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  Pharmaceutical Growth Markets 2013-2014  
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There is no denying the opportunity that this presents, but an unfamiliar market also presents new challenges. Unknown and complex market access laws, digital censorship, physician's preferences and lack of trust all make it difficult to capitalize on this massive opportunity. The Pharmaceutical Growth Markets Report 2013-2014 highlights the biggest opportunities globally and help you deal with the challenges of entering a new market. The report focuses on the countries offering the greatest opportunities: Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, China, Thailand and Indonesia. It features contributions from GSK, Pfizer, Bayer, Baxter, Shire and Novartis on their experiences entering these growth markets.

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  • Gain market access in a complicated regulatory system
  • Turn traditional medicines from a threat into an opportunity
  • Engage physicians and patients in a high engaged yet sensored digital environment
  • Take advantage of government collaborations and programs
  • Build trust in a new market using social media, sales reps and partnerships

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