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Meet 200+ marketing decision-makers

Pharma Marketing USA VIRTUAL is the meeting place for marketing, commercial, data, digital and brand teams from across big pharma. We will set the bar for the future of digital marketing in pharma as attendees adapt to transformation, de-silo platform.

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The 5 reasons why Pharma Marketing USA 2020 is the only event pharma marketing leaders need to attend:

  1. Case-study heavy.You need to see real, detailed examples. Our speakers will provide you with them.
  2. A team learning experience. Now more than ever we need to be working together for our customers and patients. Participate as a team to build company-wide insights, transform culture as one and significantly save on cost
  3. Interactivity at its core: Live Q&A, interactive sessions and online networking are central to the experience of every attendee.
  4. Curated content.Hundreds of conversations with pharma marketing leaders went into preparing the agenda to ensure its tailored your needs.
  5. Modern marketing teams are cross-functional.Senior-leaders from marketing, data, commercial, IT, analytics and digital excellence finding answers to critical challenges together

83% of attendees describe our sessions as ‘essential to future success’

94% of our attendees say they will likely return next year

97% of our attendees said they enjoyed the experience

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