Are you looking for the industry’s best case-studies?

Then look no further than the Awards Pitch day. This is where chosen finalists battle it out to impress the judges with their insights, ingenuity and passion for the big prize. Competition really does bring out the best in people, and if you want examples of pioneering work in pharma, this may be the best place in the world to see it.

Attend these sessions (on April 15th, the day before the conference) and you will see world-class examples of pharma going beyond “business as usual”, in the following areas:

April 15th 2019

10:00am - 10:30am

Registration and coffee

10:30am - 11:45am

Create patient impact:

Gain insights from 2018’s most impactful projects using a real understanding of patient needs to develop patient solutions that make a difference.

  • Learn how to define and select the right patients for a co-creation program: how AstraZeneca and HealthiVibe built their Patient Partnership Program
  • See how GlaxoSmithKline increased access to treatment and improved the EGPA patient journey by partnering with patient groups
  • How Merck and MicroMass Communications used digital innovation KEY+YOU Patient Support Program to transform cancer patients’ experience, beyond just treatment
  • Learn how Pfizer used gamification to reimagine patient education and improve adherence in young patients with Hemocraft
  • How to improve chronic pain patient outcomes with a mobile app for pain management, Ouchie by Upside Health

11:45am - 12:15pm


12:15pm - 1:00pm

Be a Patient Champion

Hear from the patient advocates who have empowered patients and changed their lives by providing them with a voice that has influenced governments, customers or other patients.

  • Hear the story of healthcare professional and chronic disease patient Karin Denoyer, who used her personal cause to found Lyfebulb, which is empowering patients, by connecting chronic disease patient communities with the healthcare industry.
  • Learn how the only patient organization for rare disease hypoposphatasia (HPP), Soft Bones, was set up by patient Deborah Nettune Fowler. Hear about the education, awareness, advocacy work that empowers and connects HPP patients to provide support and further research and treatment of the disease.
  • Discover the story of Molly MacDonald, a cancer survivor who struggled from ‘financial toxicity’ during her treatment, so decided to help other patients by launching The Pink Fund, a non-profit to provide financial support for other patients, removing one less worry as they undergo treatment.
Karin Denoyer
Deborah Nettune Fowler
Soft Bones
Molly MacDonald
The Pink Fund

1:00pm - 2:00pm


2:00pm - 3:15pm

Generate value for Healthcare Providers:

Learn what your competitors are doing to deliver tangible benefits to healthcare and healthcare providers.      

  • Gain insights into the use of point-of-care engagement to enable a critical connection between patients and their doctor via Making Moments Matter - a program by Boehringer Ingelheim and Aptus Health
  • How KCI became a trusted education resource and partner for nurses by developing the Nurse2Nurse Social Community App with QooQoo
  • Discover how to use a medical engagement platform to share scientific content and enhance and enable medical engagement - with Sanofi’s MedVox
  • How Sanofi used VR to evolve a digital platform GRASP to advance education and scientific communications to HCPs and patients
  • Hear how to use CME certification to close professional gaps to better treat patients with major depressive disorder with Takeda and Medscape.

3:15pm - 3:45pm


3:45pm - 5:00pm

Collaborate for holistic solutions:

See examples of true partnership between pharma and industry stakeholders including patient associations, industry associations and technology partners that are bring new holistic solutions to customers and/or healthcare systems.

  • Improve the lives of caregivers through connection building and practical support - Embracing Carers™, partnership between EMD Serono and nine leading caregiver organizations
  • How Gilead Sciences and Health Unlimited reached, engaged and motivated patients with empowering messages to break-down barriers in HIV vulnerable communities with MyHealthysexualStory
  • Explore why Pfizer created a cross-function team with Drexel University, the National Hemophilia Foundation, and members of the hemophilia community to develop HEMOCRAFT, an educational tool to improve child patient adherence
  • Discover Novartis’ model collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine to maximize improvement in the lives of individuals seeking to balance work and cancer prevention, treatment, survivorship and caregiving
  • Gain insights into how to create continual improved disease management with a leading example of partnership and technology from Pfizer and Striiv with the HemMobile® Striiv® Wearable
Drexel University
National Hemophilia Foundation

5:00pm onwards

Icebreaker Networking Drinks
– Join the main eyeforpharma Philadelphia conference attendees for an evening drinks reception

NOTE: This is a “Pre-Day” to eyeforpharma Philadelphia taking place on April 15th. You must select this option when you register for your conference pass.

Attend this additional day and be able to:

  • Kickstart your creativity: Ideas and insights you can take back to your teams from projects crafted with patient and healthcare value at their core
  • Meet with the best innovators and future leaders who are prioritising patient and customer value – and changing the face of pharma.
  • Benchmark your work against some of the very best initiatives in the industry, that are designed to inspire and support the wellbeing of patients around the world right now. 
  • Hear from patients themselves – the voices who are working with pharma to influence governments, patient groups and more, to provide better results for society.

To sign-up, select “Awards Pitches” after you select your pass-type here

See why the eyeforpharma Awards Pitch Day are a must attend event:

The eyeforpharma awards are helping pharma to focus on its core constituent — the patient. Novocure
winners of the 2018 Most Valuable Patient Initiative award North America

I see the eyeforpharma Awards as a chance to share my work and to further my progress on this journey. It is about making pharma less scared about talking to patients and this creates a space where pharma can talk to patients Trishna Bharadia
winner of the European Patient Champion Award 2018

The eyeforpharma Awards recognize what really matters in the pharmaceutical industry: providing the maximum value to the greatest number of patients. This unique event galvanizes our industry, propelling it in the right direction. I encourage companies and leaders to support and enter – and, just as urgently, to applaud our colleagues who are shining a positive light on the industry as a result of the work they do Christi Shaw, SVP and President, Lilly Bio-Medicines
Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, 2016