Pharma Marketing USA’s ground-breaking agenda

Become king of the new marketing jungle

Go from brand trials to enterprise-wide roll-out

  • Achieve closed-loop marketing at a brand level by identifying infrastructure deficiencies, implementing digital innovations and giving brand teams the reigns
  • How to establish the long-term viability of company-wide implementation by designing your scalability blueprint - pinpointing new roles and capability needs

The ‘Moneyball’ Approach

  • How Novo Nordisk is re-imagining it’s diabetes function by traversing the data-abyss with advanced analytics for a more comprehensive commercial strategy
  • Where we need to re-assess our reach and frequency, and field force, models to enable cost-savings, higher engagement and increased commercial performance

Brian Hilberdink SVP, Commercial (Diabetes) Novo Nordisk

Why non-personal promotion should still be personal promotion

  • Value over volume: elevate your standing with HCPs through meaningful content that ensures they can put patient outcomes first
  • Predictive analytics should give options - why you still need to make the final judgment on real-time engagement decisions

Know your evolved customer: how best to understand and respond to changing online HCP and patient behaviors

  • Adapt your targeting strategy to the changing trends of your customer’s search behavior
  • See how Google is tackling the ‘fake news’ crisis by increasing public access to reputable health resources

Stefani Klaskow Head of Industry, Healthcare Google

Panel: The Digital Culture Club: membership not guaranteed

  • Ensure your digital tools remain fit-for-purpose by bringing a campaign analysis attitude to your investment strategy 
  • Ensure KPIs and metrics remain aligned with evolving customer engagement preferences or risk losing ground to competitors
  • Break silos and mold cross-functional teams to demonstrate digital value and create a more complete customer experience

Tara Stewart VP, Worldwide Engagement Planning & Content Capabilities Bristol-Myers Squibb

Blake Leitch Global Head of Marketing, Biosimilars Biogen

Gizem Ozbay Global Head of Marketing, Integrated Abbott

Karan Arora Commercial Chief Digital Officer AstraZeneca

Elite teams, innovative functions

No more wasted investments - align your teams' technical capability with new digital services

  • How to evaluate which MarTech to bring inhouse by identifying your unmet needs and matching with efficiency and cost-saving goals
  • Unite brand teams by making them agile, giving ownership of digital ops, and providing knowledge toolkits for marketing domination

Christopher Nugent Director, Digital Strategy & Innovation Alkermes

Case study: How to gain buy-in from the field force to sync your marketing wheel for a 360-degree engagement view

  • What fear factor? Drive adoption of digital initiatives by helping the field force overcome perceived barriers with new support and empowerment
  • Illustrate the commercial value of the new workstream by advising on content and engagement opportunities that strengthen field force relationships with HCPs
  • Sales teams hate the unnecessary. Motivate the field by reimagining meetings, calls and collaborations to ensure comms stay relevant to sales teams’ goals

Anu McFreen Advisor, Global Sales Strategy & Operations Transformation Eli Lilly & Company

3 Self-help Tips to Fight Fatigue and Keep Digital Healthy!

  • Lose weight and invigorate engagement: evaluate your digital channels against KPIs than reduce or eliminate those languishing behind to ensure relevance
  • Regularly exercise to beat tiredness: keep your creative and content strategy fit-for-purpose through iteration that ensures it stays aligned with high-performing channels 
  • Don’t do it alone: inform your content strategy by gathering qualitative analysis on digital performance from HCPs and KOLs to inform evaluation and iteration processes

Shalini Sharad Global Commercial Head, IDM Ascensia

Case study: Outside in: upgrade your marketing function by looking outside the organization for imaginative tech

  • How to identify commonalities with external industry leaders to find suitable new technology investments and forge competitive advantage – success stories
  • The right tech, at the right time: forge cross-functional innovation teams that understand AI, ML and predictive analytics use-cases to ensure investments aren’t wasted 

Practice what we preach: Using our digital capabilities to improve team workflow in a digital world

  • Location, location, location: Why you need to look outside your city to find the best talent and be flexible in our new virtual ways of working
  • Do they really need a pharma background? How innovators and entrepreneurs from outside industry see-through restricting procedure and jumpstart your digital marketing operations

