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Be the solution: How Sanofi Pasteur is reengineering clinical trials together with health care systems

  • Understand how Sanofi is working with regulators and health care systems (including Kaiser Permanente) to build 1 million+ participant prospective trials
  • How machine learning is finding new correlations and understanding through large volumes of structured data
  • Understand why interoperability and data harmonization can unlock a new future for healthcare and the industry

David Loew EVP & Head Sanofi Pasteur

9:20am–9:40amOrange Room

Rebranding RWE: How to change how we talk about RWE and who accepts it

  • Learn which customers are ready to accept RWE now—and why
  • Understand why customers are skeptical and how to address their concerns
  • Diagnose gaps in your approach to demonstrating value with RWE

Madhavi Kasinadhuni Managing Director, Life Sciences Research Advisory Board


Session overvew to be announced

Sebastian Guth President, Americas Region Bayer

10:35am–11:15amPurple Room

Clinical Keynote panel: Patient-centric trials must be digital trials - and vice versa

  • Use technology to create patient-preferred trials – the trials patients would choose if they could. Integrate new processes to modernize the delivery of development
  • Raise ambitions with more personalized endpoints, align goals with patient advocates and deliver an improved Standard of Care
  • How to devise a shared mission to solve unmet need from the outset, with the FDA and EMA

Paul Simms Chairman eyeforpharma

David Loew EVP & Head Sanofi Pasteur

Dalvir Gill CEO Transcelerate

Jackie Kent EVP, Head of Product Medidata

10:35am–11:15amOrange Room

Panel:The future of medical: Coordinators of value throughout lifecycle strategy

  • We are fundamentally changing: discover our new boundary between Commercial and R&D
  • Meet the surging resource demand from customers, without compromising scientific integrity
  • What organizational design and capabilities do we need to meet these expectations?

Michael Norton VP, Head US Medical Affairs Abbvie

Paul Rowe, MD VP, Head of Global Medical, Immunology Sanofi Genzyme

Harmony Garges Chief Medical Officer ViiV Healthcare

Robert Consalvo Director of Strategic Commercial Engagement H1 Insights

Jasmina Mioc Director, Medical Affairs Boehringer-Ingelheim (Canada)

Sebastian Sorsaburu VP Medical Affairs Amgen


From Discovery to Connection: How Health Brands are Winning on Mobile

  • With mobile consumption surpassing traditional channels, the way people connect with each other and with businesses has changed. This behavior shift has forced Marketers to change their approach in order to thrive in a mobile world.
  • This presentation will walk through how Pharma companies can drive impact on mobile throughout the full funnel patient journey. Facebook will share creative examples from Health brands getting it right on the platform through compelling video and visual storytelling

Danielle Salowski Industry Manager, Health Facebook

11:35am–11:55amOrange Room

Your external stakeholders have changed: Has you strategy kept pace?

  • Medical’s stakeholders now include social media influencers, patient groups and digitally driven HCPs
  • Publishers are in search of innovative digital ways for providers, payors, and patients to consume scientific/medical information
  • Case Study: How we can collaborate cross-industry to create a new trusted digital resource for HCPs

11:35am–11:55amPurple Room

A moonshot trial with payers, providers and regulators

  • Pharma companies often cite the requirements of payers, providers and regulators as the reason for rigidity in trial design. Does that excuse still wash?
  • Examine what a co-created public-private partnership could generate in terms of trial design
  • Examine what’s required to build out a trial infrastructure/regulatory framework in a region that would enable digital trials to be done at scale

Jacob LaPorte Co-founder, BIOME Novartis


Fireside chat: Create a cure: Why gene therapies have broken scientific boundaries and will now transcend commercial boundaries

  • How the 'science of gene therapy' has redefined what is possible for curative medicines
  • Join a candid discussion on how value models are being innovated to create access, fund innovation and meet stakeholder needs.

Jeff Marrazzo CEO Spark Therapeutics


Health Startup challenge- you be the judge

Hear pitches and demos from some of the most innovative Health Start-ups in the pharma space. Then you choose your winner!

Joe Baffone CEO & Co Founder Annexus Health

Jeff Valk CEO Admetsys Corporation

Kevin Bambury Co-Founder/Chief Commercial Officer ONCOassist

1:40pm–1:50pmRed Room

Chair opening remarks

Norman Phillips Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer BioPharm Communications

1:50pm–2:10pmBlue Room

Fireside Chat: Fireside Chat: The analytical rep of the future

  • As the face of pharma, the modern salesforce must embody digitally-enhanced customer value; learn how Novartis are leading the charge in their commercial functions
  • Develop a new commercial operational model which enables field units to connect to increasingly collaborative access, marketing, medical and patient functions
  • Patient value is the currency of tomorrow’s industry: Train your salesforce to deliver a seamless hybrid between face-to-face interaction and backend process

Bharti Rai VP Commercial Acceleration/ Effectiveness Novartis

1:50pm–2:10pmRed Room

Pharma disrupted: reinvent engagement from the outside-in

  • Discover how pioneering customer engagement models have propelled other industries to new levels of success – and which apply to you
  • Take from tech giants – identify web 2.0 models that can upgrade your communications without risking non-compliance
  • A guide to skills and processes that will be essential for tomorrow’s pharma leaders

