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Co-creation article

It wasn’t that long ago that when pharma companies wanted to know what patients thought, cared about or needed, they asked doctors.

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The Big Trends Transforming Pharma

The industry is fast approaching a promising new future. How is it getting there?

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How Well Do You Know Your HCP?

Machine learning is a boon for customer engagement. How can pharma best use it?

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Artificial Intelligence: The Counter-Argument

AI is being touted as the doctor’s new lifeline — we put this proposition to a skeptical doctor.

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Why MSLs And Sales Reps Should Join Forces

The case for aligning MSLs with sales reps is strong — if both sides play ball.

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How Do You Localize A Global Brand Strategy?

Marketers must balance global and local needs in their campaigns. How do they pull it off?

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*Latest mini-mag* Trends in Marketing

The pharma industry continues to defy its naysayers through technological and philosophical progress. For pharma to realize its value potential, marketing teams must master technological innovation and rip up the rule book. They must learn the lessons of start-ups.

With the help of Otsuka, Proteus Digital Health, Bayer, Ipsen, AstraZeneca, UCB and EFPIA our latest trends report explores the latest innovations in disruptive technologies and how this can help you better engage with your customers.

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*NEW WHITEPAPER* What does the future hold for commercial…?

Goodbye, Sales and Marketing. Hello, integrated Commercial team!

This in-depth eyeforpharma whitepaper will explore how pharma is integrating customer-facing teams in order to become more customer-centric.

The aim? To avoid duplication and ensure consistency of approach across a number of stakeholders.

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*NEW WHITEPAPER* Will GSK’s new 'ethical' approach to its customers deliver commercial success?

Blurb: GSK’s move to a new model of customer engagement has generated a great deal of debate. Indeed, many commentators remain sceptical that this ‘ethical’ model – especially the decoupling of sales incentives from prescription volume isn’t robust enough to deliver results in the long-term. Download our latest Whitepaper, and find out if GSK’s new transparent, reputation-boosting sales model be a template for the entire industry?

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*NEW WHITEPAPER* Customer Experience and Beyond: Why Digital Changes Everything

How advanced is your multichannel and CX offering? Can digital hold the key to your success? Speakers including Hicham Naim, Panos Papakonstantinou and Gerhard Arnhofer as well as insights from Google, Teva and others contributed to our brand new whitepaper covering why:

  • Digital is disrupting the pharma landscape in multiple ways
  • Pharma behind the curve with digital?
  • DX involves new strategies and significant transformation of the organisation
  • Talent will be a key driver for scaling successes
  • The focus is on customer experience and patients

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Tim White explains why customer experience is so important for pharma

Teva Pharmaceuticals recently appointed Tim White as Head of Customer Experience and one of his main ambitions is to establish a true digital transformation and customer experience across the entire organisation – helping create strong relationships and supporting HCPs and patients.

eyeforpharma travelled to Switzerland for an exclusive interview in which Tim passionately spoke about the work he is doing at Teva, including:

Panos Papakonstantinou talks successful multichannel

Successful multichannel campaigns are designed with the customer at the core; but many marketing teams fail to deliver in key areas including segmentation, channel distribution, content generation, user experience and much more…

In this short Panos Papakonstantinou, Head Digital Commercial Europe, Novartis explains the 4 steps to designing a customer centric Multichannel solution