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Tomorrow sales person The steps organisations need to take to evolve their sales force

Changes to the way the pharma industry goes to market and sells have been mooted for years but so far change has been slow. Experts believe a tipping point is approaching which will see a critical mass of organizations respond to the realities of the new landscape before the end of the decade. Tomorrow’s Salesperson covers the concepts and struggles of the new era, to prepare companies and aid them in implementing the changes successfully.

The paper covers:

  • The implications of the KAM strategy: Why you can't just rebadge existing reps as key account managers.
  • An industry under pressure: Economic circumstances, payers pressing organizations to demonstrate value and the evolution of the innovation pipeline. 
  • The future is strategic: A move from tactical approaches to the alignment of sales and marketing, segmentation, and technological product innovation.

An extract from the piece:

“A radically new approach proposes an electronic marketplace which transforms reps into entrepreneurs in charge of their own micro-businesses, with success determined both by their expertise in key specialty areas and their proven ability to interact with HCPs.”

Paul Simms