Haider Alleg Global Head of Digital Excellence Ferring

Todd Neuville Worldwide Business Development Leader for Life Sciences Amazon Web Services

1:50pm–2:10pmPink Room

All talk and no action? How tokenism is destroying patient trust

  • How ‘patient centricity’ is not a destination or even a goal- it’s a day-by-day process
  • How to hold yourself and your teams accountable through tangible metrics and prove you are really ‘patient-centric’

Laurie Myers Global Health Literacy Director Merck

1:50pm–2:30pmGreen Room

We Must Align To Create a Value Model That Supports Breakthrough Innovation

  • Presentation of key updates from ICER and the 2020 Value Assessment Framework
  • How do we value and reimburse high-cost therapies that can transform patient lives?
  • Where can payers and pharma work together to address affordability and create patient access

Chris Leibman SVP, Value and Access Biogen

Robert W. Dubois CSO & EVP National Pharmaceutical Council

Sarah Emond EVP and COO ICER

Andrew Kress CEO and Co-founder HealthVerity

1:50pm–2:10pmOrange Room

Patient group partnerships are the foundation of effective disease awareness strategy

  • Cultivate and nurture patient group outreach to build solid partnerships, based on trust
  • Case Study: How Novo Nordisk collaborated with Magic Foundation to map the patient journey
  • Use insights to support patients to self-advocate for better diagnosis and treatment

Nicky Kelepouris US Medical Director-Growth Hormone Novo Nordisk

Mary Andrews CEO The Magic Foundation

1:50pm–2:10pmPurple Room

Novel trial designs for research democratization

  • Trial design alternatives as the key to alternative options for patients
  • New types of trial design that enable democratization and a step change in ability to recruit and retain a targeted patient population
  • Perform heavy lifting through skilled change management

Kendal Whitlock Metasite Strategic Engagement Lead Boehringer Ingelheim

2:10pm–2:30pmBlue Room

How a patient centricity pilot was conceived, measured and scaled

  • Aligning on the use case and hypothesis
  • Starting small with pathways to scale
  • Determine what your key project outcomes could look like, based on AstraZeneca lessons learned

Dave Guiga Head of Portfolio Acceleration AstraZeneca

2:10pm–2:30pmRed Room

From abstract to applicable: revolutionize your workstreams with AI

  • Learn how Bayer is using AI to transform how customers are engaged, building more effective relationships
  • Get the right data – find the right partners who will help you gather and hold data better
  • Develop analytics strategies that enable you to be ambitious while staying compliant
  • Set execution strategies that are easy for reps to take on and carry out well

Helena Yin Koeppel VP, Global Head of Data Science & Advanced Analytics Bayer

2:10pm–2:30pmPink Room

Fireside chat: How patient groups can be the bridge to precompetitive collaboration with RWE

  • IBD PLEXUS Case Study: How Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation united patients and pharma
  • Turn competitors into collaborators: how to build emergent coalitions

Caren Heller CSO Crohns Colitis foundation

Thomas Abbott Head, Real World Evidence Astellas

2:30pm–2:50pmGreen Room

Exploring the rise of RWE in regulatory submissions

  • Understand the FDA’s roadmap for more fully incorporating RWE into drug development
  • Review the FDA’s three part approach for evaluating RWE programs
  • Examine case studies where RWD and RWE were used as part of a regulatory submission

Todd Phillips PharmD, RAC, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences

2:10pm–2:30pmOrange Room

Systems thinking is your key to improving quality outcomes for providers and patient

  • Medical must level-up healthcare system knowledge to keep up with stakeholder evolution
  • How patients flow within healthcare systems and the impact on clinical pathway
  • The future architecture of care: engage with complexity to improve quality outcomes

Eddie Power VP, North America Medical Affairs, Hospital Business Pfizer

2:10pm–2:30pmPurple Room

Realizing the promise of AI, RWE & Digital Health deployments through understanding of patient needs

  • Innovations in AI, RWE & Digital Health have the potential to transform patient care and clinical development. But, how to realize these promising solutions?
  • Will showcase a model to effectively develop and deploy innovative solutions that provide a path toward understanding and meeting patient needs.
  • Examples may include: disease-specific NLP/ML algorithms to target patients eligible for clinical studies, AI-fused biosensors and monitoring to find deeper understanding on patients, and AI BOT assistants to support patients in disease management.

