250+ Attendees

25+ Pharma Case Studies

20+ Patient Speakers

20+ Interactive Sessions

It’s pharma’s turn to inspire.

You’ve been inspired by patient stories. But now it’s pharma’s turn. Time to show we can be more than just inspired, more than just listeners, and capable of putting words into practice.

For 2019, we have a practical focus on transforming the whole pipeline - R&D, clinical trials and commercial - demonstrating how patient-led design can reduce cost whilst driving effectiveness and value.

The Patient Summit is the only event you need if you’re looking for hands-on industry examples, the critical success and challenge factors, and the answers to issues ranging from compliance to culture. No more theory, time for action.

I attend eyeforpharma every year: they truly know what pharma companies need to do, to serve patients. Gitte Aabo
CEO, LEO Pharma

Gain practical solutions to tackle key challenges:

Partner or perish:
How pharma and patient groups must work together – or become irrelevant

Patient as co-designer:
How open innovation can transform R&D and PSPs whilst enabling patients to support you

Recruitment, resolved:
How patient co-created trials can rethink research and embed value

Technology and culture as one:
Adopt the can-do mindset of digital health startups, differentiate your brands and overdeliver on outcomes

efp award winner
Teresa Ferreiro

Teresa Ferreiro

Patient Advocate

Lode Dewulf


Lode Dewulf

Chief Patient Officer

Charline Coquerel Couniot

Novo Nordisk

Charline Coquerel Couniot

Director, Global Patient Relations

Isabelle Bocher-Pianka


Isabelle Bocher-Pianka

Chief Patient Officer

efp award winner
Catalina Cernica

LEO Innovation Lab

Catalina Cernica

Head of Innovation UK

Russell Patten

European Parkinson's Disease Association

Russell Patten

Secretary General

5 years ago, I connected with Paul Simms at eyeforpharma. After our first conversation, I was actually shaking... could it be possible that someone had actually crafted an event that included all areas of the healthcare space AND embraced the patient perspective? He had, and it was an honour and privilege to attend. This year, I am in awe of the progress that has been made. The patient voice is loud, strong and utterly respected. Please lend your voice to this wonderful chorus of compassion. Heidi Floyd
Patient Advocate
You guys up your game every time. An amazing conference where leaders at all levels can share, learn, grow and develop. Jennifer Muszik

4 Reasons to Attend:

  • Case Studies: Practical, tangible advice and actions from your peers which you can put into practise in your own company
  • Patient & Pharma Collaboration: Co-presentations with Pharma and patients to share real examples of collaboration
  • Break down silos: When you attend eyeforpharma Patient Summit, you get free access to the co-located Marketing & Customer Innovation Summit to learn topics and collaborate with colleagues beyond your department
  • All Stakeholders in one room: Working together to ensure we are engaging in solution focused exchanges across all departments
We are committed to the principle 'no talk about the patient without the patient' and have embedded this philosophy throughout our design of this conference:
  • Patients co-created this agenda, in keeping with Patients Included guidelines
  • Patient leaders will set the tone, giving the opening address on both days
  • More discussion is patient-led, with co-presentations now in 2/3 of sessions and patient-led roundtables
  • All patient speakers are supported through a fair market value policy
Patients Included

Exceptional Networking Opportunities

You’d be hard pushed to find better pharma and patient networking beyond eyeforpharma Patient Summit Europe. It is the only place to connect with patients, patient groups, real innovators and decision-makers


With 250 executives working in Patient roles, digital, patient associations and patients themselves


15+ hours of peer-to-peer networking to collaborate with patients and other pharma executives


A slick messaging service on the event app, connecting delegates one-to-one to ensure you meet those whose goals you share


Over 20 interactive sessions including patient-led roundtables, stakeholder panels and immersive workshops

Meet the industry’s decision makers

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Do business with this cross-section of pharma

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What Delegates are Saying…

of our attendees call our sessions “essential” to their future success

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To get involved with the event or for any questions, get in touch with me on the details below.

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Kana Chia
Global Project Director

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