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Rethink your business model with payers in mind

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Get the information you need to ensure your European market access strategy is heading in the right direction.

It was less than a decade ago that most pharmaceutical manufacturers considered market access the last step in the commercialization process. However access is being managed ever more tightly with payers increasingly establishing evidence-based care paths and therapeutic guidelines.

Payers are now a significant player in product commercialization and companies need to rethink their business models. In this white paper we explore how the G-5 European countries have faced these challenges.

These +15 pages will give you:

  • Specific processes: How reimbursement and pricing are outlined, as well as the approach for determining “additional medical benefit” for premium pricing. 
  • Interviews from payers and HTAs: They explain how they operate and how best to approach them
  • Individual reimbursement: An update on each process and future trends, what data to use for successful negotiation and how to retrieve it 
  • Real world examples: Of How to build your Economic and Clinical Value (ECV) story
Paul Simms