The Exhibition Hall Program

We are pleased to introduce The Innovation Stage in the exhibition hall, putting the spotlight on cutting-edge technology and award winning case-studies to address the multiple challenges and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Innovation stage will host short, sharp presentations. These include some of the most innovative companies working in areas covering design thinking, VR/AR, Gamification, Blockchain, Genomics, Behavioural Science, AI/Machine Learning and Chatbots.

Free Exhibition Pass Access Times:

Conference Sessions: 2:00pm - 6:00pm | Networking drinks: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Innovation Stage – Case Study Quick Fire

1:50pm - 2:00pm

Chairperson’s Opening Address

2:00pm - 2:15pm

Using AI to provide real-time information and support
  • How ALK improved allergy patients’ lives with the first personalised allergy companion app Klara

Representative from ALK to be announced

eyeforpharma Awards Case Study Finalist - Most Valuable Patient Initiative

2:15pm - 2:30pm

Thought Leadership Session with Tsquared Insights

2:30pm - 2:45pm

How to empower patients and improve conversations with HCPs
  • See how Novartisand Health Unlimited built an online digital community Speak Your Migraine to improve patient-HCP relationships

Representatives from Novartis and Health Unlimited to be announced

eyeforpharma Awards Case Study Finalist - Most Valuable Patient Initiative

2:45pm - 3:05pm

Reimburse digital solutions - lessons learnt from Germany’s most successful reimbursement case study
  • Understand how Sonormed successfully gained market access for Germany’s first health product mobile app before it’s even been developed
  • Explore the payer negotiation process and hear feedback from reimbursement considerations shaping product development

Jörg Land



The Interactive Roundtables

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Commercial Roundtables
  1. Are nudging strategies the solution to make communication strategies more effective?
  2. Understand how pharma needs to react to rising benchmarks are essential in order to keep up a positive customer experience (adding value - patient centric view?)
  3. Enable reps to deliver more immersive education with VR tools
  4. Beyond education: become a source of inspiration for HCPs
  5. Improve personalisation with a 360-degree view of your customer
  6. Remove complexity with smarter KAM and MSL coordination
  7. Patient perspectives on the good, the bad and the ugly of service design
  8. The Biologics revolution - impact on health and the economy

Roundtable facilitators include:

  • Dr Munna Choudhury, Senior Managar & Contractor
  • Carsten Grandke, Senior Director Marketing Communications, Centogene AG
  • Tim Cave, CEO & Founder, SaySo Medical
  • Cyril Mandry, Senior Marketing Director, MSD
  • Anita Natzkova, Strategic Insights Lead Global Pharmaceutical, Abbott

3:05pm - 4:10pm

Interactive Workshops – Pharma and Bio Companies attendees only
  • Getting your organisation AI ready led by Novasecta
  • Evolving HCP websites: deliver behaviour changing journeys rather than digital destinations led by EPG Health
  • Connected content: the best ways to create flexible multichannel content and facilitate approval led by Viseven
  • How to achieve seamless end-to-end processes with intelligent automation led by Appian
  • The rules of patient engagement: Building trust across the globe led by Snow Companies
  • Case-Study: A new way to access to a brand new European real-world database led by Cegedim

More to be released soon

4:10pm - 4:40pm

Coffee Break

Coffee and snacks are available to purchase in the expo hall

4:40pm - 4:50pm

Creating patient-centric communication to improve support for families with children with rare diseases
  • Understand how Sanofi Genzyme developed patient-centric communication and support for families with children with rare disease IOPD

Representative from Sanofi Genzyme to be announced

eyeforpharma Awards Case Study Finalist - Most Valuable Patient Initiative

4:50pm - 5:05pm

Case study delivered by Credoweb

5:05pm - 5:20pm

How a start up medtech has improved the lives of cystic fibrosis patients with remote data
  • Learn from a pioneering approach to cystic fibrosis care via remote data collection from NuvoAirthat has reduced hospital visits and improved patient outcomes