Juliette Chen Director, Global Outcomes Research and Epidemiology Takeda

2:30pm–2:50pmBlue Room

Upgrading commercial targeting for the age of IDNs: How next level data and analytics can help your sales force work smarter and better engage organized customers

  • The increasing importance of health systems and IDNs has made the task of targeting and prioritizing accounts more complex, yet also more critical. Pharma needs to evolve its approach to identifying and engaging customers. We'll discuss how pharma can:
  • Weave together siloed data streams to characterize, segment, and prioritize accounts for engagement
  • Leverage new and emerging data sources and visualization tools, along with traditional metrics and inputs in order to minimize the time and leg work reps need to invest in order to reach the ideal stakeholders

Ryan Rumantir Associate Lead, Client Engagement Decision Resources Group

2:50pm–3:10pmPurple Room

Characterize the essential value of patient data

  • Why drug development operating conditions necessitate the transformative use of patient data
  • Champion protocol optimization and new protocol designs based on smarter endpoint selection and study logistics
  • Accelerate the development pathway and lower development costs using patient data from multiple sources including previous studies and RWE
  • Anticipate the impact of patient centric and learning health clinical trial models into development operating practices

Ken Getz Deputy Director and Professor, CSDD Tufts University School of Medicine

2:50pm–3:10pmOrange Room

Adding the Medical Affairs Voice for Leveraging RWE and Big Data to Transform Tools for Payor Conversations

  • Collaborating with HEOR, Market Access, and Field Medical to determine payor needs, create a strategy, and execute
  • How Novo Nordisk is using RWE to help employers uncover employee health needs
  • Provide an example of how Medical Affairs can reestablish pharma’s credibility with customers by supporting access to industry’s big data

Gabriel Smolarz US Medical Director - Obesity Novo Nordisk

3:10pm–3:30pmOrange Room

Implementation Science: Bridging the gap between research and practice

  • What is Implementation Science?
  • Why should Pharma care about IS?
  • How is ViiV applying IS to its novel pipeline?

Maggie Czarnogorski Head of Implementation Science ViiV

3:00pm–4:00pmWorkshop rooms

WORKSHOP: Stop selling, start educating: how to engage physicians with your content

Physicians don’t want to be sold to. They want a partner in patient care. How do you orient your content to meet your goals, while speaking to doctors at their level? Learn from Dr. Landy and the team that won the Most Valuable Healthcare/HCP Initiative at the 2019 eyeforpharma awards at this interactive session.

Dr Joshua Landy Chief Medical Officer Figure1

3:00pm–4:00pmWorkshop rooms

WORKSHOP: What is a “Competitive Insight”? And how do you make it actionable?

Realizing your R&D and Strategic Marketing objectives through Competitive Insights.
Every pharmaceutical executive talks about insights – but what are those competitive insights that have the power to make new findings tangible? How do we translate competitive insights into actionable & strategic intelligence? And, how do we articulate them in an easy-to-grasp way, for our stakeholders to understand immediately what we’re seeing?

Our workshop will offer participants a compressed but unique hands-on experience of generating competitive insights, with a focus on understanding how to make them actionable.

C.I. leader Philip Hart and Biotech executive Jack Florio will lead through the session, as will commercial strategist Gloria Kwon, and Deallus U.S. VP Peter Barschdorff. We will cover:

  • How to translate competitive intelligence into insights, and those insights into actions that result in long-term competitive advantage
  • Ways to challenge your company with strategies grounded in solid use of CI and insights
  • Utilize competitive insights in a way that will give you an active seat at the strategy table

Peter Barschdorff Vice President Deallus

Gloria Kwon Senior Principal Deallus

Jack Florio Biotech Executive Deallus

Philip Hart C.I. Leader Deallus

4:00pm–4:30pm | Exhibition Hall

Networking coffee break

4:30pm–5:10pmBlue Room

Panel: Your leadership model for customer centricity in the digital era

  • Define the role of digitally-driven sales teams, form the leadership team and set your commercial digital transformation strategy
  • Cultivate a data delivery system which empowers the ‘analytical sales rep of the future’ with well timed, well placed customer insights (medical, access, patient engagement)
  • Avoid and overcome common leadership pitfalls in the pursuit for digital domination

Soma Gupta Vice President, Global Marketing for Rare Disease Pfizer

Igor Rudychev Head, US Data & Innovations, Oncology Business Unit AstraZeneca

John Young IT Sales & Marketing Enablement Technologies Leader Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

Veronica Chase VP Marketing Eli Lilly

Sanjay Virmani EVP of Data Analytics at Omnicom Health Group Indegene

4:30pm–5:10pmRed Room

Panel: A whole new (customer engagement) world: Invest for success in 2020

  • What don’t customers want? Understand expectations and the value you can bring
  • Effective techniques for engaging tomorrow’s decision makers and strengthening brand loyalty of patients and HCPs
  • Where to invest resources to strike a successful balance between field and digital marketing channels
    Incorporate the best and most relevant digital innovations into your customer engagement strategy

Paulo Amaral Global Zoster Multi Channel Marketing Lead GlaxoSmithKline

Frank Doll Chief Marketing Officer Arsenal Therapeutics

Matt Smith Global Lead, Strategy, Digital & Operations Pfizer

Alan Rutledge CEO TrendMD

4:30pm–5:10pmPink Room

We need to talk about... Health literacy

  • Make it easier for patients to deal with the wave of misinformation in the era of ‘post-truth’
  • Understand the best practices for communicating HCP and Regulatory data to patients
  • How we can work with patient advocacy groups, education forums and HCPs to communicate directly to patients and build higher levels of literacy and understanding

