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Where pharma comes to life


Keynote Sessions

The theme of Barcelona 2020 is ‘Where Pharma Comes to Life’. This phrase implies an evolution from our chemical, product-centric, shareholder-oriented corporations into to a flourishing ecosystem of biological and precision solutions with a comprehensive, digitally-enhanced, outcomes-oriented ecosystem. Truly we are redefining the nature of what a pharma company is.

The 4 key areas:

  • Authentic Leadership: ensure integrity and accuracy in decision-making and portfolio design. Gain healthcare’s trust through medically-driven content, customer innovation and holistic patient solutions
  • New ways to reach commercial goals: turn HCPs into influencers and inspire patient champions. Use content, education, empowerment and open innovation to harness external relationships
  • From drugs to treatments: use cloud platforms, data insights and joint ventures with startups to generate a new suite of digital products, value-added services and cell/gene therapies. Go from druggable & reactive to curable & preventative
  • Digitise evidence: prepare a superior mix of virtual clinical trials and regulatory-grade RWE to gain authorisation, widen access, boost launch and drive patient outcomes

Sven Dethlefs EVP, Global Marketing & Portfolio Teva

Alberto Martinez CEO Mundipharma

Chris Round EVP, Head of International Operations & Global Core Franchises Merck

Kris Sterkens Company Group Chairman, Janssen EMEA Janssen

Jeffrey Wren EVP, Neurology Patient Value Head UCB

Badhri Srinivasan Head, Global Development Operations Novartis

Klaus Dugi EVP, Chief Medical Officer Ferring

Colin Simms EVP, Strategy Kyowa Kirin International

Camilla Harder Hartvig SVP, International Business Alexion

Rossana Alessandrello Coordinator of Innovation & Value Based Procurement AQuAS

Jassi Chadha CEO Axtria

David Meek CEO Ipsen

Bertrand Bodson Chief Digital Officer, Member of the Executive Board Novartis


Let the health entrepreneurs show you how

  • See what the most innovative health start-ups are doing to create value for patients and healthcare – then be the judge to crown the winner!
  • The following companies will deliver an elevator pitch during the plenary sessions, with the winner crowned on Day 3 Keynote Stage

Accomplish cultural transformation


Case Study: How to initiate an effective turnaround plan that cascades through your business

  • Identify the obstacles you face when changing your core business model and how to overcome them
  • See the process Allergopharma used to identify the best of commercial pharma which it wanted to adopt – and the areas that were avoided

Philipp Maerz CEO Allergopharma


Create a holistic customer experience: break down silos to harness the combined power of commercial capabilities and medical authenticity

  • See the whole customer journey by aligning commercial and medical teams under one overarching engagement strategy, across all field and digital initiatives
  • Why education principles and disease led strategy are crucial to successful collaboration
  • Redefine “a good customer relationship” by leveraging combined insights and capabilities without tarnishing the valued authenticity of an independent medical affairs

Heather Moses Global Marketing Leader & Head of Medical Affairs Roche

Gareth Worthington Director, Global Scientific Content, Oncology Team Lead MSD


What culture and capability changes are required to accelerate digital adoption throughout your organisation

  • Encourage greater digital implementation amongst laggard teams by using metrics and KPIs that more tangibly demonstrate long-term impact
  • Create a global strategy that evolves to meet local affiliate constraints and specific customer requirements, whilst reducing duplication of effort

Florent Edouard SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence & Customer Engagement Grünenthal

Abel Archundia SVP, Global Head of IT & Digital Transformation Bayer


Google’s challenge to pharma: a patient-centric approach to insights and data

  • Use insights garnered around your consumer as the central pillar of your patient-centric approach
  • Create a better understanding of the health-tech ecosystem to satisfy your marketing needs

Stefani Klaskow Head of Industry, Healthcare Google

Beyond traditional marketing


Case Study: Almirall’s Digital Garden that partners with start-ups to innovate together

  • Provide start-ups with the nutrients they need to grow into the next digital disruptor
  • Co-create cutting edge digital solutions when you provide pioneering start-ups leveraging pharma expertise
  • Learn how you can streamline your own operations through symbiotic sharing of information and processes

Francesca Wuttke Chief Digital Officer Almirall


Case Study: Beyond the medicine: Co-creating solutions that meet real world patient and HCP needs

  • Explore 3 projects from Roche Innovation Lab and hear about the journey behind each project from first interaction to final solutions
  • Understand how each solution delivers value to the users by getting insights in user feedback and Roche’s learnings

