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1Big Theme

‘Medicine is just the beginning’: Let’s find out how pharma can be the total solution and be rewarded for it.


Why does big pharma continue to bury its head in the sand?
  • Evolution vs revolution: what would Darwin recommend for pharma?
  • New business models to aspire to – and experiment with
  • Our responsibility to deliver a connected future for real outcomes

Colin Sims

Senior Vice President, Head, Transversal Corporate Strategy


The digitally mature sales function: how you can transform sales reps into catalysts
  • How real digital transformation will be dependent on capabilities of your customer-facing teams

Naji Gehchan

Chief Marketing Officer & Bio Medicines Leader - France

Eli Lilly

Patrice Baudry

Executive Vice President G3M

LEO Pharma

Dan Zavodnick

Head of U.S. Legal Department, Sr. Associate General Counsel

Kedrion Biopharma

Oliver Gassner

Head of G4A Digital Health Intelligence EMEA


An end-to-end view to your customer suite
  • Adopt a multi-customer model: Physicians, Payers, Policy Makers and Patients. Integrated multi-customer strategies are the way forward.

Anish Shindore

Vice President, Global Head Commercial Data Solutions


The key to the future? It lies in a systemic customer centricity
  • Understand how Daichii-Sankyo is actioning a holistic approach to customer centricity
  • Hear about 3 different projects they’re rolling out:

    • NPS targeting towards HCPs
    • Kiku targeting CFRs
    • targeting patients
    • Customer Centricity Score

Dr. Patrik Markt

Executive Strategic Projects and Assistant to the Board

Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH

Shape the business landscape
  • Learn how anticipation of policy changes and proactive engagement on advocacy and policy shaping can be a critical source of competitive advantage.

Scott Williams

Vice President , Head of Global Patient Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships

Merck Group


The digital opportunity: time for a new relationship with customers and innovators
  • Discuss the biggest challenges for the industry in digital transformation especially for customers and patients
  • Allergan’s view on how to embrace the challenges that are facing the industry and when this journey will take Allergan and the industry for years to come

Brent Saunders



The Changing Patient Journey: Are We Keeping Up?
  • There are now 200B health searches in 2018, over 200M wearable devices sold this year, and countless other stats showing that patients are more educated than ever about their health. Patients are moving faster than ever...are we keeping up?!

Ryan Olohan

Managing Director, Healthcare


Being disruptive from within - The LEO Innovation Lab story
  • Hear how LEO Innovation Lab ensure agility and how they can continuously drive innovation
  • Find out how they use patient insights to leverage innovative new solutions in AI, assistant tools and machine learning.

John Zibert

Chief Medical Officer

LEO Innovation Lab

The Age of the Connected Customer - Global Content, systems and data enablement for the new age

Renaud Sermondade

Global Head of Insights and Analytics


Rorik van Welij

Multi-Channel Lead, Europe and APAC


Thierry Durand

VP, Omnipresence


Achieve personalisation through omni-channel, longitudinal & behavioural analysis
  • Establish an Omni-channel customer view, understand customer decision journeys
  • Observe customer behaviours and gather insights over short campaign iterations

Philippe Kirby

Digital Capabilites and Marketing Lead



Unite Patients, Providers and Payers to Bring Preventative Care to Life
  • Science and business have aligned to make disease interception a new frontier
  • Why Janssen is advancing its World Without Disease Strategy to spark change now
  • A partner-driven innovation model to predict and pre-empt disease

Ben Wiegand, PhD.

Global Head, World Without Disease Accelerator

Janssen Research & Development, LLC

Paul McCleverty

Regulatory Lead for Oncology, EMEA

Janssen R&D

Bharat Tewarie

EVP & Chief Marketing Officer


From Collision to Collaboration: How Diagnostics, Pharma and Patients Can Succeed Together
  • In the new era of personalized medicine matching the right patient with the right area requires pharma and diagnostic collaboration
  • Understand how the two can collaborate, combine strengths and establish a true partnership that will lead to better patient outcomes

Carole Sian Scrafton

Patient Advocate

Melanie Capewell

Group Head Commercial Development

SYNLAB International

Jesus Sobrino

Spain & Portugal UCB Area Head, Global Patient Experience Lead


Using machine learning to provide real-time information and guidance
  • How ALK improved allergy patients’ lives with the first personalised allergy companion app, using data modelling and machine-learning to provide real-time information and guidance

Louise Kristine Hjernø

Head of Digital Projects


How to empower patients and improve conversations with HCPs
  • See how Novartis and Health Unlimited built an online digital community Speak Your Migraine to improve patient-HCP relationships

Dimitra Mastrantoni

WorldWide Associate Brand Director Migraine


Brendan Manning

Account Director

Health Unlimited

Patients as your most insightful colleague
  • Learn from the experts - move past the lip-service and instil genuine patient insight into your business planning
  • Establish the relationship between business growth and patient focus, reaffirming belief in your company that it’s the right thing to do for business and patient

Roslyn F. Schneider

Industry Physician, Retired Clinical Professor of Medicine


Modernise the development paradigm with RWE
  • Explore how Boehringer are using RWE to complement data from clinical trials with new levels of patient population understanding
  • Enhance development efforts with easily accessible and communicable RWD platforms

