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The ACO: a new stakeholder in the landscape

The ACO: a new stakeholder in the landscapeThe Accountable Care Organisation is the most ambiguous of the new entities borne of the Affordable Care Act - however, an understanding of the principles of engagement with this trailblazing new institution is crucial to successful navigation of the US oncology landscape.

We've commissioned this paper in order to give you a clear pathway to successful collaboration with America's biggest and most innovative ACOs.

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Contributing to the paper are:

  • Ira Klein, National Medical Director, Clinical Thought Leadership, Office of the CMO, AETNA
  • Howard Buff, CEO, Orange Health
  • Byran Litton, Senior Director, Oncology Payer and Strategy, Eli Lilly
  • Matt Farber, Director, Provider Economics and Public Policy, Association of Community Cancer Centers
  • John Venetos, M.D. CEO of Independent Physician's ACO of Chicago (IPACO)
  • Mark Hillard, CEO of Arizona Care Network

By downloading the paper, you'll receive expert insights and proven strategies for ACO engagement, covering:

  • How oncology pharma can succeed in the new ACO paradigm
  • Tried-and-tested pathways to intelligent engagement and collaboration with Accountable Care ORganisations
  • How pharma can develop an integrated system and manage quality data for guaranteed outcomes
  • The long term ramifications of aligning payment incentives around the consumer

An extract from the piece:

There are numerous ways in which players in the pharmaceutical industry can assist ACOs in the new paradigm particularly in terms of improving the quality of healthcare…these tactics are not new however.... The most innovative pharmaceutical companies will find ways to help support the delivery of care by providing tools to engage patients and overcome critical obstacles, such as improving compliance

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