Jonas Kierkegaard Head of Innovation Lab Roche


Empower commercial decision-making: Bring data from every interaction together

  • Define your digital investment strategy by creating a continuous feedback loop of engagement activity
  • Give reps and marketing strategists the advantage with a backbone infrastructure that links together separate systems, spreading of insights and data throughout the business

Renaud Sermondade VP, Global Head of Insights and Analytics Sanofi


Case Study: Why disease strategy trumps brand strategy

  • See the enormous patient outcome and reputational benefits of focusing on improving therapeutic area care alongside drug provision
  • Explore the long-term business case for forgetting about the brand


Create a social strategy that delivers across all age populations

  • Across demographics HCPs and patients are changing how they are connecting and self-educating
  • Understand your audience to create connections
  • See how a mixed social influencer strategy with advocacy partnerships helps to scale outreach


Closed-loop marketing: An integrated channel approach for consistent success

  • Ensure marketing, IT and external alignment to make sure capabilities are there to back-up marketing innovations
  • Make informed channel and content selection decisions by creating a backbone infrastructure that allows data flow across the company

Andreas Dach Digital & Multi-Channel Lead Eli Lilly

Deliver personalised CX


Deliver a personalised customer experience through marketing automation

  • Use marketing automation to create memorable customer journeys through the most relevant channels
  • Further improve CX by gathering and analysing data seamlessly through an integrated platform

Christian Scheuer VP, Global Commercial Affairs & Excellence LEO Pharma


Case Study: Why disease strategy trumps brand strategy

  • See the enormous patient outcome and reputational benefits of focusing on improving therapeutic area care alongside drug provision
  • Explore the long-term business case for forgetting about the brand


Case Study: Walk in your customer’s shoes: understand every step of the customer journey to provide personalised CX

  • Build a complete picture of your customer by tracking all interactions, not just those with your own brands
  • Focus on the motives of your physicians’ actions to ensure you provide the service they need most effectively

Steve Skyrme Global Lead, Customer Experience, Oncology Pfizer


Case Study: Effectively mix content using AI

  • Understand why and how GSK have invested in AI and Machine Learning
  • Glimpse the future of pharma where AI is central to every operation

Denise Dewar Digital Hub Director, Europe GSK


Case Study: Adopt human-centered design. Achieve optimal customer experience.

  • Understand how a “human-first” cultural ethos was implemented, and practicalities of maintaining this whilst scaling up
  • Achieve sky high retention rates with an online CX combining behavioural science, with digital and traditional support methods
  • Digital isn't always right: Examples of how this approach led to a variety of patient and HCP solutions driven by customer understanding, not technological availability


Enhance the capabilities of your customer facing team using AI insights

  • Design a comprehensive ‘customer persona’ profile to fully understand and meet individual customer need
  • Perfect your omnichannel strategy with quality insights generated through cutting edge AI

Stefano Zagnoni Head of Digital & Innovation Janssen


Differentiate your product with value-added services through user-centric design

  • Learn how to drive adoption by differentiating your value-added programs in an often-saturated environment
  • Design fit-for-purpose services and ensure sustained use by engaging in co-creation with HCPs and/or patients throughout service development

The multichannel fieldforce


Create an adaptive field force to meet customer expectations in the digital world

  • Find balance between virtual engagements and infield activity to ensure relationship building remains personal
  • Optimise rep engagement by ensuring the value of digital capabilities is clearly demonstrated, fostering greater transformation
  • Define the evolving role of the rep in the era of increased medical engagement, whilst increasing collaboration to create a seamless customer experience

Pieter De Muynck Global Marketing Leader - Global Commercial Strategy Organization Janssen

Rodney Smith VP, Head of Medical Affairs Europe Daiichi Sankyo


Commercial & sales interactive roundtable discussions

  • Data driven commercial decision making
  • The customer-centric field force
  • Disease strategy over brand strategy
  • Successful execution of global strategy on the local level
  • Measuring customer experience and value provision
  • Aligning medical and commercial aims and methods


Digital & marketing interactive roundtable discussions

  • Product differentiation through value-added services
  • Expand and integrate your channels to better connect with HCPs
  • Prove the value of digital and change your internal culture
  • Closed loop marketing of the future
  • Use big data to personalize customer experience

Berfu Tavelli Digital Initiatives Manager Sanofi

Nuno Rodrigues Digital & Multichannel Manager Roche

Organisational empowerment


Get your organisation on the same page

  • Success starts at home – how to put in place strong internal networks that make external operations seamless
  • Why you need to determine what patient centricity is to your organisation and make sure that culture and strategy is being infused across all functions