Laurie Myers Global Health Literacy Director Merck

Lori Hall Director, Global Health Literacy Eli Lilly

Esther Schorr Co-founder and COO Patient Power

John Linnell COPD Patient advocate

4:30pm–5:10pmGreen Room

Panel: Access and affordability is now a cross-functional priority

  • As the industry shifts towards value, access is everybody’s business
  • Hear Commercial, Patients and Medical leadership break down why the future of your function is driven by Access
  • As we converge around access and affordability, this is how we work cross-functionally to achieve our goals

Scott Williams VP and Head of Global Patient Advocacy EMD Serono

Daniel Staud AVP Global Market Access Merck

Sheila Frame VP Commercial: Marketing, Market Access and Patient Services Sandoz

4:30pm–5:10pmPurple Room

Panel: The new clinical ecosystem – who will be disrupted, who will be displaced? likely pathways to progression

  • Gain market maturity by comprehending today’s spectrum of different approaches – from centralized PIs to virtual and remote networks. An objective perspective on the landscape of approaches and where they’re headed
  • Why new marketplaces and automation could disrupt CROs whilst new data, could disrupt pharma development organizations
  • How technology can disrupt the fundamental nature of trial participation for patients and likely pathways to progression

Craig Lipset Former Head of Clinical Innovation Formerly Pfizer

Rohit Nambisan President Lokavant

Kyle Flickinger VP Biopharmaceutical solutions Deep Lens

5:10pm–5:30pmRed Room

Advancements in digital technology: Harnessing innovation to meet today's marketing challenges

  • Learn how to use data technology to generate actionable insights and personalize campaigns
  • Transform your marketing campaigns with digital innovations such as AI
  • Solve basic, practical business problems with advanced technology

Christina Kim EVP of Data Analytics at Omnicom Health Group BioPharm Communications

5:10pm–5:30pmPink Room

Create long-term audience engagement with next generation patient storytelling

  • Discard artificial advertising and retain audience interest against an active digital backdrop
  • Disrupt the noise of tired pharma marketing messages with the latest innovations in digital storytelling and immersive interactive experiences.
  • Learn how to maximize your marketing dollars with affordable social content creation.
  • Reimagine what your next campaign could look like when told through the eyes of your patients instead of ambiguous metaphors

Jon Irvine Creative director Snow Companies

5:10pm–5:30pmGreen Room

Complete your picture of patients: A hybrid study proof of concept

  • Integrate multiple clinical and real-world data sets including EDC, EMR, devices, eCOA and lab data
  • Use tokenization to link patients across data sets without having to transfer or expose PHI
  • Review a proof-of-concept study exercising new framework, from data collection through statistical analysis and TLF generation

Craig Parker, MD, MS VP, Scientific Data Technology Parexel

5:10pm–5:30pmOrange Room

Advancing medical's value proposition for HCPs with digital innovation (mobile app for depression)

Jill Erickson Sr. Director, Medical External Affairs US Medical Integration Lead Takeda

5:30pm–6:10pmBlue Room

Panel: Harness the combined power of commercial as sales, marketing and data evolve

  • Break down commercial silos as sales, marketing and data evolve to construct a unified view of the customer
  • Utilize cross-functional capabilities to build a sophisticated and authentic comprehension of patient value
  • Examine the shifting role of commercial ops as a support versus partnership function to the wider business, how leaders are achieving this and why it is important
  • Explore the common pitfalls related to data and insight exchange at the sales rep and field force level; and how leaders are overcoming these to provide optimal insights to their customers

Mundo Vega Associate Director - Global Commercial Operations, Business Analytics AbbVie

Kishan Kumar Director, Commercial Strategy & Operations, Oncology Novartis

Rj Lasek Vice President, Commercial Operations Takeda

Spencer Holt PhD Head, Commercial Learning Innovation Centre AstraZeneca

5:30pm–6:10pmExhibition 2

A higher standard: Sanofi’s Parkinsons initiative and how it will create a new standard of care

  • Combine rigorous standards with open communication to support the FDA, gain confidence in your endpoints and avoid being stuck on MVP/pilot
  • Natural-born collectors: how continuous-grade monitoring through smartphones and wearables can transform functional measures like balance, when supported with real kinematics research
  • How Sanofi’s all-encompassing digital strategy will support and benefit from superior clinical design

Andrew Pearlmutter Digital Initiative Leader NA Digital Innovation Hub Sanofi

5:30pm–5:50pmPink Room

Fireside chat: Build cross-functional understanding to navigate the diversity of patient entities

  • Why the explosion of patient entities – from expert patients trained in R&D, to advocacy leaders providing HTA Input, to individuals living with disease – means it’s time to re-think our policies.
  • How to ensure appropriate company interactions across different patient entities

Amy Nicole Nayar Head, Global Patient relations Abbvie

Durhane Wong-Rieger President Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders

