Transform Customer Engagement through Intelligent Systems, Content and Data

FREE WEBINAR | May 28th, 2019 | 2pm London, 3pm Paris, 9am New York

Better Engage Providers and Patients and Bring Life Sciences into the 2020s

The opportunity for modern, comprehensive yet lighter weight and more intelligent approaches to customer engagement is finally here.

The ability to design an experience, provide a lot of omnichannel, and retain a 360 customer view is something we’ve been talking about, yearning for, for years. Yet it still eludes us. Part of the reason has been a domain based fragmentation of different capabilities e.g. sales, marketing etc. and a disjointed approach to knowing each individual customer across all the domains. And, there is also inefficiency in how content is created. Then on top of all this, when we try to apply an AI layer, we don’t achieve the hoped-for results.

But there is another way. This is a free webinar designed to look at what a ‘modern, unified, intelligent backbone’ could provide for life sciences companies – where an integration between content, data models, business processes and analytics could mean we transcend the level of customer interaction and engagement that we have achieved so far. And finally hit the twin goals of better experience and more intelligent, personalised outreach.

More than that, we will explore whether such a foundation will enable us to innovate at scale, just as global tech companies have managed to do so effectively, without having to perform things like manual segmentations or complex IT infrastructure projects – but through automation based on modern concepts such as a ‘deep customer graph’.

Click here to sign up for the webinar, find new ways to deliver experiences that are expected by customers today and ultimately are a key to meet patient goals.

Panelists include:
Elena Bonfiglioli

Elena Bonfiglioli

Managing Director EMEA


Sanjay Virmani

Sanjay Virmani



Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Global Lead, Strategy, Digital & Operations



Haider Alleg

Global Head of Digital Marketing


Paul Simms

Paul Simms