What you can expect from the 2020 agenda

Here are some highlights for 2020

Plan and innovate in crisis

Panel - Your scorecard: Patient group feedback to pharma’s COVID-19 response

  • Get direct feedback from patients on what barriers to care have arisen during the pandemic, and how you can best support them in conquering these
  • Learn how pharma’s initial response to COVID-19 has addressed pre-existing and new patient needs
  • Optimize your patient engagement to ensure that unprecedented obstacles to adherence are overcome and key outcomes can be met
  • Discuss what practical next steps can be applied to maintain and enhance your patient services in future crisis periods

Panel - Compliance 4.0: Rapid responses to patients in crisis

  • Hear how leading compliance officers and patient engagement officers collaborated to shorten response times and deliver for patients during crisis
  • Review different approaches to streamlining compliances processes, and gain key lessons learned
  • Evaluate how we can convert timelines met during times of emergency into a ‘new normal’ for compliance processes, and satisfy patients long-term

Develop instant patient support strategies for instant care enrollment

  • Respond to unprecedented levels of online enrollment in Patient Support Programs (PSPs) with tailored support strategies that deliver instant value to patients
  • Keep pace with heightened patient expectations in the digitized ‘new normal’, and support payers and institutions in the health eco-system to adapt faster
  • Overcome the overburdening of ‘portals’ that result in the reversion to manual processes and lengthen response times to patients

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Your key to qualitative and representative patient research

  • Decrease the burden of patient research with remote engagement and improve patient experience to gain higher quality data
  • Ensure participation in your research is accessible and desirable to patients from diverse socio-economic subpopulations, and increase your product efficacy
  • Adapt your remote engagement approach with insights from patients who have participated in traditional and virtual research

Dynamize your projects with ‘living’ patient-generated data

  • How Fox Insight’s extraordinary ‘living database’ of patient-relevant outcomes (PROs) is transforming Parkinson’s research by revealing patients’ lived experience
  • Learn the secret to motivating tens of thousands of patients to contribute their data and how to become agile in response to changing patient needs
  • Discover novel instruments for translating the richness of the patient experience into quantitative metrics, such as natural language processing

Level up your view of the patient experience with remote patient-generated data

  • Learn how our understanding of the patient journey has been revolutionized using innovative technology and patient-centric design processes
  • Discover new insights that remote patient-generated data has uncovered about the patient journey
  • Explore what new possibilities are emerging for patient-centric workstreams based on this new understanding of the patient experience

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Advance patient-centricity in commercial workstreams

Co-design the future of healthcare with patients

For pharma only: Apply to take part in our exclusive Patient Shark Tank® incubator to gain best practice methodology for integrating patient insights in product development – in a program acclaimed by MIT, Harvard Medical School and more, you’ll be guided by facilitators and patient experts in curated co-design teams:

  • Engage in a participatory co-design challenge alongside patients and multi-stakeholder teams
  • Respond to a human-centric problem statement based on obstacles crowd-sourced from patients and caregivers
  • Discover a standard methodology for obtaining patient and care/support partner perspectives, which has been co-designed to allow for both quantitative and qualitative insights
  • Gain deeper understanding of pain points and prototype solutions to address obstacles faced by patients
  • Obtain perspectives and feedback from a diverse group of patients and caregivers on prototypes created

Uninterrupted insight: Convert ad-hoc patient engagements into long-term partnerships

  • Explore how the global internal Patient Centricity Network (FPCN) is increasing transparency and cohesion when building patient group partnerships
  • Establish internal patient stakeholders by collaborating with patients to instate disease-specific Patient Advisory Boards
  • How current COVID-19 education initiatives will support long-term engagement with wider patient cohorts, including centralized resource banks, blogging networks and patient-directed podcasts

Panel - Incentivize patient satisfaction to secure patient loyalty

  • Apply new incentives across your business that prioritize patient satisfaction over brand performance to achieve true patient centricity
  • What barriers exist to shifting internal incentives, and how Patient Engagement colleagues are strategizing to overcome these
  • How healthcare providers have successfully introduced patient-centric incentives to prioritize patient experience, and what changes have occurred

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Panel - Disrupt the digital health landscape

  • Surpass competitors with a holistic digital approach that prioritizes patient experience to support adherence and optimize outcomes
  • Key predictions on how patient needs will develop in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’
  • Set KPIs that integrate key insights and data collection to ensure patient needs are addressed

Create patient-centric products with a full eco-system approach to digital design

  • Hear how Teva have improved patient experience and outcomes by taking a holistic approach to product design
  • Build iterative agile design models that prioritize the patient voice at every step while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Integrate systems and improve communications with HCPs to remove healthcare barriers and add value
  • Explore key solutions to common challenges, including testing, building business models and designing for multi-user environments

Revolutionize care with patient-centric design thinking

  • Determine how to use a patient-centric approach to product design and innovation to improve outcomes for diabetes patients
  • Design products with a holistic view of patients and their expectations to ensure products can be easily integrated into personal routines and adhered to
  • Optimize your feature selection and testing of new programs and products with empathetic design thinking that transcends traditionally linear processes

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Transform insight strategy and scale patient-centric research

Increase patient insights in early stage research design

  • Pinpoint the issues that matter most to patients and set your path early on to develop solutions with patient-preferred outcomes
  • Leverage patient-based evidence to improve the alignment of development activities
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the patient experience to enhance your product and avoid later stage project termination due to enrolment and retention problems

Panel - Position patients as partners to achieve patient-centric clinical design

  • Advance patient-preferred clinical development by collaborating with patients, advocacy groups and caregivers
  • Explore how you can keep patients’ goals at the forefront of clinical design process
  • Gain best practices for integrating the patient voice in site selection, Principal Investigator (PI) identification and staff training
  • Partner with advocates to better support and prepare patients to participate in research, by enhancing your communication and education strategies

Create connections to bridge the ‘medical desert’ and diversify participation

  • Effectively engage communities affected by ‘medical deserts’ (populated regions underserved by primary care facilities and HCPs) to improve enrollment
  • Minimize risks of blind spots and homogeneity to increase efficacy of products
  • Apply key adjustments to trial design that increase accessibility to underserved communities, such as site and Principal Investigator (PI) selection
  • Gain buy-in from decision-makers to follow through on inclusive strategy

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Pioneer a scalable structure for research that integrates patient engagement

  • How to implement a centralized and coordinated structure for conducting patient research
  • Overcome the resource and budgetary pitfalls of running multiple small-scale patient engagement activities
  • Gain insights from lessons learned to effectively execute patient engagement activities across teams

Panel - Minimize patient burden with pre-competitive collaboration

  • Embrace pharma partnerships and collaborate to prevent research demands from causing fatigue among smaller patient populations
  • Avoid replicating basic work carried out by competitors and execute patient engagement activities that break new ground and deliver truly innovative insights
  • Build dynamic relationships with key patient groups and empower them as central conveners of

The end of placebos? Revolutionize trials with synthetic control arms

  • Create synthetic control arms with digital patient endpoints to transform your trials into purely digital endeavors
  • Surpass the patient experience of your competitors’ trials and relieve patients’ concerns about treatment assignment
  • Utilize clinical trial data sets to identify differentiation in treatment effects across subpopulations 
  • Ease budgetary pressures and slash traditional clinical trial costs

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