The Digitome: a platform for enabling rapid decentralization, personalization and recruitment for clinical trials

FREE WEBINAR | November 12th, 2019 | 3pm London / 4pm Paris / 10am New York / 7am San Francisco

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Today, medicines work well in only a fraction of a target patient population. Not only is this a disservice to hundreds of thousands of patients, it is also a huge contributing factor to the poor performance and failure of many clinical trials. 

We can do better.

Technology, when built right, can make a real difference. This free webinar introduces the concept of the Digitome: a data commons which aggregates patient data, population data, claims data and of course, clinical trial data to enable identification of patients and sites on a level never seen before. We will explore how such a pool of structured data can be deployed in fuelling smarter clinical trials – and personalized right down to a genomic level.

We will also determine the best way to scale efforts, ensuring they don’t get stuck at pilot stage.

We will cover:

  • Find the needle in the haystack: algorithms that canvass different datasets to identify unique patient populations and enable a personalized trial
  • How to virtually connect eligible patients for pre-screening and use telemedicine to further reduce on-site screening failures
  • Machine Learning to improve trial design, site selection and predict results – adjust your inclusion and exclusion criteria accordingly
  • The big picture: a new trend in the use of digital biomarkers to build a picture of your own unique homeostasis and relying on technology to determine when deviations need attention

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Panelists include:
Jacob LaPorte

Jacob LaPorte


Novartis BIOME

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali

Global Head Digital Development

Boehringer Ingelheim

Michelle Longmire

Michelle Longmire



Adama Ibrahim

Adama Ibrahim

Associate Director, POC,
Global Clinical Operations