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  Innovative Sales Strategies & Metrics Report 2014  

Cutting edge sales strategies to future proof your salesforce

With sales reps spending increasingly less time with physicians, innovative sales strategies and metrics are being sought by the pharma C-suite to ensure that every single customer-rep interaction, drives exceptional value for customers and increases sales. This report focuses on how leading pharma companies have been deploying innovative sales strategies, new technologies, qualitative metrics and targeted training, to drive impactful sales rep and customer interactions and incentivise reps above and beyond simply delivering the drug’s key message.

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Changes in external environment put Pharma sector in a very challenging situation and pushed to take bigger tradeoffs so that this report will help us to learn more and engage with the right options

Levent Arslan, Sales Director, Janssen

Key Reasons to Purchase this Report

  • Discover innovative sales strategies you can implement in 2014 to improve your sales performance
  • Transform your incentivization structure to drive customer-centric behaviours that impacts your bottom line
  • Best practice examples given from sales teams in and out of industry including FMCG and the Automotive industry
  • Understand how to balance qualitative and quantitative metrics that motivate reps and drives sales
  • Learn from best-in-class examples of sales and marketing integration that increases customer engagement
  • Find out how to integrate the latest technologies into your sales strategies that will deliver a stronger message to your customer

Your Key Questions Answered

  • What KPIs do you employ to measure the success of the sales reps beyond coverage and frequency?
  • How can sales reps use technology to support sales and drive value for customers and not just as a management monitoring tool?
  • How have different job roles been brought together to increase value for the customer?
  • What case studies are out there from in and outside pharma on innovative sales models?
  • What value-added services can sales reps deliver?
  • What are the latest training approaches that will decrease time out of the field but still generate a strong training ROI?
  • How do you integrate a customer-facing team with the field force so the company delivers a strong ,customer-centric message?

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Who needs this report

  • Commercial Excellence
  • Business Unit Head
  • Global / regional SFE Directors
  • KAM Director
  • National Sales Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Excellence Directors
  • Commercial Training
  • Healthcare solutionsTraining and Development
  • Speciality Head

Peer Review

The following executives were involved in the review of this product, to ensure the reports adds value to all those who read it:

UCB Janssen Bayer
Arnaud Lefevre
Managing Director
Levent Arslan
Sales Director
Adam Wood
Global Training Director

The report is another way in which the eyeforpharma group provide value to the industry, and those of us who work in these topics in it. The data from surveys, backed up with anecdotes and quotes provide a good backbone to support the interactive Conferences, online topical webcasts and the opinion pieces from the website. I find these most useful as they have lots of real life practical examples, collated into one paper, and backed with some strength of numbers. It is worthwhile to read for sure.

Adam Wood, Global Marketing Operations, Strategy - Training & Sales Excellence, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

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