5:30pm–5:50pmPurple Room

Fill the gaps: a universal system for patient referrals across partners

  • A new way to meet the criteria for existing clinical investigations which are not yet fulfilled
  • An evaluation of different approaches to minimize/replace control arms in prospective clinical trials – examine how models are progressing and what will it mean for future trials.
  • Determine whether there are pathways toward synthetic active arms in studies

Craig Lipset Former Head of Clinical Innovation Formerly Pfizer

5:30pm–5:50pmRed Room

Time to get personal: Strengthen customer relationships with Personal Intelligence Marketing (PIM)

  • Case study: Discover how GSK delivers daily personalized and tailored messages to customers using the first orchestrated trigger program, the award-winning Personal Intelligence Marketing (PIM) Trigger Program
  • Progress HCPs through a complete user journey that avoids repetition of consumed messages and achieves sophisticated segmentation
  • Make the best use of your data analytics to improve relationship-building, strengthen lag metrics and boost satisfaction among customers

Jay Sabbah Senior Director, SHINGRIX Marketing (US Brand Lead) GlaxoSmithKline

5:50pm–6:10pmRed Room

Seen and heard? Elevate your brand above the din of digital saturation

  • Ways to differentiate your brand in world of information overload
  • Maximize multiple touchpoints to supercharge your data gathering and better understand your customer
  • Leverage insights effectively to tailor your communications, better resonate with your audience and translate digital impressions into actual sales
  • Explore how you can incorporate real-world moments into your marketing strategy that enhance the digital experience of consumers

Johanna Willer Senior Advisor, Next Generation Customer Engagement Eli Lilly

5:50pm–6:10pmGreen Room

Financing the future: precision financing innovations to enable patient access to durable, curative therapies

  • Understand innovative reimbursement models that address the financial challenges of these new therapies
  • Hear the implementation hurdles encountered by initial pilots
  • Learn how to tailor these approaches to product archetypes and payer segments

Mark Trusheim Strategic Director MIT NEWDIGS

6:10pm–7:30pm | Exhibition Hall

Networking drinks reception

9:00am–9:10amPurple Room

Working from scratch: how Pfizer is using digital wearables to reduce nightly scratching and sleep deficit in atopic dermatitis

  • From idea to deployment: how Pfizer’s approach quantitively vetted and validated wearables to measure scratch and sleep, redesigning both studies and internally-built algorithms
  • The right team: how Universities of Rochester and Boston together with patient insights helped to co-create a series of new types of study in a sleep lab with thermal videography, or home environment
  • How to collaborate around analyzing the problem, designing studies, develop and testing methodology and understand the meaningfulness of the endpoint to the patient and outcome

Carrie Northcott Digital Medicine and Translational Imaging Pfizer

8:40am–9:20amBlue Room

Panel: Invest time, money and manpower today to grow the commercial field force of the future

  • Smart commercial teams are those who are prepared, even ahead of change: Define the “top performer” of tomorrow and benchmark your commercial functions ahead of the curve
  • Hear about the existing commercial models that have proven to deliver an analytical and customer-first approach
  • Understand the process behind L&D programs and the requirements for creating the agile account managers at the forefront of pharma’s future

Jenn Muszik Head, US Commercial Learning Biogen

Matt Portch SVP, Sales and Market Access Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Tiffany McMacken Senior Director, Sales Training and Development Avanir Pharmaceuticals

Fred Marshall CEO and Founder Quantum Learning Inc

8:40am–9:20amPink Room

Panel: Create first-rate patient partnerships: Identify the metrics, improve internal structures and quantify succes

  • How to identify concrete goals for patient engagement in regulatory, product development, launch, access and commercial
  • Understand how to improve relationships with patient advocacy groups, holding both parties accountable to goals and metrics
  • How best to create an internal system that allows for easy scaling of patient initiatives and insights

Kristin Olson Senior Director, Patient Advocacy Seattle Genetics

Melissa Falcone VP, Patient Services and Reimbursement, Autoimmune and Rare Diseases Mallinckrodt

Jodie Gillon VP, Patient Advocacy & Clinical Affairs Abeona Therapeutics

Brett Kopelan Executive Director Debra

Terri Klein President and CEO MPS Society

Andrew Ploszay Vice President, Digital Strategy IQVIA

8:40am–9:20amGreen Room

IDN Panel: Where We Want To Work To Create Value

  • How Fairview is creating a forum for value-based partnership at the Pharma Symposium
  • What works and what doesn’t in pharma-provider co-creation
  • Provider Priorities: the biggest pain points where partnership could add value

Timothy Paine VP, Pharma Strategy & Relations Fairview Specialty Pharmacy

Melissa Skelton Duke, PharmD, MS, BCPS, FAPhA Executive Director, Population Health Pharmacy Solutions Banner Health

Jacob Jolly Director, Specialty Pharmacy Strategy and Market Access Vanderbilt University Medical Center

8:40am–9:20amOrange Room

Panel: Where is tech innovation bringing real value in healthcare – and how are pharma companies keeping pace?

