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Multichannel Marketing Report 2013


Use the resources you have today to integrate more successful digital and mobile channels into your marketing

Our primary research with top pharma companies reveals how they use multichannel marketing to improve customer engagement, increase brand loyalty and provide greater value

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that our researchers found from top pharma companies

Some key findings discussed in the report include:

  • What information is important to the customer – what content, at what frequency and which channels are most important to them
  • Doctor engagement - strategies which are being employed and their effectiveness
  • Prescription change – What a brand needs to provide to encourage a doctor to change their prescription habits and ultimately how to improve brand loyalty
  • Channel integration – how to create a consistent message across all channels and showing the most effective channels through ROI and KPIs
  • Advancement of future channels – Mobile and the investments being made by competitors into researching and improving this area.
  • Case studies– these will provide the evidence which supports all of the above points

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46 Industry experts provided insights used in this report

Industry insights from 46 interviews with key opinion leaders (21 of these are quoted in the report, the remaining 25 are anonymous and were used to form the content of the report as well as an exclusive survey performed on professionals working in this space). Some key interviewees include:

  • Multichannel Marketing Manager, Merck & Co
  • Digital Consultant, Complete Digital
  • Commercial Effectiveness Leader, Almirall
  • Digital Marketing Director, Janssen Inc
  • Manager eSolutions, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Senior Digital Consultant, Complete Digital
  • Global Platform Excellence Director, AstraZeneca
  • Senior Product Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • Region Category Head – Pain, Novartis Consumer Health
  • Head of Multi-Channel Marketing and Digital Strategy, Pfizer Animal Health
  • Head of Marketing Planning, BBC Worldwide
  • Director Social Media and Web Communications, Genentech
  • Senior Manager Direct to Consumer Communications, Eli Lilly Canada
  • European Business Partner, Multichannel Marketing, Pfizer
  • Manager, Digital Marketing, Janssen Inc
  • Digital Marketing Team Lead, Roche
  • Vice President CRM Strategy, Europe, Veeva Systems

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This is your chance to access months of primary research into pharma companies' challenges and success in multichannel marketing.

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You will receive:

  • Comprehensive analysis on the digital footprints of patients and physicians
  • An analysis of the digital landscape currently in mobile, web, tablet computing and social media
  • Expert opinions on the future Multichannel Marketing and the anticipated regulatory context
  • Physicians digital preferences and social media preferences in Europe are discussed (survey on 1000 doctors in this region)
  • 46 interviews and 9 detailed case studies on digital initiatives to learn from
  • Data from pharma/healthcare professionals on their priorities and who they see as leading the way in digital
  • 17 tables/charts from exclusive surveys and the most up-to date secondary data available
  • Exclusive insights into Pharma’s use of Social Media in 2013 for both patients and physicians
  • Detailed insights from industry leaders into cutting edge techniques of gamification and predictive analysis/regression models

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Is this report for me? Who should purchase this report:

This report provides relevant insights to the following job functions:

  • Marketing/digital professional handling non-traditional forms of communication

The insights in the report provide value to the following companies:

  • Pharmaceutical, medical device, consultants, technology vendors and digital agencies

If you would like to share thoughts or have any further questions regarding the report, please feel free to contact me on the details below.


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