement
  • Use technology and new information channels to better engage with patients
  • Share information the way consumers want to receive their information in today’s world
  • Use Medical’s role as the scientific face of the company to impart knowledge impartially and become the trusted knowledge source
  • Navigate the Regulatory environment when adapting to new digital platforms

-Jimmie Overton

-Michele Sharp

-Kelly Wygal

-Reagan Tully

-Jodie Sherman Gillon

Tomorrow’s MSL, today. How Technology and New Attitudes Will Make the MSL the Only F2F Representative
  • See why commercial field roles will be redundant in future payer discussions that require a deeper level of understanding.
  • Develop the skills necessary for Medical to be the only F2F representative and provide more ROI than the current model

-Robert Cuddihy

Cement RWE’s Utility Through Medical Co-leadership
  • Integrate Medical, Commercial & Outcomes Research team to broaden access of Real-World Evidence to external stakeholders
  • Understand data gaps and how Real-World Evidence can provide a sound scientific platform for data generation for physicians

Sonal Bhatia

Vice President, North America Medical Lead, Rare Disease


Panel: Patient-centric Care: Does the Doctor Know Best?
  • Bridge the communication gap between medical doctors and everyday patients can dramatically improve outcomes
  • How to improve effectiveness for skeptical, time-pressured doctors
  • Real-world, scalable strategies to help doctors connect with their patients’ individual wants and needs

-Lynn Nye

-Mia Nease

-Fasiha Haq

Sven Gierlinger

Chief Experience Officer

Northwell Health

-Stewart Gandolf

Market Access Innovation

Supporting the Commercial Organization to Achieve Value-Based Market Access
  • Learn about critical leadership and collaboration principles to achieve success

Shontelle Dodson

Senior Vice President, Healthcare Systems


Panel: Affordability – The New Buzzword for Market Access
  • Create mindset shifts within your access team to focus on affordability
  • Promote affordability through the integration of evidence that will shape policy

Muna Bhanji

Senior Vice President, Global Market Access


-Jeny McNair

Robert Dubois

Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer

National Pharmaceutical Council

Where Rubber Hits the Road: Value Based Contracts in Practice
  • What lessons can we learn from previous attempts at VBC?
  • Write a roadmap for future VBC agreements that go beyond theory and into practice

-Ira Klein

-Michael Kolodziej

-Scooter Plowman


Develop an Integrated Strategy for Evidence Generation
  • Provide decision makers with a more complete value story earlier for faster market access
  • Moving from traditional sequential evidence generation to an integrated strategy, to provide better vale for patients

Mike Spencer

Vice President, Oncology Market Access


Pharma Stays Essential In The Era of Digital Care
  • Digital care can cut costs, improve outcomes and transform the patient experience
  • No one can go it alone: why digital health depends on Pharma & tech symbiosis
  • How Novo Nordisk’s non-exclusive approach to data sharing leads to patient benefit

-Christine Farmer

Chasing the elusive goal: data and analytics driving policy
  • Reflect on what organizations have already achieved through data and analytics.
  • Learn what more beyond those accomplishments is needed to ensure that Data Scientists and Business Leaders can inform policy decisions

-Névine Zariffa

Value-based Contracting Based on Real-world Insights
  • Understanding the complexities and challenges of value based purchasing payments
  • Value-based contracting in the government setting (both federal and state)– Navigating policies and litigation risks

-Tamar Thompson

How to Establish an Effective RWE Strategy Across your Product Lifecycle
  • Involve R&D colleagues from Phase II onwards to incorporate endpoints that align with RWE goals
  • Choose the appropriate data sources and methodological approaches to structure and analyze data to produce viable action plans
  • Establish a robust partnership ecosystem that enables the effective deployment of the RWE strategy

Christopher Boone

Vice President, Global Real-World Evidence Center of Excellence, Patient & Health Impact