The world’s largest commercial pharma conference

Providing life-saving inspiration in 2020

Being a pharmaceutical leader was once all about what you could sell. Marshalling your troops like a grand army, ready to fight for your share of voice. Today, we need a new kind of leadership – one that is authentic, all about data-driven decision-making, regulatory-grade real-world evidence, value-based access and empowering medical on the front line.

To affect this change, 2000+ pharma-decision makers (from across Commercial, Sales, Marketing/Digital, IT, Medical, Patient Engagement, Market Access, RWE and Clinical) will join healthcare innovators on their yearly journey to the 18th eyeforpharma Barcelona Conference.

eyeforpharma Barcelona is where we redefine what the pharma industry can do.

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World-class speaker faculty includes:

David Meek - Headshot
Ipsen - Logo

David Meek CEO Ipsen

Bertrand Bodson - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Bertrand Bodson Chief Digital Officer, Member of the Executive Board Novartis

Alberto Martinez - Headshot
Mundipharma - Logo

Alberto Martinez CEO Mundipharma

Charlotte Kremer - Headshot
Astellas - Logo

Charlotte Kremer EVP, Head of Medical Affairs Astellas

Edward Trott - Headshot
Ferring  - Logo

Edward Trott Chief Patient Officer Ferring

Kris Sterkens - Headshot
Janssen  - Logo

Kris Sterkens Company Group Chairman, Janssen EMEA Janssen

Stefani Klaskow - Headshot
Google - Logo

Stefani Klaskow Head of Industry, Healthcare Google

Chris Round - Headshot
Merck - Logo

Chris Round EVP, Head of International Operations & Global Core Franchises Merck

Jeffrey Wren - Headshot
UCB - Logo

Jeffrey Wren EVP, Neurology Patient Value Head UCB

Kristian Hart-Hansen - Headshot
LEO Innovation Lab - Logo

Kristian Hart-Hansen CEO LEO Innovation Lab

Sven Dethlefs - Headshot
Teva - Logo

Sven Dethlefs EVP, Global Marketing & Portfolio Teva

Camilla Harder Hartvig - Headshot
Alexion - Logo

Camilla Harder Hartvig SVP, International Business Alexion

4 essential themes for 2020

Authentic Leadership: Ensure integrity and accuracy in decision-making and portfolio design. Gain healthcare’s trust through medically-driven content, customer innovation and holistic patient solutions

Hit Commercial Goals: Turn HCPs into influencers and inspire patient champions. Use content, education, empowerment and open innovation to harness external relationships

From Drugs to Treatments: Use cloud platforms, data insights and JVs with start-ups to generate a new suite of digital products, value-added services and cell & gene therapies. Go from druggable & reactive to curable & preventative

Digitise Evidence: Prepare a superior mix of virtual clinical trials and regulatory-grade RWE to gain authorisation, widen access, boost launch and drive patient outcomes

Delivered through 9 business-critical tracks

Commercial & Sales A new commercial model is needed for the value age – one that empowers and addresses payers, providers and patients as well as physicians.

Learn more about this track

Digital & Marketing Harness the full scope of digital solutions for more effective customer interactions and enable data insights for better decisions.

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RWE & Big Data Become the catalyst of trust and quality with smarter use of RWE. Data can speed development, widen access and boost patient outcomes.

Learn more about this track

Market Access Find out how to create harmony across market access to achieve new levels of sophistication

Learn more about this track

Medical Affairs Bring quality, authenticity and evidence to every outcome, starting with more open, data-driven scientific dialogue with HCPs and KOLs.

Learn more about this track

Patient Engagement Let’s move from words to actions – by working on the ‘same side’ as patients and partners to build long-lasting, meaningful services.

Learn more about this track

Digital Clinical Trials It’s time for a new type of trial: democratized, patient-preferred, siteless and virtual.

Learn more about this track

Digital Therapeutics Harness the full scope of digital solutions for more effective customer interactions and enable data insights for better decisions.

Learn more about this track

The Innovation Stage Get yourself out of your comfort zone to explore the new frontiers of medicine, from the digitome to advanced genomics via blockchain, AI and more.

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Group Passes: a smarter way Companies bringing 20 or greater attendees now benefit from a full-suite service including your own meeting room and a personalised agenda.

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Key features at Barca 2020

9 dedicated conference streams

Barcelona is huge – 2000+ people in total. Yet it’s also intimate, tailored just for you. You’ll spend most of the conference in one of 9 tracks with sessions that hit all your buttons.

All stakeholders. All functions. 1 place.

The most cross-functional pharma event in the world – executives from marketing, commercial, sales, market access, medical affairs, patient engagement, RWE, IT, clinical and more.

More than just conference sessions

Sometimes, the best ideas don’t come from the stage. They come from those chance happenings when you joined a roundtable or went to a networking evening.

The start-up health challenge returns

Our hand-selected health entrepreneurs take to the stage for a grand elevator pitch battle. Who is the most inspirational? You choose the winner!

Networking is key

Network with over 2000 attendees in 15+ hour dedicated networking time, networking events and interactive sessions (plus find the right people with using the dedicated meeting service/app)

The most senior pharma event in Europe

You won’t find a better place to meet your peers since over 69% of the pharma attendees are director-level or above.

eyeforpharma Barcelona is regarded in Janssen as a critical, must-attend. EVERY YEAR

Kris Sterkens, Company Group Chairman, EMEA

Janssen Logo Kris Sterkens Headshot

An Action-Packed Timetable

Attended by pharma and health innovators from:

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You won’t find your next big idea at home. Make the most of the networking with:

2000+ networkers Everyone in commercial pharma

15+ hours
of networking

1 conference app Connecting you with fellow attendees

Total interaction Roundtables, workshops and break-out sessions.

Real decision-makers

Other events say they attract senior executives - people with clout, budget, ideas and a mission. We really mean it. 2000 of them.

Real diversity

Barcelona attracts a global audience: a variety of job titles, geographies, cultures and opinions create a rich tapestry.

The biggest showcase of pharma go-to market solutions

Its not just about conference sessions. eyeforpharma Barcelona is also home to a 120+ booth exhibition hall – packed with solutions to market access, commercial, medical and clinical development challenges.

Floorplan of the venue

1-to-1 Meeting Zone

With the eyeforpharma Meeting & Messaging service, as a sponsor or exhibitor, you’ll be able to set up meetings with prospects and ensure your time onsite is as valuable as possible. Over 1000 meetings were set up in 2019!

Roundtable Zone

Join one of the 60+ discussions taking place on topics including digital marketing, commercial excellence, patient-centricity, market access, RWE and medical affairs. Plus for 2020 we’re introducing the Data Privacy Focus Group.

Digital Therapeutics Stage (Day 2)

Join us for sessions on how to get Digital Therapeutics to market from DTx experts from within and outside of pharma.

Innovation Stage (Day 1)

Hear from healthcare innovators on the new technologies, ideas and science that is set to disrupt the very nature of healthcare and biopharma.

Chill ‘n Charge Zone

Grab a coffee and a pastry and recharge your batteries, and your phone’s!

Digital Clinical Trials Stage (Day 1 and 2)

Find out how digital clinical trials are disrupting clinical development and creating truly patient-centric trials.

Keynote Stage (Day 3 only)

On Day 3, we move the Keynote Stage from the conference room to the Exhibition Floor. Hear from pharma leaders, c-suite and innovators on the strategic issues effecting pharma today.

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