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Industry’s Chosen Themes

Here’s the 2018 Marketing and Customer Experience USA industry leading themes.

Keynote Sessions
08:30 - 09:00
One Vision for Healthcare: Unite with your Customers for a Shared Future
  • From product (pill) to valued service – what role do marketing play to inform company strategy in the increasing customer centric, personalized world?
  • Define a portfolio of services that support both the product and the customer to increase patient compliance
  • Join forces with outside experts such as marketing agencies and digital therapy providers to combine knowledge and capabilities that realize a brighter future for healthcare
  • Uplift DTC campaigns to educate patients with holistic product benefits and empower them with choice of treatment

Speaker Logo Martina Flammer Senior Vice President Customer Value Boehringer Ingelheim

09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Reputation Shift – From Pharma Company to Consumer Company
  • Switch the brand identity from money-grabbing promoter, to trusted source by re-aligning corporate messaging. Partner with trusted industry sources or media to relay
  • Learn how to shift the wheel from B2B marketing which is based on logic, into B2C marketing which places more emphasis on emotion to engage patients with added value services
  • Place investment into understanding the lifestyle of the patient to develop a service suite that eases the struggles of living with a long-term condition

Speaker Logo Christina Molt-Wengel Senior Vice President ALK

09:30 - 10:00
Panel: Dinosaurs to Unicorns - Build Process, Practice and Expectation That Supports Innovation
  • Innovation limitations – know the regulatory restrictions to service and treatment development
  • Develop more rapid MVP iterations with build-measure-learn loops, associated data collection methods and pivot-or-preserve decisions
  • Realign your workforce priorities with reward schemes & KPIs that encourage ‘out-of-box’ thinking rather than straight marketing metrics
  • Attract and retain the digital talent and partner established brands with innovative start-up disrupters to evolve pharma

A fireside discussion with:

Speaker Logo Jessica Federer ex-CDO and Digital Leader Bayer

Speaker Logo Paul Simms Chairman eyeforpharma

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Know your customer, know yourself
08:30 - 09:00
Case Study: Prioritize Tech for Data Analysis
  • Build a tech ecosystem: Get to grips with the MarTech stack to collect, store and analyze customer data that better supports decision making and bolsters value propositions
  • Look at where automation offers the biggest wins and how to select the supporting tech. infrastructure and deployment
  • Learn how to apply AI and tactics such as social media listening to find meaning in unstructured data and anticipate your customer’s needs at every stage
  • Security & Compliance – a crucial topic when collecting, storing and analyzing data

Speaker Logo Steve Wong Director Marketing Excellence and Support Boehringer Ingelheim

09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Personalize Communication and Build Lasting Relationships with Customers
  • Create simplified processes such as standard language to personalize interactions at a lower cost
  • From traditional to digital – assess the impact each channel is having for different customer groups to spend $$$ appropriately in a successful multi-channel campaign
  • Utilize AI to evolve personalized digital collateral based on previous customer interactions

Speaker Logo Rahul Goswami Digital and CRM Lead Takeda

09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Personalized marketing….the pharma way
  • Predict customer behavior at every stage of the customer journey using advanced analytics, generating deep insights and an omni channel approach to marketing
  • Centralize the information gathered from each interaction with the customer to base future contact on a deeper understanding
  • Ensure all departments are engaged with the creation of insights and understanding of the customer journey
  • Develop KPIs which relate customer experience to commercial results to ensure continued support from senior management

Eli Lilly and Company Kirk Keaffaber Senior Marketing Director Eli Lilly and Company

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Educate to innovate
08:30 - 09:00
Sharing is Caring! Ensure Communication Across all Departments
  • Create an internal social network so that project outcomes can be shared across the organization and each department can learn from prior mistakes made
  • Improve knowledge-sharing so the investment of resources can be based on established precedent
  • Set a good example by encouraging transparent working amongst management and ensuring all departments communicate successes and failures

Speaker Logo Bhart Rai Chief Commercial Data Officer Bayer

09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Develop Partnerships with External Providers to Bolster Capabilities
  • Understand your strongest assets and look externally to fill the gaps in your knowledge and make the best strategic use of resources
  • Join forces with leading consumer organizations to better understand customer expectations and how they are being met in other markets

Speaker Logo Tricia Brown Executive Director Merck

09:30 - 10:00
Case Study: The Digital Center of Excellence Blueprint – a Holistic Approach
  • Understand how to evolve the digital operating model to optimize global digital marketing
  • Lessons learned from an expert at setting up Global Digital Center of Excellence, at scale
  • Do more with less: Grow work with creative resourcing and a start-up approach to prioritize investments