Edward Trott Chief Patient Officer Ferring


Make patient engagement your new normal

  • Consistently be meeting best practice guidelines for systematic, meaningful patient engagement
  • Stay ahead of the game: Demand engagement to keep your competitive advantage as regulators signal a shift to making it expected
  • The Legal & Compensation Conundrum: How to derive fair market value for your patient network and set reasonable legal agreements to keep them coming back and contributing

Nicholas Brooke Executive Director Patient Focused Medicine Development


Panel: No trust, no data? No pharma. Create a patient data research opportunity through education and collaboration #DataSavesLives

  • Case Study: How the new #DataSavesLives EPF initiative is improving patient perspectives on data use by providing complex information in an understandable and accessible way
  • Understand the importance of trust in improving data sharing attitudes as patient ownership increases

Nicola Bedlington Special Advisor European Patients Forum

Propel patient-led deisgn


Know your audience: develop tools that patients can understand

  • Drastically improve your educational tools by engaging the right patients to establish where their knowledge gaps are and how to fill them
  • The simpler, the better: ease HCPs' workload by developing materials that make delivery seamless and help patients articulate their needs

Christina Claussen Director, Alliance Management & Patient Relations Pfizer

Eva Schumacher-Wulf Patient Advocate & Editor-In-Chief Mamma Mia! Magazine


Challenge the ‘old pharma’ mindset with evidence-based outcomes

  • Empower the patients voice in-house and convince all functions of its value by developing measurable insights
  • Break down silos to swiftly incorporate the patient’s perspective when developing new services

Geoff Rollason Patient Experience & Service Director - Oncology Pfizer


If you think you’re patient-centric, you’re probably only halfway there

  • Case Study: How Novo Nordisk developed next generation support programmes by engaging their patient partners to identify and then solve critical unmet needs for those with diabetes
  • Learn from your mistakes: An honest assessment of how to identify flaws in your frameworks when approaching patient support in different socio-economic, cultural and healthcare systems

Jenna Copeland Kristensen Global Director, Patient Support Programmes Novo Nordisk

Insight driven patient-centricity


Case Study: Syntropy – safeguard data ownership and foster cancer-care and research through an advanced analytics platform

  • Build a network of researchers and organisations to drive scientific discovery and enable better care for patients
  • Waiting for more details on case study

Steven Hildemann SVP, Chief Bio-Ethics & Employee Health Merck


Not just lip service but real results

  • Examine why AstraZeneca created a strategy for growth by connecting innovation to patient centricity
  • Case Study: Discover-NOW; how this new collaborative innovation-hub will gather real world evidence to better monitor and manage patients with Type-2 Diabetes

Adam Higgins Senior Director, Digital Health, Patient & Value Solutions AstraZeneca


Case Study: achieve commercial excellence with a patient-centric framework to pioneer patient access

  • Streamline your commercial strategy by holistically assessing and addressing unmet customer needs
  • Boost efficiency with Sandoz’s framework introducing integrated marketing and sales agenda

Alexey Cherchago Head of Sales Excellence Europe Novartis


Payers and patients: Raise the engagement bar for a smooth approval process

  • As payers shift from efficacy to PROs and beyond, see why defining what is important to patients is becoming essential for access
  • Experience is just as important as the outcomes; exploring how to engage with the right patients in the right way to ensure you are capturing the relevant insights
  • Why having a pro-active and constructive dialogue with patients, regulators and payers is key to securing access

Daniel Jackson Head of Access Operations - Europe UCB

Collaboration Evolution


The future is collaborative: How open innovation can enable patient-centric research

  • Understand how trust, mutual benefits and transparency can truly change the collaboration model
  • Explore how to engage a network of scientifically minded patients who can drive a new era of open innovation in R&D
  • Deliver patient relevant solutions by bridging the language gap between insights and research activities

Niclas Nilsson Head of R&D Open Innovation LEO Pharma


Partner up: Lessons for long-term collaboration

  • Move past the money; why you need to shift away from a purely transactional relationship if you want to create a true collaboration
  • How to align expectations from the outset to prevent likelihood of problems
  • Trust, transparency and respect – buzzwords or the foundation to better relationships with patients

