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Oncology ReimbursementPayers offer their guidance on the evolving reimbursement landscape for European oncology

As demand rises and budgets constrain across the continent reimbursement for Oncology drugs has become a significant challenge for European pharma. What has become clear is that developing market access on a country-by-country basis is key. We've commissioned this paper to analyse how Germany, UK and Spain have developed as this will prove an effective benchmark for other EU countries to springboard their models from.  

The paper will cover:

  • Why Germany, Spain and the UK are significant
  • Why pharma must present clear and effective value propositions for their compounds to German payers
  • How to adapt your pricing strategies to a turbulent European economy
  • What effects the shift towards value-based pricing in the UK will have on your market access models 
  • The golden rules of payer engagement
  • Why you should approach payers in phase one
  • Quality of life measurement VS increased life expectancy

An extract from the piece:

“It is crucial to begin the process of engaging payers early to understand their requirements. Starting this process after the drug is already in phase III is not recommended as you have missed the optimum opportunity to gain data which will meet payer requirements.”

Paul Simms