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  Innovative Sales Strategies & Metrics Report 2014  


This report has been produced following a rigorous four step research process.

Step 1. Preliminary Research

26 interviews with leading industry executives were conducted in order to understand what are the business critical challenges faced by pharma today. To validate these results, a survey is sent to our extensive database, with more than 30,000 active contacts.

Step 2. Gathering and Analyzing Primary Data

Using knowledge from the interviews, previous conferences, published material (secondary sources) and survey, the project expanded into another multidimensional conversation with 20 senior decision makers from the identified regions.

Step 3. Peer-Reviewing and Editing

All reports are peer-reviewed and the resulting feedback is incorporated into the report. Once feedback is incorporated, the report is edited and designed.

This report is peer reviewed by:

  • Arnaud Lefevre - Managing Director, UCB
  • Levent Arslan - Sales Director, Janssen
  • Adam Wood - Global Training Director, Bayer

Step 4. Customer Support and Feedback

Customers have the right to ask questions about unclear points in the report. The feedback resulting from this interaction is incorporated into future reports

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