Andy Powrie-Smith Executive Director, Communications & Partnerships EFPIA


Panel: We all have a shared interest; better healthcare for patients

  • From small through to global organisations; discover what is best practice for engaging patient groups with various capabilities
  • You’re on the frontline, so lead from the front; why those in patient-centric roles must be the patients champion internally
  • The future is now: Understand how to pave the way for a new era of collaboration

Paul Robinson European Lead, Patient Innovation MSD

Olive Fulton Patient & Public Involvement Lead Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research


Patient engagement interactive roundtable discussions

  • Empowering patients
  • Co-creation & patient-led design
  • Increasing adherence
  • Best practice engagement
  • Humanising healthcare

Mary Lynne Van Poelgeest-Pomfret President World Federation for Incontinent Patients - WFIP

Jacob Holst Andersen Head of Public Affairs & Patient Relations AbbVie

Teresa Ferreiro Patient Advocate

Frank Hennemann Patient Advocate

Petra Verdaasdonk Patient Advocate

Ramona Kanters Patient Advocate Open

Christa Overtoom Patient & Family Therapist

Carol Munt Patient Partner & Advocate

Diversification, leadership and authenticity: Medical affairs beyond 2020


Driving value – the evolving strategic role of Medical Affairs

  • Connect science, clinical outcomes and patient value to build a future-fit Medical Affairs function
  • Build a positive reputation and drive scientific exchange with an ever-expanding external stakeholder community
  • Identify, optimize and integrate external insights to inform medical/corporate strategy and enhance value delivery
  • Deliver strategic impact for the C-Suite as a business savvy and agile partner

Charlotte Kremer EVP, Head of Medical Affairs Astellas


Future-proof medical affairs: How to evolve into an agile, customer-driven function

  • Medical Governance frameworks to structure around the customer, internal and external, to co-create and present value
  • Excel in an algorithm and data driven healthcare decision-making system

Michael Zaiac Head of Medical Affairs, Oncology, Europe Novartis


Empower your medical field force and fulfil stakeholder need

  • Don’t limit your MSLs to HCPs: define their new role on the frontline of pharma’s field force expanding across patient groups and market access authorities
  • MSLs aren’t superhuman: help them realise their full potential with a clear overall field-team strategy, whilst building capabilities in key business operational and soft skills
  • Ensure MSLs are not tongue-tied with a defined company compliance and medical governance framework

Emma Booth Director, Head of Medical Strategy and Operations Amgen


Panel: Conduct your evidence symphony - a new paradigm to align cross-company evidence generation around outcomes

  • Better identify study gaps and requirements with Medical becoming the transceiver of scientific information across RWE studies and clinical trials
  • Why every company should centralise company evidence generation strategy to be led by Medical Affairs

Niko Andre Head of Global Medical Affairs Roche

Klaus Dugi EVP, Chief Medical Officer Ferring

Michael Seewald VP, Global Head, Real World Evidence Novartis

Pol Vandenbroucke SVP, Chief Medical Officer, Hospital Business Unit Pfizer


Achieve 360° measurement into the patient and physician impact of medical activities

  • Cost effective ways to measure and understand customer behaviour change
  • Adopt non-traditional metrics that more accurately represent medical’s unquantifiable and non-commercial value


Medical affairs leadership roundtable discussions

  • Structure Medical Affairs to facilitate growing role diversification and leadership position
  • Increasing physician trust in RWE
  • Medical Governance frameworks to ensure medical and marketing compliance as collaboration increases
  • Enhance HCP engagement with digital implementation into Medical engagement strategy

Drive medical authenticity with digital


Enlighten medical decision-making with an integrated insights system

  • How to ensure real time insight is at the heart of your strategic decisions
  • Locate the insight source and turn insights into action for short and long term value to the business, HCP and patient
  • Ensure systems are purpose led, not technology – choosing the right system your needs

Victoria Ho Director, MSL Excellence EU/RoW Jazz Pharmacauticals


Multi-case study session: Drive medical excellence with novel digital application

  • Maximise limited physician interaction time with data informed field force decision-making and content generation
  • Create new key stakeholder engagement opportunities with a focus on push over pull, using new technologies to catalyse HCP interactions across the customer journey
  • Provide medical education through virtual channels to increase efficiencies and reduce customer burden

Steffen Achenbach Head of Digital Innovation, Europe Novartis

Mark Johnson Director of Digital Engagements, Medical GSK

The real-world data jigsaw: Let’s put the pieces together


Real-world data as the trust catalyst for partnerships between pharma and healthcare systems