  • In which areas are new tech advances driving innovation in healthcare? How do pharma companies need to adapt to stay relevant?
  • Discover how strong data analysis is now seen as a core competency and where it can reveal unseen insights to add significant business value
  • Learn how integrating AI, blockchain, VR/AR and other emerging technologies is accelerating productivity and efficiencies across the industry
  • Understand how working with startups can accelerate digital innovation and foster new ways of working for better overall outcomes

Greg Silvesti Head of Digital Health & Innovation AbbVie

Nathan Yorgey Director of Digital Innovation Pfizer

Douglas Arnold Director, Global Science, Technology and Commercialization, MMD IT Merck

Ahmed Albaiti Founder, CEO Medullan

Natalija Jovanovic Chief Digital Officer Sanofi Pasteur

9:20am–9:40amOrange Room

Pioneering innovative drug delivery to improve patient experience and adherence

  • Get the latest on Portal Instruments’ development of an innovative, connected needle-free injector
  • Discover how this new route of administration has the potential to radically and positively transform the patient experience for a whole host of chronic conditions - and differentiate your product
  • Find out about their digital capabilities to empower patients and drive better adherence
  • Hear what’s next for the company – where do they see the next applications for their device and who are they looking to partner with?

Patrick Anquetil CEO Portal Instruments

9:20am–9:40amPurple Room

An Open Platform for Clinical Research

  • The future of clinical trials is defined by information – how we collect it, process it, and ultimately apply insights to produce better & safer therapeutics that reach our patients faster
  • The shift to niched indications with smaller patient cohorts will require greater vendor specialization
  • This distributed model will demand holistic trial data standards, which will ease pressures on CROs, reduce trial costs & timelines, and improve data fidelity
  • Learn about how Lokavant is working to enable this future by building an operational platform for clinical trial data management and anticipatory analytics

Rohit Nambisan President Lokavant

9:40am–10:00amBlue Room

AstraZeneca case study: How and why AstraZeneca enlisted artificial intelligence for sales rep coaching

  • Learn how AstraZeneca’s AI strategy was developed to deliver value to their customers
  • Explore the capabilities of an AI-driven workforce by commercial application, tried and tested
  • Understand AstraZeneca’s need for enhanced training, coaching and progress monitoring and the process behind adopting AI to meet this
  • Hear how commercial leaders at AstraZeneca are measuring workforce effectiveness and productivity via AI

Kevin Murray Associate Director, Commercial Leadership Excellence AstraZeneca

Spencer Holt PhD Head, Commercial Learning Innovation Centre AstraZeneca

9:40am–10:00amOrange Room

Disrupting the healthcare model: The shift to patient control of drug access and treatment

  • Hear how GoodRx has changed access to medicines for over 20 million consumers via a free-to-use website and mobile app that tracks prescription drug prices and offers drug coupons across the US
  • Discover why this has led the company to launch GoodRx Care to provide online medical service to provide consultation, treatment, prescriptions and lab tests from doctors
  • Learn how the service is built to improve access, adherence, and affordability of medical care for all Americans and put control of healthcare firmly in the hands of patients

Vanessa Segura Partnership Manager GoodRx

9:40am–10:00amPurple Room

Otsuka case study: Employ remote digital clinical trials to increase patient diversity and reduce placebo effects in psychiatric studies

  • Learn how Otsuka increased patient diversity and reduced placebo effects while introducing new challenges toward measurement of traditional psychometric assessments in a remote environment
  • Discover how Otsuka employed telemedicine to test virtual engagement of stable patients diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder using study-in-a-box Bluetooth enabled devices for self-administered collection of vitals, labs and patient reported measures
  • Explore the pragmatic potential of employing telemedicine psychiatric studies in real-world settings

Corey Fowler Director, Global Clinical Development Otsuka

10:00am–10:20amOrange Room

Augmented Intelligence: When machine learning meets clinical decision making

On an almost daily basis, there’s a story around artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) leading to a startling breakthrough in healthcare – from algorithms that can reliably diagnose disorders from imaging to identifying new cancer biomarkers from patterns in genetic data. And yet, relatively little is published with respect to real world data (RWD).
In this session, Dr. Icten will explore how the explosion of real-world data (RWD), availability of advanced technology coupled with human expertise has created a perfect storm for making data driven decisions that impact the entire product lifecycle.

Zeynep Gozde Icten Director, Data Science Solutions BHE

10:00am–10:20amPurple Room

Incorporate the patient voice in drug development – it’s easy when you know how

  • How TransCelerate tools have been developed to enable and normalize patient involvement – and can be embedded into your processes, including protocol design
  • Examine how 21st Century Cures, PFDD, FDA consultations and other sources have fed into a reliable design that ultimately enables your regulatory filings to shine
  • Why templating patient involvement can mobilize a wave of new engagement across your organization

Mary Elmer Executive Director Merck

10:20am–11:00am | Exhibition Hall

Networking coffee break

11:00am–11:20amBlue Room

Alkermes and Sunovion cast studies: Building a blueprint for IDN engagement at scale

  • How Sunovion defined the blueprint for IDN engagement by aligning team capabilities with commercial structure
  • Don’t get trapped in a bubble: how Alkermes created autonomy while staying connected to commercial function strategy
  • Attract, retain and invest in internal talent to build long-lasting, trusted customer partnerships

