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The European & North American Judging Day: Agenda

The day will consist of each finalist delivering a 10 minute presentation to the panel of judges to convince them that their initiative should win. Below is a list of the presentations you will see.

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European Judging Day

North American Judging Day

Most Valuable Patient Initiative

LivingWithNETS – IPSEN

EINSTEIN Junior – Bayer

HealthBeacon – HealthBeacon

Moski-Toon – Sanofi


Most Valuable Patient Initiative

Changing the course of psoriasis treatment with patients - Janssen

nCompass – Novocure

Seeing the Patient’s Perspective – Regeneron and Intouch Solutions

Global trial Community – Janssen

HemMobile Striiv Wearable - Pfizer

Most Valuable Collaboration

Diagnosing Thrombotic Microangiopathy and atypical HUS – Alexion, QxMD & Swipe Health

MyFeel+ Prostate Cancer Wellness Program - Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Kanga Health, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Lu & European Prostrate Cancer Coalition (Europa Uomo)

Empowering Digital Opinion Leaders to educate Instagram Community - Bayer healthcare, 6 Gynecologists as DOLs, Digidea & Instagram

Initiative for health and vaccination - GSK Bulgaria & the National Health Mediators Network (NHMN)

Care4Today Heart Failure Plaftorm - Janssen / Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions (Janssen). Aylesbury and Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group (ccg), Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (BHT)

Most Valuable Collaboration

Child Neurology Foundation's Respite Care Handbook - GSK and Child Neurology Foundation

HemMobile Striiv Wearable - Pfizer and Striiv

IBS-D Patient Engagement Platform - Allergan, SonarMD and Illinois Gastroenterology Group (IGG)

Making Medicines: The Process of Drug Development eLearning course - Eli Lilly and partners

Hemocraft - Reimagining Patient Education - Pfizer, Drexel University and National Haemophilia Foundation (NHF)

Most Valuable HCP Initiative - Complete Medical Communications

Multiple myelome drug nurse administration treaining to drive positive 1st experience using Virtual Reality - Janssen-Cilag UK

Lilly Alzheimer's Team - Eli Lilly and Company – Navandu Technologies

Perspective – Eisai and Spoonful of Sugar

Most Valuable HCP Initiative

Bayer Oncology Augmented and Virtual Reality Experience - Bayer and PIXACORE

Patient Assessment in COPD (PAC) - Boehringer Ingelheim and CTC Communications

Development of a claims-based algorithm for use in migraine patients to identify potentially undiagnosed chronic migraine patients - Allergan with HealthCare partners

BD Vascular Access Management (VAM) – BD

Interactive ALSFRS-R Digital Detail - Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America and inVentiv Health

Patient Advocate Award

Paula Menezes – ABRAF sponsored by Bayer

Look for Epilepsy – UCB Turkey

Emmanuel Fombu – Novartis

Trishna Bharadia

Helma Dollevoet & Patricia van Rossum - Novartis

Patient Advocate Award

Todd Stephenson – Janssen

Jen Horonjeff – Savvy Cooperative

Sarah Krug – Cancer101

Marc Boutin – National Health Council

Heidi Floyd – Pink Power Mom

Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson

Awards Director

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7375 7223