What you can expect from the 2020 agenda

We are busy putting the final touches on the 2020 agenda and will have it available very soon.

In the meantime, here are just some of the highlights from 2019’s action packed agenda

Where pharma, customers and technology unite for a new future

  • Technology as the great alignment opportunity: how you and your customers can play on the same team – for the benefit of patients
  • Why cracking the alignment question will unlock value and move your brand reputation to a new level
  • How superior customer support, from inception to implementation can set your company value apart

Haider Alleg Global Head of Digital Excellence Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Sell value with a smaller, smarter sales force

  • Ensure your reps are armed with insights generated through AI/ML to trigger contact points, predict new customers or enhance communications
  • Drive commercial results by using analytics to tailor customer interactions and messaging
  • Encourage collaboration between marketing and sales departments to allow reps to react to changing preferences in real time

Heidi Padilla Director, Customer Engagement GSK

Panel: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

  • Collaboration is culture, not strategy: how to encourage a sharing attitude with internal and external partners
  • All the stakeholders at the table: how to get the right people in the room from the beginning of key initiatives
  • Examples of initiatives which have successfully broken down silos

Beth Schmidt Head of Digital Excellence Astellas

Krishna Cheriath Chief Data Officer Bristol Myers-Squibb

Renaud Sermondade Head of Insights and Analytics Sanofi

Haider Alleg Global Head of Digital Excellence Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Martina Flammer SVP, Customer Value Boehringer Ingelheim

Jessica Federer Ex-CDO Bayer

Bayer Case Study: How leveraging a technology platform enables Bayer to transform customer insights through data

  • Discover how Bayer redefined their processes around insight development based on a technology-enabled, stage-gated process
  • How Bayer turn disparate sources of data into new narratives - and turn ideas into actions and results
  • Explore how technology should provide a focus point for your team’s creativity when bringing your product to the customer

Yan Jiang Head of Business Insight Specialty Medicine Bayer

Daniel Baima Global Customer & Business Insights, Oncology / Xofigo Bayer

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