  • How RWD has played a critical role in establishing trusted partnerships
  • How to achieve better patient outcomes through RWE driven collaborations
  • Why RWD is the key to a performance based system, driven by real-time real-world insights

Michael Seewald VP, Global Head, Real World Evidence Novartis


Case Study: Bridging the divide between US and EU common data models

  • How the CPRD are translating UK patient records into the FDAs Sentinel Programme and IMI EHDEN’s common data models to extend pharmacovigilance across continents

Janet Valentine Director of the CPRD CPRD


Case study: Aligning regulatory and HTA decision-making around RWE assessment - CAT Initiative

Tarry Ahuja RWE Lead & Manager, Policy & Product Development Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technology in Health


HARMONY: Enhancing patient care and R&D decision-making through integration of pan EU haematological data

  • How the IMI HARMONY Consortium overcame data anonymisation, harmonisation and privacy challenges to integrate clinical, genomic and registry data into a single Big Data Platform
  • The reality and future promise of Big Data approaches to unanswered medical questions
  • Future expansion through greater RWD integration to enable synthetic control armed trials, expanded patient representation and hypothesis generation to support new study design

Pam Bacon Executive Director, Global Medical Affairs Celgene


Panel: Amplify research opportunities with integrated RWD systems – learning from IMI’s BD4BO

  • How IMI’s EHDEN project is progressing in building a federated data networking across Europe using a common model, with key achievements and objectives
  • How the PIONEER initiative is creating a standardised data platform for prostate cancer, combining clinical and RWD sources, to enable greater therapeutic area research capabilities
  • Why standardisation is key in a world of linkage and AI/ML capabilities, and how these different approaches work in unison
  • Ensure data availability - approaches to increasing data holder’s willingness to share centralised data

Nigel Hughes Scientific Director Janssen


The data privacy and sovereignty focus group

  • How to access and combine new datasets, encourage data sharing and cloud adoption whilst ensuring patient privacy remains priority
  • Reaching a common ground on GDPR interpretation – including the latest EU commission guidance and framework on data sharing
  • Discuss concepts like “Fair Trade Data” driving greater public ownership and control over their own data assets

Aida Ponce Privacy Officer & Senior Researcher ETUI

Richard Stephens Patient Advocate NCRI

The RWE Regulatory Revolution


Expand your RWE horizon: The regulatory precedent for RWE submission

  • Overview of the latest guidance and legislation such as the FDA’s RWE Framework, EMA’s recent Regulatory Science to 2025 and the MHRA’s Early Access to Medicines Scheme - plus notable global perspectives
  • The core principles behind making RWD usable in regulatory submission

Giuseppe Rosano Member CVWP EMA


Case study: Achieve RWE-only regulatory label expansion

  • Why an RWE-only submission strategy meant lower costs and overall faster approval process in comparison to the traditional study process
  • Agree on study design and methodology with early regulatory engagement
  • How to ensure regulatory-standard RWD - the steps taken to ensure data sources were appropriate and of high quality, ensuring credibility

Chris Boone VP, Global Medical Epidemiology & Big Data Analysis Pfizer


How to win friends and influence trial design

  • Use of RWE to enhance clinical development, from clinical trial design to determining additional evidence needs
  • Successful (and unsuccessful) examples of using RWE to influence early decision making and some practical examples of how to overcome these challenges
  • The next steps pre-launch RWE application – creating more efficient trials, accelerating the time to decision making and augmenting clinical trials with RWE

Michael Lees Head of RWE & Clinical Innovation Hub, Global Product Value & Access Takeda


Panel: Generate RWE pre-approval to expand access and better inform pricing negotiations

  • Better inform dossier submissions with new forms of evidence, such as comparative efficacy and cost to hospital, not traditionally part of RCT’s scope with concurrent RWE studies
  • Gain internal buy-in by working with regulators to inform evidence collection and use strategy
  • Discuss next steps toward a new development paradigm with normalised RWE generation inclusion and reduced RCT reliance

Anjan Chatterjee VP, Real World Evidence - COE, Epidemiology and Big Data Boehringer Ingelheim

Sam Hariry Head of Clinical Strategy & Operations Novartis

Chris Boone VP, Global Medical Epidemiology & Big Data Analysis Pfizer

Pall Jonsson Associate Director, Science Policy and Research NICE

Viva la market access revolution – systematic change in Europe


The affordability vs productivity conundrum

Jorg Mahlich Head of HEOR Janssen


Foresight into Trump’s unknown: Impact of the US drug pricing crisis in Europe

  • Assessment of pricing implications for the European market access system
  • Update on new, proposed and predicted legislative changes