Kacey Moore Executive Director, Neuroscience U.S. Marketing Amgen

Forge new data insights

Panel: Next-best action: let the data do the talkin’

  • Gain new customer insights from datasets with real-time iterative learning of engagement outcomes
  • Intelligent engagement strategies are defined by progressive analytics, AI and ML – learn how to better model behaviors and segment target audiences

Chetak Buaria Global Head of Commercial Excellence EMD Serono

Saket Malhotra Head of Decision Intelligence & Innovation Takeda

Frankly, I do give a DAM! Centralize your Digital Asset Management to cut costs with new efficiencies

  • Budget better spent elsewhere: How to build a worldwide content library to cut creative duplication across brand, field force and marketing ops 
  • Make modular content flexible by syncing taxonomy and metadata to accelerate your path through content search, design, and compliance sign-off 

Position yourself now for a new data privacy normal*

  • Futureproof your privacy operations and guarantee customer data remains protected
  • Work with compliance to ensure marketing operations remain uninterrupted and new approaches are working to regulations from the outset
  • How the California Consumer Privacy Act will continue to affect the ways we collect and protect data – impact assessment for the pharma marketer 

*By attending this session, you submit yourself to learn the latest information on evolving privacy regulations in the US and predictions toward the impact of COVID-19 on data sharing behaviors

Authentic engagement, the new currency of commercial success

Your role in demonstrating ROI for expanded digital marketing capabilities

  • Success breeds success: articulate top-line revenue by connecting marketing KPIs to commercial analytics and get senior buy-in more forward-thinking initiatives
  • Where KPIs can be used to enhance transformation and incomplete datasets damper the reality of innovation
  • Verify marketing effectiveness through deep campaign analysis and create a new internal confidence in digital – driving continued evolution  

Michael Rowbotham Digital Strategy Lead Pfizer

Case Study: How to build a consistent omnichannel engagement framework

  • Orchestrate your omnichannel symphony: how to ensure interoperability is correctly developed across all channels 
  • Create a best-in-class customer experience with a coherent content strategy that values the engaging and eradicates the generic 
  • No one size fits all: personalize omni approaches by using field team insights to inform creative and segmentation

Julie Kang Executive Director, Customer Engagement Strategy Sandoz

Panel: How to rework your content strategy to stay relevant in a saturated digital market

  • Resonate with HCPs by mapping individual customer journeys through imaginative storytelling and next-generation segmentation 
  • Think like a publisher: why a mindset shift is needed to create content that resonates with HCPs to deliver higher engagement rates
  • Determine whether its brand vs disease strategy and when it can be appropriate to shift across to maintain relevance to customers 

Anastasiya Kolyasnikova Head of Multichannel Marketing for HCPs Sanofi

Breaking: Record Number of Symposium Cancelled – master the Virtual Advisory Board and flourish in the new normal

  • Strengthen KOL relationships by building virtual engagement around new COVID enforced behaviors and lifestyles – cutting unnecessary travel
  • Improve your content design and delivery by allowing feedback to be given in timeframes suitable to busy KOLs
  • Scale-up collaboration: include a wider range of KOLs for more diverse conversations that lead to an assortment of outputs

Case study: (Virtual) Launch Excellence

  • Execute a new fit-for-purpose launch model through an integrated digital and data infrastructure strategy
  • Develop an agile cross-functional team by giving them the technical skills and technological tools to respond in real-time to challenges
  • Place progressive social listening and behavioral data sets in the middle of your customer engagement and relationship strategy to differentiate from the competition 

Panel: The re-emergence strategy*

  • A New Balance in the Force: assess the worthiness of digital vs face-to-face engagements to ensure your field force remains on the light side 
  • The pharma-HCP relationship has changed for good. How to maintain positive momentum within your communities by preserving the current valued culture as we re-emerge into the new normal 
  • Determine your new internal risk tolerance to see where innovation can continue and where it will be checked

* If needed, this topic will be iterated as we move close to the event to ensure its discussion points remain relevant

Frank Armenante Director, Commercial Execution South Area Novo Nordisk

Chetak Buaria Global Head of Commercial Excellence EMD Serono

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