Go with the flow! Destroy data silos, create joined-up thinking and enable commercial success

FREE WEBINAR | 24th July, 2019 | 9am New York, 2pm London, 3pm Paris

Approximately 1 zettabyte (a trillion gigabytes) of data is generated by our healthcare system – annually. And it’s doubling every two years. So, you’d think we’d by now have a great set of insights to fuel our commercial plans, right?


Because, while the potential to use data to define and deliver value for patients across the healthcare system keeps increasing, usability is decreasing. Different sources, different types and different silos present enormous challenges, and pharma companies must first overcome these data challenges before it becomes truly usable. That means overcoming:

  • Management of high volumes of variable data
  • Slow and arduous data integration across business units
  • Data governance and security across collaborative efforts

Fragmented data leads to fragmented processes, with critical information gaps at every corner. Pharma companies are putting significant effort into (a) building an internal infrastructure that ensures every relevant facet of the commercial operation has data required, (b) creating a data strategy encompassing the ‘data lifecycle’ across the company, and (c) unifying businesses to reduce silos and remove ‘IT Project’ mindsets.

In our latest free webinar, we will be bring a multi-disciplinary panel together to explore different solutions to creating your data strategy, the impact of increasing privacy regulations (incl. GDPR and the incoming Californian state laws), and collaborative opportunities both internally and externally.

Hear from our panel of experts;

  • Fulfil your front-end business and capabilities through building internal infrastructure that is fit for purpose
  • The data conundrum - who owns it, who stores it, who has license to use it for alternate purposes
  • How to converge IT, data science and commercial teams toward joint aims
  • Innovative and trusted approaches to sourcing and aggregating required data - match your portfolio and commercial aims
Panelists include:
Anish Shindore

Anish Shindore

VP, Head of Digital Acceleration – DTx


Mauricio Campos Suarez

Mauricio Campos Suarez

Head of IT and Digital Innovation EEMEA Region


Frederic Ohayon

Frederic Ohayon

Former Innovation, Data & Customer Experience Director


Paul Simms

Paul Simms