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Patient Services - The problems, solutions and benefits

Patient Services

It is increasingly apparent that the pharma industry has a role to play in patient support. While traditional communication efforts have been focused on increasing prescriptions, the reality is that those prescriptions are not delivering the benefits they should to patients. In return, patients are not adhering and therefore costing the industry billions of dollars each year.

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In this whitepaper, we will examine:

  • Patient support programmes and the positive impact they have on patient adherence
  • What it’s costing you when talking about non-adherence
  • How non-adherence varies across different types of therapies and patients
  • The reasons for poor adherence and the need for patient support
  • Insights from Senior industry figures and academic experts
  • How support services can improve the patient experience and ultimately your bottom line

The paper also includes an exclusive interview with Ian Talmage, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, General Medicine, Bayer Pharmaceuticals:

“If you respect them and understand that they need to get well, and you help them to do that then all the other things follow: positive word of mouth, sales, and appropriate returns that we can invest in further R&D.”

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Paul Simms