The Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role holds much promise. We have put real resources into moving medical affairs from support to strategic, but to fully impact as a change agent, there’s still a lot of work to do.

That said, research shows that MSLs sometimes feel that their role is driven by the requirements of their customers, and can therefore feel a lack of strategic direction. As former academics and physicians in many cases, MSLs are not necessarily equipped with the skills or operational nous, even if they share company ambitions. And with the ever-increasing pressures on HCP interaction time and KOL influence, your team needs to be as sharp as possible. Medical teams can make a genuine impact – so long as you back them.

So, what’s next? 

First – understand what you’re trying to achieve. What is the purpose of the MSL role within your company? How should MSLs then integrate with the wider field force? Second – equip them with the full skillset, knowledge and capabilities required, including the necessary digital-first methods. Third – clarify actions with appropriate oversight and direction, fed back into development and strategy.

From our expert panel you’ll learn:

  • The capabilities and digital skills best suited to enhance MSL interactions, increasing efficiency and engagement
  • Effective metrics for raising MSL performance, promoting strategic change and making operational impact
  • The most common skills and capability gaps - from legal/compliance to soft skills and customer experience management

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Panelists include:
Emma Booth

Emma Booth

Director Medical Capabilities, EU Medical


Andres Stern

Andres Stern

Medical Excellence Director, Region Europe


Eddie Power

Eddie Power

Vice President, North America Medical Affairs, Hospital Business


Paul Simms

Paul Simms