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Real World ReportAn in-depth breakdown of the data sources that provide you the evidence needed to prove value in the ‘real world’

The new market access environment is value-driven. With shrinking health budgets – the drug budget is being more heavily scrutinised than ever before. To guarantee access, payers and HTA agencies need to know exactly what medicines will do in the ‘real world’ – EVEN with orphan drugs where small patient populations make evidence hard to come by. That's why eyeforpharma have commissioned the exclusive whitepaper Real World Data: Sources & Applications

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Taken from interviews and in-depth insights from senior thought leaders from Janssen, Amgen, CPRD, UBC and the author of ‘The Future of Health Economics’ you will gain an understanding of:

  • The best sources of real world data for late-phase trials, product strategy and clinical decision-making
  • The benefits and limitations of data sources used for evidence generation
  • The disruption real world data will cause to R&D, clinical outcomes and market access

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Paul Simms