Representative from NuvoAir to be announced

eyeforpharma Awards Case Study Finalist - Most Valuable Patient Initiative

5:20pm - 5:35pm

How a multichannel campaign increased diagnosis rates and uptake of inhalation treatment with asthma patients
  • Hear how Cipla changed perceptions of asthma within India using Berok Zindagi – “Unstoppable Life” campaign

Representative from Cipla to be announced

eyeforpharma Awards Case Study Finalist - Most Valuable Patient Initiative

5:35pm - 6:00pm

eyeforpharma Awards Winner - Most Valuable HCP Initiative Case Study

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Technology Roundtables
  1. Advanced PSPs through better multichannel support, analytics and behavioural science
  2. Towards personalisation: how data empowers the patient beyond behaviour
  3. Digital therapeutics as a major portfolio opportunity
  4. The digital rep: how Sales and MSLs can enhance their offering through data
  5. The power of digital health innovation in increasing value to patients and HCPs - are you there yet?

Roundtable facilitators include:

  • Cristina De Juan, CEO & Founder, IMT Innovation
  • Caroline Schmitt, Medical Science Liaison, Takeda
Market Access Focused Roundtables
  1. Patient + value = payer value: how to articulate new patient journey understanding into a language payers understand
  2. Monopoly vs. Monopsony: risks and opportunities for companies and payers/health systems in joint value assessments and negotiations in Europe
  3. Stronger value-based contracting: discuss key challenges and stumbling blocks in payer negotiations for value-based agreements
  4. Italy’s outcomes-based experience: deep dive into the challenges and key learnings from the early movers into outcomes-based agreements in Europe
  5. Master your ePRO/ePREM approach: discuss how to unlock more value-based access with greater patient outcome understanding
  6. Market Access 101: learn the basics on the European Market Access landscape and internal pharma functionality
  7. Internal access alignment: discuss how best to pool capabilities and define Market Access responsibilities
  8. Globalisation vs regionalisation: understand how you can meet local market needs through different submission adaptation approaches Four Health RT

Roundtable facilitators include:

  • Agathe le Lay, Director and Head of Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Lundbeck
  • Thomas Temme, Head of Value Demonstration & Access & Public Affairs Germany, Austria & Switzerland, Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Lara Pippo, Head of Market Access, CSL Behring
  • Four Health

6:00pm - 7:00pm

Networking Drinks in the Exhibition Hall
Free Exhibition Pass Access Times:

Conference Sessions: 9:00am - 5:30pm | Networking drinks: 5:30pm - 7:00pm

Innovation Stage – Innovation you need

9:00am - 9:10am

Chairperson’s Opening Address

9:10am - 9:30am

The first biopharma company to be born in the cloud
  • Understand how Moderna Therapeutics has evolved as a truly digital biopharma organization and what this means for advancing drug candidates to clinical studies; increasing the agility of its research, development, and manufacturing processes; and achieveing results—such as personalized cancer vaccines—that would have been impossible even a few years ago.
  • Lessons learnt from their journey and their vision for the future of the company and what this means for the future pharma business model

Marcello Damiani


Moderna Therapeutics


9:30am - 9:50am

From the Ward to the World: the potential of remote patient monitoring in digital medicine
  • Understand the real-world patient journey and response to treatment through remote patient monitoring
  • Emphasise the importance of providing good quality data to pharmaceutical partner
  • Identify emerging trends within digital medicine and Medopad’s approach to navigating this space

Martha Carruthers

Head of Pharma Partnerships


9:50am - 10:30am

PANEL: Without the pill: How digital therapeutics can drive market access innovation and herald in a new era of shared value
  • Discuss how the current partnership model is flawed and why we need to be partnering for new kinds of value
  • Find out how the leading organizations are partnering by focusing on the friction and pain points of care, and building value alliances with key stakeholders

David Van Sickle


Propeller Health

Matthew Bonam

Head of Intelligent Pharmaceuticals


The Interactive Roundtables

9:30am - 10:30am

Procurement Roundtables
  1. Deliver, prove and maximise ROI on your digital spend
  2. Manage new suppliers and models in innovative tech
  3. Accelerate global to local market impact with partners
  4. Procurement as the digital transformation catalyst

Roundtable facilitators include:

  • Filiz Saka Crockford, Commercial Procurement Category Lead, Takeda
  • Robert Zimmer, Global Category Manager, Digital Marketing, Novartis

10:30am - 11:00am

Coffee Break

Coffee and snacks are available to purchase in the expo hall

11:00am - 11:20am

From ‘sickcare’ to healthcare: AI and the future of personalised care
  • Understand how AI can support the shift from reactive ""sickcare"" to the delivery of more people-centric, proactive health management and care
  • Learn how AI-enabled tools will empower the individual to more effectively manage their health
  • Preview how AI can support the earlier identification, prevention and management of chronic and rare disease.