Matt Portch SVP, Sales and Market Access Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Greg Apostol VP, Key Account Management & Field Reimbursement Alkermes

11:00am–11:20amRed Room

We’re all in this together: holding and sharing internal customer data

  • See what effective data ownership and management looks like when tailoring an effective strategy for your company
  • Integrate data ownership with analytics strategy and execute across functions to deliver intelligent engagements
  • Gain practical solutions to communicate collaboratively and break down internal barriers

Renaud Sermondade VP, Global Head of Insights & Analytics Sanofi

11:00am–11:20amPink Room

Sanofi case study: How Sanofi's 'hit-team' (formed May 2019) is breaking down silos to form new insights and solutions

  • How building a cross-departmental data integration structure revolutionized the capture, storage and usage of patient insights
  • Why building a scalable data-integrated structure across all relevant departments is vital for future-proofing your patient strategies


Beth Brooks Patient Network Manager Sanofi

11:00am–11:20amGreen Room

AI Unlocks New Opportunities to Help IDNs Connect Patients To Care

  • How to use AI to help IDNs identify patients living with an unmet need
  • Engage IDNs with RWE to prove unmet patient need
  • Pilot case study: How to utilize AI to connect patients to care

Sonal Bhatia, MD VP, North America Medical Lead, Rare Disease Pfizer

11:20am–11:40amBlue Room

The Data Revolution and Patient Centricity - Is your brand missing Key opportunities?

  • The industry is awash in data, but brands often struggle to establish a ground truth of accurate patient journeys
  • Brand strategies often miss key patient populations in their efforts to service markets
  • Learn how AI/ML for predictive modeling of rare diseases can drive early detection, testing, and adoption of treatments
  • See how applications of real-world data for evidence generation, and decision making can have a real impact on patient outcomes

Bill Evans Chief Marketing Officer Komodo Health

11:40am–12:00pmBlue Room

Disney’s Best Practices for Reaching and Engaging Consumers in the Pharma Category

HCPs and patients have more choice and control than ever before when it comes to how and where they get their health information. Hear strategies for cutting through the noise and providing the most relevant content to your audience. In this special session, learn how Disney – the biggest brand in media, drives both reach and engagement for pharma marketers. For the first time ever, they will share some proprietary research findings on what works for pharma specifically, as well as best-in-class examples of collaboration with pharma marketers on their platforms.

Flora McKiernan Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Disney Advertising Sales

11:40am–12:00pmRed Room

You can do it too: going agile in the FDA environment

  • Regulatory requirements mean that bold changes in direction can be hard, yet locking-in strategy is the antithesis of agile marketing.
  • Adopt a test and learn approach throughout to stay close to the end user
  • Master agility to justify and qualify your approach as you streamline and motivate teams to deliver faster

Erin Russell General Manager and Associate Vice President Spotlyte

11:40am–12:00pmGreen Room

Use RWE to enhance actual drug use and costs estimation for value-based contract (VBC) design

  • RWD/RWE strategy to improve feasibility of VBC
  • Case study: hands on RWD experience to support VBC design and assessment in chronic and acute disease setting
  • Apply RWD-based decision analysis framework for VBC simulation and assessment

Xin Chen Director, Data Science and Outcomes Research Merck

11:40am–12:00pmOrange Room

How blockchain is reinventing the pharmaceutical supply chain

  • Hear the latest on the MediLedger initiative, a consortium approach to establish the use of blockchain in the healthcare industry
  • Find out why blockchain technologies having the potential to hugely increase transparency and improve risk management across the supply chain
  • Discover where else blockchain is starting to make a real impact on pharma company workflows and healthcare more broadly

Grant Harris Senior Director MediLedger

12:00pm–12:25pmRed Room

Fireside chat: Collaborate to reach your customer: how to align functions to enhance engagement

  • Gain applicable, practical tools to build effective partnerships and lead cross-functional alignment that elevates your customer engagement strategy
  • Best practices for change management and collaborative communication between internal teams – deliver more with less!
  • Achieve more during transition – ensure business continuity while brokering organizational change

Wendy Kouba VP, Corporate Communications and Brand, Global Operations Teva

12:25pm–1:35pmWorkshop rooms

LUNCH & LEARN WORKSHOP: Make every interaction matter: Maximizing reach, engagement, and recall in HCP communications

Demands on physicians continue to skyrocket. Reduced rep access, burdensome schedules, the proliferation of information channels, and the rapidly increasing volume of medical knowledge mean opportunities to engage HCPs are increasingly fleeting. When you consider that the average human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish, and that people often forget 75% of what they learn within a few days, you discover that there is a constant battle to capture HCP attention—and to share data that will be retained.

How should pharma marketers adjust their approach to meet this new reality? When you get an opportunity to interact with a physician, are you doing everything you can to deliver your message in a way that will be retained? Physicians want education from pharma, and they want it delivered in new ways.