Panel: HTA alignment – making European market access efficient

  • See the stakeholder engagement process behind the first successful joint HTA appraisals and price negotiations
  • Discuss how to reduce duplication of effort and ensure joint international assessment will translate into patient access on a local level
  • Understand what Common European Assessment models are proposed and how you can engage with their development

Anna Papin di Pompeo President Government Affairs - Europe Merck Group


Market access interactive roundtable sessions

  • Smart ways to evaluate the reimbursement of early stage products – beyond payer dialogue
  • Affordability and developing economies
  • Early engagement with payers: the positives and negatives
  • The increased role of market access in engaging/advocating with patients
  • Innovative pricing solutions: key challenges
  • Ensure payer considerate pipelines - implement market access priorities into early R&D

Raquel Riol Head of Market Access, AMESA Region Sanofi

Lara Pippo Head Market Access, Italy CSL Behring

Adam Kundzewicz Head of Strategic Market Access Initiatives Boehringer Ingelheim

Maximise your data assets – find new insights and create more credible evidence


Rejuvinate your data - use deep learning to improve data asset ROI

  • Find actionable insights to inform research decision-making by using machine/deep learning to rediscover your existing datasets
  • Avoid bias in your algorithms – the need for optimal source data and methodologies


Case Study: Novartis’ AE Brain - AI that predicts adverse events and product complaints from your digital channels

  • Use AI to identify potential safety cases and product technical complaints across your complete digital channel spectrum, including chatbots, CRM notes, social media, apps and email. And its GxP too
  • Scale Xperience: A novel solution to scaling in a global enterprise solving compliance barriers, organisational silos, avoiding AI bias, adoption hurdles and sustainable funding

Abhimanyu Verma Lead, Applied Technology Innovation Novartis

Innovative evidence for innovative access


Creative partnership to bolster post-marketing studies with non-traditional data sources

  • How to work with health systems to cut down manual data input and study resource requirements to allow access to new sources/forms of data such as GP records
  • Combine new data with existing datasets to reconfirm existing evidence Create robust evidence for orphan and rare disease treatments


Use patient-centered evidence to influence market access decision-making

  • Influence HTA and payer decision making by translating qualitative PRO evidence into more traditional value formats
  • Understand how to review QOL, carer and patient feedback, and other patient focused endpoints
  • Explore recent developments in patient engagement framework and PRO submission guidelines when working with the FDA

Stefan Holmstrom Global Head, PRO Excellence & HTA Strategy Astellas


Patients at the heart of cost-effectiveness analysis: NICE policies on measuring quality of life

  • Understand NICE’s policy on measuring and valuing QoL using EQ-5D-5L and what this means for your evidence package requirements
  • Insight into NICE’s support for research in emerging areas such as broader measures of quality of life (‘extending the QALY’) and measuring and valuing quality of life in children

Rosie Lovett Senior Scientifc Advisor NICE

Innovative pricing solutions showcase


Case study: Next generation HTA: How HTx is implementing new assessment methods that support personalised treatment

  • Understand new methodologies that deliver customised information on drug effectiveness to match the complexities of new personalised treatments (e.g. CAR-T)
  • How the H2020 project HTx is fostering greater adoption of new methodologies through alignment of regulators, HTAs, payers, clinicians and industry around the same standards
  • See how RWD can be combined with RCT to demonstrate real-life drug effectiveness

Wim Goettsch Special Advisor HTA; Affiliate Associate Professor International Collaboration in HTA, Universiteit Utrecht ZINL


Panel: Reform or Revolution? Achieve affordable pricing for curative and predictive medicines

  • Learn how existing CAR-T and gene therapy agreements use RWE to demonstrate the long-term value of their treatments, whilst overcoming data quality deficiencies and methodology challenges
  • Discuss how to engage early with authorities to find flexible performance schemes that share risk fairly between both parties
  • Explore proposals on how to measure the long-term healthcare impact of preventive and curative treatments to satisfy HTA assessment

Alexander Natz Secretary General EUCOPE

Martin Price VP, Health Economics, Market Access and Reimbursement, EMEA Janssen

Tamir Singer Head of Commercial Access & Value, Commercial Medicines Directorate NHS England

Wim Goettsch Special Advisor HTA; Affiliate Associate Professor International Collaboration in HTA, Universiteit Utrecht ZINL

The innovation stage


Where is tech innovation bringing real value in healthcare – and how are pharma companies keeping pace?