Daniel Nathrath

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ada Health

11:20am - 11:30am

Beyond automation: How Connected Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can improve efficiency, outcomes, and patient relationships
  • RPA is empowering business users to make transformational change without the cost and complexity associated with technology-led projects
  • Imagine how highly-efficient Digital Workers collaborating seamlessly with humans could improve outcomes for your technicians, clinicians, managers, and patients
  • Understand how you can leverage this Intelligent Automation, the combined power of enterprise RPA and class-leading artificial intelligence, to enhance business and clinical processes

Drew Sonden

Partner Solutions Consultant EMEA

Blue Prism

Drew Sonden

Partner Solutions Consultant, EMEA

Blue Prism

11:30pm - 11:50pm

Scale Behavioral Change To Leave No Patient Behind
  • Design effective patient programs through personalized behavioural triggers
  • Apply predictive analytics to create patient segments
  • Build the infrastructure for an RWE strategy capable of informing tailored programs at scale

Jennifer Turgiss

Vice President, Behavior Science & Advanced Analytics

Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions

11:50am - 12:50pm

Interactive Workshops – Pharma and Bio Companies attendees only
  • The Patient empowerment evolution is changing Pharma companies’ Go to Market model led by Williamsleatag
  • Boost HCP multi-channel communication with improved AI application led by antwerpes

More to be released soon

12:50pm - 1:50pm

Lunch Break

Lunch is available to purchase in the expo hall

1:50pm - 2:10pm

Training our immune system to prevent and cure chronic diseases.
  • Understand that the prevention and management of chronic diseases should focus not only on symptomatic patients but on individuals that do not yet have symptoms.
  • Discuss how this disease-prevention strategy profoundly impacts clinical development, marketing and distribution of products, and new payor models.
  • Appreciate how digital strategies that affect an individual’s behaviour towards lifestyle choices, can enhance adherence to treatment and positively affect clinical outcome

Oliver Siegel



2:10pm - 2:20pm

Speed up patient recruitment using AI and Natural Language Processing
  • Up to 50% of Clinical Trials are delayed due to patient recruitment issues.
  • Unstructured text-based Medical Records hold around 85% of patients' clinical information.
  • Discover how IOMED helps you leverage the power of detailed patient data to speed up patient recruitment.

Javier de Oca Catalán


IOMED Medical Solutions Healthtech

2:20pm - 2:30pm

Session to be announced next month

2:30pm - 2:50pm

How single-cell transcriptomics will redefine human diseases and unearth novel therapeutic avenues
  • Everything you need to know about The Human Cell Atlas, an ambitious project, funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Institute and others, to map every cell in the human body and how this could impact how drugs are developed
  • Learn how the single revolution is rewriting our understanding of a human disease ranging from cancer to inflammatory conditions

Hussein Al-Mossawi

Clinical Leader, Rheumatology

Oxford University

2:50pm - 3:10pm

Fireside chat

Rachel Haurwitz


Caribou Bio

1:50pm - 3:10pm

Impatient Roundtables
  • Creating inclusion across country, language, culture and ethnic barriers – the evolution of patient story telling.
  • How to improve ethnic representation in clinical trials.
  • Discuss best and worst case examples of pharma-patient group collaboration.
  • Disjointed relationship between pharma and med-tech and impact on patient lives.
  • An in-depth look at the efforts made in pain management and how we can better create access to physical therapies.
  • The changing space of patient advocacy/organisation corporate responsibility (CR) as influence, regulation and onlookers increase.
  • Building an experience-based framework to accelerate the growth & improve chances of success for start-up patient groups/organisations.
  • It’s raining digital applications – increase use through more targeted collaborative effort, driven by patient need.