Join us for an interactive workshop that will cover how your team can implement:

  • Storytelling and visual communication practices that enhance emotional resonance to make your scientific content more compelling to HCPs
  • Key learning principles that enhance audience engagement and amplify retention
  • Content delivery mechanisms like microlearning and non-personal channels that drive change
  • Use of repetition to increase recall and shift current beliefs

John Kane VP, Managing Director MedThink Communications

12:25pm–1:35pm | Exhibition Hall

Networking lunch break and workshops

12:45pm–1:30pmWorkshop rooms

EXHIBITION STAGE 1: Panel: Balancing the Business of Healthcare: Activating the Power of Diversity

  • Research shows that greater gender balance drives better business results, more innovation and high employee retention. What does this mean for healthcare?
  • Learn how GSK, Incyte & BMS are making progress towards achieving gender parity and greater diversity within their organizations
  • At every level of the career ladder – from recruitment to on-boarding to ongoing development and advancement – what initiatives make the most impact?

Adam Dubow Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer Bristol-Myers Squibb

Soo Sun Head, Commercial Data & Reporting GlaxoSmithKline

Susan Snodgrass Executive Director, Incyte and President, West Chester Chapter, HBA Incyte

Amy Turnquist Executive, VP, Sales, eHealthcare Solutions and Philadelphia President, HBA eHealthcare Solutions (EHS)

1:35pm–1:50pmKeynote 1

Chairperson's opening address + Health Start Up Challenge Announcement Pharma Futures Track

Joe Baffone CEO & Co Founder Annexus Health

Jeff Valk CEO Admetsys Corporation

Jordan Mills CEO MirrorMe3D

Kevin Bambury Co-Founder/Chief Commercial Officer ONCOassist

1:35pm–1:50pmKeynote 2

Chairperson's opening address value

1:50pm–2:10pmKeynote 1

The Moment of Next: How Native Digital Experiences Drive Physician Engagement

  • Learn how cognitive load and contextual relevance impact receptivity to marketing messages – and how to use them to your advantage
  •  Gain insight into how native strategies go beyond the click to deliver lift in downstream interaction and engagement
  • Discover how AstraZeneca used native traffic drivers to increase on-site conversion and campaign performance

Amy Turnquist Executive, VP, Sales, eHealthcare Solutions and Philadelphia President, HBA eHealthcare Solutions (EHS)

Alan Rutledge CEO TrendMD

Gus Strominger Senior Marketing Manager, Digital & Media Strategy AstraZeneca

1:50pm–2:10pmKeynote 2

Personalization: The digital transformation of Market Access marketing

  • Achieve personalized access and enhanced availability with multichannel delivery (via a sophisticated Market Access ecosystem)
  • Revolutionize your Market Access marketing strategy with social as an HCP engagement channel
  • Execute on a sophisticated delivery of personalized messaging with the latest emerging AR (Augmented Reality) technology

Marty Samples Vice President of Product Innovation and Marketing for Personalized Access Solutions and Consulting Precision Xtract

Jon Bambalas Vice President of Business Development for Engagement Solutions Precision Xtract

2:10pm–2:30pmKeynote 1

How leadership can achieve competitive advantage through culture, values and vision

  • Understand how Takeda is making its values-based and patient-centered culture more robust to meet higher expectations
  • Find out how Takeda uses its principles to guide its decisions and enables the company to genuinely put patients before profits
  • Learn how nurturing curious, connected and courageous people creates a deep understanding of patients and innovative ways to support them

Ramona Sequeira President Takeda U.S.A

2:10pm–2:30pmKeynote 2

Panel - How collaboration has unlocked the innovation we required for value-based care

  • The importance of collaboration as the primary way Industry can evolve and meet stakeholder demands to deliver more for less
  • The principles companies must improve upon to maximize stakeholder value
  • Spotlight on TransCelerate member work that has broken boundaries

Dalvir Gill CEO Transcelerate

2:30pm–2:50pmKeynote 2

Our innovation model doesn’t respond to patient need: This is how we overhaul it

  • Why the architecture for R&D and commercial has created perverse incentives to ignore disease states – and how to introduce an innovation model that delivers for prevalent, chronic disease
  • Why advances in data science, open innovation and technology can deliver a patient-centric R&D model
  • Lessons learned from three years of harnessing wearables and always-on methods of capturing data in clinical trials

Rob Scott Chief Medical Officer Abbvie

2:50pm–3:10pmKeynote 1

A relentless pursuit to learn from patients

  • How to recognize the value of “human” contributions to health care from patients, employees and advocacy organizations
  • How using the SECI* Model knowledge creation process can lead to continuous innovation
  • As stewards of data obtained through multiple touchpoints, how can the pharmaceutical industry combine data with science as we strive towards the common goal of developing lifesaving treatments and solutions for patients?

Ivan Cheung CEO & President Eisai Inc.

2:50pm–3:10pmKeynote 2

Thought leadership from Jackie Hunter

Session overview to be announced

Jackie Hunter CE Clinical and Strategic Partnerships Benevolent AI

3:20pm–3:20pm | Exhibition Hall

End of conference

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