  • In which areas are new tech advances driving innovation in healthcare? How do pharma companies need to adapt to stay relevant?
  • Discover how strong data analysis is now seen as a core competency and where it can reveal unseen insights to add significant business value
  • Learn how integrating AI, blockchain, VR/AR and other emerging technologies is accelerating productivity and efficiencies across the industry
  • Understand how working with startups can accelerate digital innovation and foster new ways of working for better overall outcomes

Michelle Shogren Director of Innovation - Pharma R&D Clinical Operations Bayer

Ali Abusnina Senior Data Scientist Boehringer Ingelheim BI X Digital Lab


Using AI and blockchain to advance drug discovery & development

  • Find out why combining AI and blockchain can massively shorten times and increase effectiveness in the drug development process
  • Hear why the most valuable data for drug discovery is often hidden in silos or unpublished research and how using the blockchain can counteract this
  • Discover why researchers currently have incentives to hide their work rather than collaborate and how a new paradigm is needed to incentivise all the players in the drug development ecosystem

Gunjan Bhardwaj Founder & CEO Innoplexus


Linking AI with advanced validated digital biomarkers to improve patient outcomes

  • Understand how the development of advanced digital biomarkers enables better measurement, monitoring and management of diseases
  • Discover how enhanced data science techniques are helping to HCPs deliver highly personalized healthcare
  • Learn about the key roles AI and machine learning play in discovering and interpreting complex patterns in enormous data sets to create digital biomarkers

Bert Seegers Chief Business Officer Orikami


Making healthcare provision more intelligent and personal. Is AI the answer?

  • Find out how AI is helping health care providers access vast data sets of potentially life-saving information
  • Hear best practice on what data can be gathered across millions of patient records across multiple geographical locations, and innumerable and sometimes interconnected health conditions
  • See how AI can help detect and analyze large and small trends from the data and make predictions through machine learning that are designed to identify potential health outcomes
  • What’s next? Where does the technology currently fall short and what new insights will we be able to get as the it advances still further


How blockchain technology could reinvent the pharmaceutical supply chain

  • Hear the latest on the Innovative Medicines Initiative Programme “Blockchain Enabled Healthcare”, a consortium approach to establish the use of blockchain in the healthcare industry
  • Find out why Novartis see blockchain technologies having the potential to hugely improve third party risk management
  • Learn how agreed and standardised digital identifiers can reduce admin and streamline processes across the entire supply chain
  • Discover where else blockchain is starting to make a real impact on workflows in drug and treatment lifecycles

Marco Cuomo Manager, Applied Technology Innovation Novartis

Daniel Fritz Domain Architect Supply Chain & External Supply Novartis


XR & digital health – the next frontier

  • Get a high-level overview of the technologies and hardware out there now… and what’s coming next
  • Hear about current capabilities and near-term evolution of XR across enterprise
  • Explore some use cases & initiatives in operation across the pharma & healthcare including in R&D, behavioural health, training & education, remote collaboration, patient care and more
  • Learn about XR integration with other tech i.e. Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Eye Tracking and what this means for the adoption of the technologies

Amy Peck Founder & CEO EndeavorVR


How virtual reality is impacting the treatment of mental health

  • Understand the very real power of virtual reality (VR) to help treat a whole range of mental health conditions
  • Discover how it's already supporting the treatment of depression, phobias and other anxiety disorders
  • Find out how both therapists and patients can benefit from using VR to better choose effective treatment pathways
  • Hear how VR is being best used as a companion treatment alongside traditional medicines and the results clinicians are seeing

Xavier Palomer CEO Psious


Why advances in immunotherapy is heralding an age of truly personalised cancer treatment

  • Get insight on how new developments in targeted cell therapy have the potential to transform cancer treatment
  • Where are the primary risks? And what’s being done to minimize these and drive improved outcomes?
  • Where are we seeing the biggest breakthroughs – which cancer types, which patient types?