3:10pm - 3:40pm

Coffee Break

Coffee and snacks are available to purchase in the expo hall

3:40pm - 4:00pm

What commercial pharma needs to know about blockchain
  • Blockchain is about more than cryptocurrencies – it enables multiple parties to jointly collaborate and transact in near real-time
  • Records in the blockchain are encrypted and linked, addressing the heightened safety and privacy concerns that come with personalized care, patient registries & GDPR

Ben Taylor



4:00pm - 4:20pm

Two ways that blockchain can transform pharma
  • Live demo of a global supply chain application that passes medication from manufacturers to suppliers to patients – this not only sets the stage to drive down out-of-stocks and counterfeits, but also the advent of personalized medicines
  • Clinical study supply chains managed through blockchain make it possible to replace paper without compromising security or double-blind requirements
  • Blockchain-based patient registries can provide safe and secure sandbox for AI, machine learning on aggregated data sets.

Ben Taylor



4:20pm - 4:40pm

An industry interface into Population Genomics at scale
  • The Genomic Medicine Future: How to balance industry requirements with other key stakeholder groups who also have a critical role to play in preparing healthcare systems
  • Hear a definition and key characteristics of population genomics programmes
  • See examples from across EMEA – including operational features
  • Understand what the industry requirements are
  • Leave with an understanding of “What works well?” and “even better if …” from a leading expert in population genomics programmes

Paul Jones

Director, Population Genomics


4:40pm - 5:00pm

Genomics and Blockchain: Decentralized genomic big data storage, sharing and analysis
  • Look into the future state of genomic data sharing and security as new technological advancements at the intersection of healthcare and information technology are developed.
  • Describe how blockchain technology can enable genomic data creation, ensure its security, and allow for its sharing
  • Discuss the future state of genomic research, genomic data security, genomic data standardization and data sharing between individuals and companies as whole genome sequencing costs continue to decrease.

Dennis Grishin


Nebula Genomics

5:00pm - 5:20pm

The Digitome: The first digital representation of health and disease
  • Understand the Human Digitome Project: Including the long-term vision for the platform and how it will be opened it up so that anyone can proactively use it themselves to enable researchers to understand more about how diseases work, and how to cure them.
  • How AI is being used to look for patterns in the ways patients contract diseases and react to medication, to give doctors more information about people’s health
  • How blockchain enables patient-centric data

Michelle Longmire



4:00pm - 5:15pm

Field Forces Effectiveness Taskforce Roundtables
  1. Explore the evolution of pharma’s medical and commercial field force in a fast-changing external environment
  2. In an hour-long interactive session hosted by field force leaders understand emerging capability requirements, measure effectiveness and ensure successful interactions
  3. Gender Parity in Action: from Awareness to Outcomes

Roundtable facilitators include:

  • Heather Moses, Head of Medical Affairs, Roche
  • Dirk Abeel, Global Medical Sales Director, Reckitt Benckiser, Inc.
  • Walter Sheloff, Customer Facing Medical Effectiveness Head - Europe, Pfizer
  • Ingrid Marchal-Gerez, Senior Healthcare Solutions Leader, EMEA, Janssen
RWE Focused Roundtables
  1. Design your internal RWE function: capability requirements, future proofing, ownership, investment needed
  2. The impact of GDPR: discuss the impact existing and future privacy regulations/policies may
  3. Meet RWE regulatory standards: which internal functions should take leadership/ensure relative quality in emerging area
  4. Tapping Academic collaboration: explore the full potential of academic partnership for data generation
  5. Changing the public perception: pharma’s role in educating and improving negative public attitudes to health data use
  6. RWE in clinical trials: how best to bring big data into the development process
  7. The pragmatic solution: why defining the right question for pragmatic studies is key
  8. The future of data standardisation: explore existing and future European efforts to create a sustainable harmonised EU data ecosystem

5:20pm - 7:00pm

Networking Drinks in the Exhibition Hall
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