Speaker Logo Jim Lefevere Director, Global Marketing Strategy and Services; Head of Global Digital Marketing Roche Diagnostics

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Open the channels of communication
08:30 - 09:00
Case Study: Become Social Media Savvy
  • Establish your presence on social media by partnering with KOLs to increase awareness through a trusted source – define success metrics and how to measure ROI
  • Understand the possibilities of each social media platform as an individual channel and tailor your content appropriately
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to process adverse event information from all social media sites so customers feel supported across all channels

Boehringer Ingelheim Deb Nevins Senior Associate Director Jardiance Boehringer Ingelheim

09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Secure Customer Buy-In Pre-Product Launch – story of an Orphan drug launch
  • Join forces with medical teams and host educational webinars to support physicians
  • Recruit patients on the platforms they already engage with through advocacy groups and social media
  • Stay ahead of patient questions through on-demand educational information and take the heat off physicians

Mitsubishi Tanabe Glenn McAnananama Senior Director of Marketing Mitsubishi Tanabe

09:30 - 10:00
What Pharma do is life changing, life enhancing, life furthering… emphasize the strong value generated
  • Prioritizing insights, strategic plans and execution for maximum impact
  • Create a culture that sets the right tone for the future
  • Focus on what is important to the end user whilst sustaining corporate alignment
  • Align goals with all functions whilst maintaining sense of purpose

Celgene Sai Ranagrao Senior Director, Marketing Celgene

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Build lasting partnerships
08:30 - 09:00
Case study: Integrate Wearable Tech and Gamification for Diseases Management
  • Develop digital services with wearable devices that can offer continuous education and tracking to allow patients to have more informed conversations with HCP’s
  • Harness the ‘Dopamine Effect’ to encourage disease management through gamification – creating a ‘fun’ environment
  • Understand the thought and partner acquisition process that delivers meaningful and useful services to patients

Speaker Logo David Kuperstein Managing Director Hemophilia Pfizer

09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Create Visual Content That Will Separate You From the Competition
  • Utilize Ad-Tech: Personalize visual content based on platform metrics to ensure the right content is on the right platform in a multi-screen world
  • Bypass conventional, text-heavy marketing by creating simple and easy to understand infographics that provide all the relevant information in seconds
  • Use imagery to promote your product on social platforms to engage a new generation of customers

GSK John Lineen Global Digital Channel Lead GSK

09:00 - 09:30
Case Study: Work Effectively with Patient Support Programs
  • Understand the role of Patient Support Programs and the challenges they can pose
  • Support patients through their medical journey to ensure adherence and the best outcome possible
  • Create an integrated solution that employs the help of positions to form a tight feedback loop and a strong support system for the patient during therapy

Otsuka Grant Huang Director, Established Product Portfolio Marketing Otsuka

09:00 - 09:30
Panel: Face-to-Face Meetings – the Formation of Meaningful Patient Relationships
  • Conduct patient advisory boards to give patients a voice in the drug production process in order that the product can meet their needs more effectively
  • Facilitate face-to-face meetings with patients to build trust and change their perception of pharma in a scalable way
  • Balance patient contribution with training to ensure they are empowered to contribute but with the right knowledge

Moderator: Speaker Logo Lydia Grossov Patient Advocate

Panelists: Speaker Logo Katie Kolator Associate Director Patient Marketing Bristol-Myers Squibb

Speaker Logo Joyce Chehade Marketing Manager Hematology CSL Behring

Speaker Logo Jennifer Miller Assistant Professor Yale University School of Medicine

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Technology workshops:
08:30 - 09:00
Chat-Bot Technology – What Role Can it Play?
  • Merge traditional face-to-face contact with a digital experience so that patients and physicians can access support through a medium they feel comfortable with
  • Ensure information is always available in an era that expects on-demand access to information
  • Be a go-to source for customers at all times without the need for an army of sales representatives
09:00 - 09:30
Augmented Reality - Demonstrate the Real-World Value of your Product
  • Allow physicians and patients to see the value of your product first-hand with AR case studies of what your product can do for them
  • Integrate AR into your customer experience to assist physicians and patients and ultimately increase the efficacy of your product
  • Create physician and nurse training programs with AR so they can gain disease management skills and your product can be used to its full potential
09:00 - 09:30
Voice Tech - Deploy as a Daily Channel for Engagement
  • Understand how voice technology such as Alexa and Siri can open a new avenue of communication
  • Be present for patients at home by programming voice technology with a solid understanding of your product so questions can be answered with ease
  • Deploy voice technology as an expert representative available to physicians whenever they need assistance or information, without the need to build capabilities or employ more reps

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