Inside out innovation: How Ferring is creating the next generation of business models and solutions by pioneering with an eco-system of innovative start-ups & tech players

  • Understand how your company can leapfrog into disruptive business models
  • To succeed, you must first fail: grasp how commercial innovation and positive failure are intrinsically linked
  • Explore how to structure the organisation to develop commercial agility

Haider Alleg Global Head of Digital Excellence Ferring

A new confidence in clinical innovation


Clinical Keynote: Patient-centric trials must be digital trials

  • Use technology to create patient-preferred trials – the trials patients would choose if they could. Integrate new processes to modernize the delivery of development
  • Raise ambitions with more personalized endpoints, align goals with patient advocates and deliver an improved Standard of Care
  • How to devise a shared mission to solve unmet need from the outset, with the FDA and EMA


Clinical Keynote: A digital business model: how clinical and real world data can generate new product types

  • Make data a real asset: see how Sanofi intends to use new data insights that develop top-line revenue in the form of new products
  • Harness endpoints previously not in existence through novel data collection, analytics and methods
  • Achieve ambitions through partnership with major tech companies – without ceding total control


Panel: A moonshot trial with payers, providers and regulators

  • Pharma companies often cite the requirements of payers, providers and regulators as the reason for rigidity in trial design. Does that excuse still wash?
  • What could a co-created public-private partnership generate in terms of trial design?
  • Examine what’s required to build out a trial infrastructure/regulatory framework in a region that would enable digital trials to be done at scale

Go big or go home: prioritize scalability


Move from local pilot to worldwide trial

  • Examine methods for evaluating pilots and determine resources for scaling
  • Get awesome technology into remote locations: what you need in terms of global support infrastructure to drive a high adoption rate


Your role in encouraging a harmonized regulatory framework

  • Support the FDA, EMA and others in determining the right evidence framework to ease global standards
  • Forge a pro-active internal partnership with regulatory affairs to enable the smartest, compliant global roll-out
  • Harness the voice of the patient-consumer worldwide to provide authentic, auditable understanding of unmet need

Shiny new tools: wearables, implantables and software for real-time insight


Natural Born Collectors – build a cohort of always-on digital health natives

  • Fuse trust and technology as the essential ingredients in more efficient patient recruitment
  • Best practice guidelines in working with hardware and software developers for a new generation of tailored patient apps and devices with real-time data output


Panel: Towards medical-grade device ubiquity

  • Understand how development of Apple’s ResearchKit and Verily’s Baseline will upend your R&D model in the next five years
  • Make wearables work through improving both quality and quantity of data– and broaden your evidence universe by an order of magnitude

Data, defragmented


Leverage AI and data harmonization to for smarter protocol designs

  • Look ahead of design elements which outline the best chance of success by building studies and sites around data when and as needed


Don’t let data lakes become data swamps: how to successfully combine clinical data with genomics, RWE, ePROs and more

  • Mine more comprehensive datasets to reach endpoints that were previously unmeasurable, and gain new utility from surplus data
  • Use protocol simulations to forecast trial performance and enable better site/candidate selection


Give AI a chance! New insight from pooled datasets

  • Gain confidence in digital epidemiology and analytics through smarter, integrated use of data
  • Combine clinical operations, scientists and IT teams to create a new ‘cross-functional language’ and generate insights from algorithms
  • Go from a typical 10% to an 80% utilization of data collected – use deep ML to gain insights from the vast amount of untapped data collected in trials


Remove barriers to patient participation by solving the privacy challenge

  • Develop privacy solutions so that data collection methods become burdenless and frictionless
  • CaaS (Consent as a service): champion privacy and take a more nuanced approach to consent in order to work on the same side as the patient

Clinical leadership, organisational reform and new trial models


Use your C-suite to help middle management adapt to digital trials

  • Learn how the most successful CMOs and R&D Heads are driving bold reforms within clinical operations
  • Give innovation leads full ownership for the initial iterations of value demonstration project, and perform iterations to scale up to portfolio level and bring business leaders alongside


Make clinical agile

  • Determine which aspects of agile development, scrums and squads can transition successfully to faster clinical trial design and execution
  • Understand the creation of a clinical MVP and how learning metrics can be used to create step improvements in product design

The whole world’s a trial


Fight for better outcomes by crowdsourcing advocacy

  • Make patients aware that you’re pursuing a better potential Standard of Care
  • Find KOLs and patient influencers who can influence the acceptance and reimbursement of new, more ambitious endpoints
  • Recruit reputable sources to increase expectations within the community, and enable them to raise consciousness


The Digitome: a comprehensive digital representation of human health

  • From sickcare to healthcare: translation of the trial into a personalized and accurate way to measure any deviation from homeostasis
  • Develop an always-on platform that unifies mobile and additional datasets (including EHRs and claims data) to gain a holistic picture without creating a formal trial


Work with closed-loop health systems to cross RWE with clinical data

  • Hear from Kaiser Permanente, the NHS and other single-payer systems to follow patients longitudinally post-trial and understand comparative effectiveness