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Building trust with your customers is essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Effective communication, providing education and building partnerships are key to developing meaningful customer relationships - turning customers into your biggest supporters.

But to deliver a superior customer experience, you need to go beyond conventional marketing, embrace a culture of technological innovation, and drive the stakeholder buy-in to implement digital transformation.


Join the most forward-thinking meeting of leading marketers in Europe and learn to:

  • Redefine HCP relationships
    Develop a deeper educational partnership with your customers and transform engagement
  • Embrace digital. Be the future
    Implement a digital-first communication strategy for effective and efficient customer interaction
  • Educate to innovate
    Eliminate fear of innovation by empowering your workforce with the capabilities needed to form lasting HCP relationships
  • Deeper insights, real value
    Analyse data for actionable insights that result in a better understanding of patient needs and position you as a trusted presence

With exclusive case studies on delivering a superior customer experience, adopting a culture of innovation and delivering digital transformation across your organisation… this is your one-stop-shop for future-proofing your business.

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Full Agenda - Speaker Faculty - Group Discounts

The 2018 Speaker Faculty: Experts with Real Experience

Jörg Schaub
Eli Lilly Germany

Jörg Schaub

Chief Marketing Officer German Hub

Morten Remmer
LEO Innovation Lab

Morten Remmer

Chief Growth Officer

Georg van Husen
Boehringer Ingelheim

Georg van Husen

Corporate Senior Vice President

Patrice Baudry
LEO Pharma

Patrice Baudry


Florent Edouard

Florent Edouard

SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence and Customer Engagement

Lode Dewulf

Lode Dewulf

Chief Patient Officer

Sarah Speake

Sarah Speake

Global CMO

Andrew Warner
LG Technologies

Andrew Warner

Former Chief Marketing Officer

Educator, innovator, listener: how will your customers describe you in the future?

Now in its 8th year, eyeforpharma’s Marketing and Customer Innovation conference brings together all stakeholders to deliver a roadmap to building trust with your customers.

See the digital revolution through the eyes of Jorg Schaub, Chief Marketing Officer at Eli Lilly, and find out why virtual reality is more than just a buzzword - and how Eli Lilly are harnessing VR to improve diagnosis of skin disorders. See first hand the eyeforpharma award winning Janssen VR technology that is training nurses for better disease management and increased confidence.

Hear how Georg van Husen, Corporate SVP at Boehringer Ingelheim, is shaking up the traditional pharma business model to allow for real digital transformation. Discover why change must begin internally if pharma is to meet increasing customer needs - and how Boehringer is implementing training and education to transform attitudes to digitalisation.

Understand why Lode Dewulf, Chief Patient Officer at Servier, is opening his ears to patients for actionable insights that will revolutionise product development. Discover how Patrice Baudry, SVP at LEO Pharma and Morten Remmer, Chief Growth Officer at LEO Innovation Lab are empowering patients with knowledge so they can be active in the decisions made about their treatment.

Marketing & Customer Innovation Europe will bring pharma and customers together to share expertise and experiences. Hear from your customers first-hand to gain deeper insights d transform your relationships.

Don’t just take our word for it! Find out why pharma executives come to the conference:

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Full Agenda - Speaker Faculty - Group Discounts

50+ industry leading speakers
900+ senior-level attendees
15+ hours of dedicated networking

Download the brochure

Full Agenda - Speaker Faculty - Group Discounts

a Higher Calibre of Conversation

At this year’s event we’re hosting more interactive sessions than ever before. Engage in solution focused exchanges at our discussion groups – an hour-long conversation with a group of 10 attendees about the most pressing issues facing pharma and finding the solution.

So how does it work in practice?

For the first time we will be involving every attendee in these discussions – speakers, delegates and sponsors alike will take a break from the agenda to debate the problems they’re experiencing and how pharma can solve these problems. Delegates will be provided with a choice of roundtables prior to the event so they can select the one most relevant to them and their area of work.

Education > Promotion How to create educational content that physicians will want to engage with and that advocates the power of your product for you
Patients = Partners Techniques to involve patients in the discussion and create an effective feedback loop that will ultimately make your products and campaigns more patient-focused
Big Data, Big Deal Why a better understanding = a bigger reach, and techniques for gaining a deeper understanding of customers resulting in better, more targeted campaigns
Tech Talks De-mystifying AI, AR, and VR– plus strategies on the implementation of technology that will improve your customer’s experience and open the channels of communication
Capability builder How to transform your customer engagement by upgrading your workforce’s skills and perspectives and strategies to make training enjoyable and effective
Big Reputation Tips and tricks to change the way customers see you and how to place yourself as a trusted healthcare partner for physicians and patients alike

Want to be involved or just have a question? Get in touch below!

Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson

Global Project Director

Phone: +44 (0)2073757201