Amanda Golembesky

Head of Real World Evidence Analytics Center of Excellence

Boehringer Ingelheim

Panel: Understand how to prove real-world effectiveness pre-launch
  • Case Study: Explore how phase II of the IMI GetReal programme is developing industry-wide standards and methodologies to accelerate adoption of RWE
  • Discuss how to incorporate RWE into the traditional R&D framework and tools available now to enhance operational efforts

Páll Jónsson

Associate Director Science Policy and Research


Rob Thwaites

Former Senior Director, Strategy, Global Outcomes Research (GOR) and Head, GI, GOR


Wim Goettsch

Special Advisor HTA, ZINL; Affiliate Associate Professor International Collaboration in HTA, Universiteit Utrecht


Chrisopth von der Goltz

Senior Director, Head of HEOR, RWE & Lu Institute


Dirk Vander Mijnsbrugge

VP, Medical Affairs Lead International Developed Markets


How High-Quality Real-World Data is Accelerating Oncology Research
  • Learn how Flatiron generates meaningful clinical evidence from the electronic health record
  • Explore how “real-world” control arms are helping reimagine the traditional development paradigm, through case studies from Flatiron Health and industry partners

Shane Woods

Vice President, Life Sciences

Flatiron Health

Federated & harmonised real world research in Europe – 2020 and beyond
  • Discuss key challenges and objectives from key European projects (EMIF & EHDEN) in creating a sustainable harmonised EU data ecosystem
  • Explore current and predicted impact IMI European Health Data Network (EHDEN) now underway

Nigel Hughes

Scientific Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation

Janssen R&D

Panel: Understand the acceptability of RWE across global regulatory decision-making
  • Explore the evolving role of RWE in the evidence lifecycle, quality expectations and the possibility of regulatory grade RWE
  • Discuss the impact of regulatory policies, such as 21st Century Cures Act, on the global adoption of RWD into R&D and Access framework

Khair ElZarrad

Deputy Director, Office of Medical Policy


Jeremy Rassen

Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientific Officer



Andrew Spiegel




Smarter use of PROs to turn patient value into payer value
  • How to move beyond clinical measures and successfully capture what truly matters to patients to secure access

Daniel Jackson

Global Head, Market Access Solutions and Strategy


Accelerate patient access to new treatments – NICE Patient Pathways
  • Discuss pharma’s role in ensuring patient access and care are optimised for newly approved treatments
  • Explore NICE’s new initiative enhancing the clinical/patient guidance for treatment at the point of approval

Sir Andrew Dillon

Chief Executive Officer


Pricing innovation in the face of CAR-T and gene therapy
  • Explore how to implement appropriate outcomes-based pricing models to match treatment innovation
  • Understand the new needs of payers given the increasing levels of complexity in timelines and outcomes

Martin Price

Vice President, Health Economics, Market Access & Reimbursement


Go beyond Medicine, how can we create value through partnerships
  • Why success in partnership with Public Institutions like Payers, Hospitals, Universities, Patient associations, other Pharma, Start-ups and tech innovators we will mean value for all stakeholders
  • Hear how the above can catalyze faster and better innovation adoption within pharma – meaning better outcomes and cost effective healthcare solutions

Isabel Torres

Vice President Market Access, Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy for Europe and Canada


Hone your RWE generation strategy in Specialty and Rare Diseases
  • Use RWE to define clinical trial endpoints and meet Market Access goals in rare diseases
  • Understand the multiple channels and high-quality data sources available and usable

Dirk Vander Mijnsbrugge

VP, Medical Affairs Lead International Developed Markets



Use digital as a driver for Medical authenticity and authority
  • Let Medical Affairs be Medical Affairs: Increase effectiveness and efficiencies using digital tools to enhance scientific exchange, medical education and medical programs
  • Explore emerging avenues of high quality data gathering with digital tools

Christiane (Nina) Belly

Global Medical Affairs Digital Transformation Lead


Panel: Medical as leader: discuss how a centralised medical function can improve dynamics with HCPs
  • See whether a concentrated medical HQ team can equip field teams with the skills and capabilities for more effective interactions
  • Discuss the strategic considerations in maintaining a balance of global and regional approaches

Christopher Keenan

Head, Worldwide Medical Customer Engagement, Medical Capabilities


Pol Vandenbroucke

SVP, Chief Development Officer

Pfizer Essential Health

Emma Booth

European Medical Head of Strategy and Operations



Bill Stephens

Managing Director & Head of Commercial Development


Scale Behavioral Change To Leave No Patient Behind
  • Design effective patient programs through personalized behavioural triggers
  • Apply predictive analytics to create patient segments
  • Build the infrastructure for an RWE strategy capable of informing tailored programs at scale

Jennifer Turgiss

Vice President, Behavior Science & Advanced Analytics

Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions

The evolution of Medical Affairs role in the Medicines Development Process
  • Make development patient-centric and value-oriented with a more strategic approach using Medical leadership
  • Understand the structural and capability requirements for involvement in the complete life cycle from idea generation on

Pol Vandenbroucke

SVP, Chief Development Officer

Pfizer Essential Health

Field Force Effectiveness Taskforce Roundtables
  • Explore the evolution of pharma’s medical and commercial field force in a fast-changing external environment:
  • In an hour-long interactive session hosted by field force leaders understand emerging capability requirements, measure effectiveness and ensure successful interactions

Heather Moses

Head of Medical Affairs


Dirk Abeel

Global Medical Sales Director

Reckitt Benckiser

Christopher Keenan

Head, Worldwide Medical Customer Engagement, Medical Capabilities