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Pharmaceutical Growth Markets 2013-2014


Discover growth potential by understanding regional drivers and barriers 

This report aims to investigate the most promising regions and also uncover insights from leading professionals on those countries which have less coverage but still represent an exciting opportunity. Through this research we discovered that executives within pharma felt the next big opportunity for growth was going to come from Venezuela, Indonesia and Thailand. Each of these markets comes from a significantly lower base than those previously mentioned, and each has their risks - but if a company is able to get it right, then the rewards could be huge.

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With the continued pressure on pharmaceutical companies to generate record profits and maintain growth, companies are being forced to look beyond the developed world. The problem is not new and it continues to be discussed within the pharmaceutical community during this extended period of austerity in the developed world - but where do companies see opportunity?

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Key questions answered - how will this report help you?

  • What are the most desirable growth markets for pharma?
  • What is it about these markets that make them so attractive to pharmaceutical companies?
  • What are the barriers to success in each market?
  • How do companies plan to grow their business in these regions over the next 5 years?
  • What are the best Sales and Marketing approaches to these unique regions?
  • What are the disruptive influences associated with the regions?
  • What are the market access strategies in each region?

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"China, Mexico, and Brazil are some of the largest pharmaceutical markets by revenue in the world and yet
many would still regard them as ‘emerging’. Companies have clearly realized this and understood it takes more
than just a treatment and basic infrastructure to be successful; in fact, certain cities within these countries are
starting to resemble the major cities of the developed world."

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Who needs this report?

  • Are you a senior executive responsible for strategic decisions relating to growth markets?
  • Are you a regional office manager who wants to understand what works in other emerging markets?
  • Do you work for a multinational pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device company?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Pharmaceutical Growth Markets Report is for you.

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Peer reviews - what do the experts say?

My impression of this report is that it is diverse and it covers the most relevant emerging regions. The best part of it is the research and insight from contributors: this is what you can’t find in any other papers and there is plenty of it here.

Dr. Olga Glaskova, Growth Markets Strategy & ProjectsBayer

This study is one that has been extensively conducted by interviews of a broad range of pharma and healthcare executives from around the emerging markets. Since the majority of in-market emerging market executives are sitting in their respective countries, this report serves as a way to see through to what is happening on the other side of the globe, putting a global perspective on the wider industry.

Dr. Nara Decharin, Ph.D. General Manager - HealthcareLF Asia

So much has changed in the emerging markets from what we knew just two years ago. To be successful, it is important to possess the latest intelligence to fully understand the current state of the pharmaceutical market in each of the countries, in order to develop the most appropriate strategies.

Pauline Ho, Former VP Strategic Marketing, PharmaceuticalsAsia-Pacific and Latin America, AuPath Consulting

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Leading companies who provided expert insight

GlaxoSmithKline Pfizer Bayer Stendhal LF Asia
Novartis Biogen Shire Baxter


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