Sanofi and Merck Face Off for Admiration Award

BY Andrew Robertson
January 18th, 2017

London, eyeforpharma, 2017

Within Pharma, admiration is not a word that would immediately spring to mind.  With the negative opinion of the industry prevailing, it’s important to take stock and recognise the positive work which is taking place.

That’s why eyeforpharma have launched “The Most Admired Pharma Company” Tournament where we pit the top 32 pharma companies against each other in the ultimate clash of the titans; the battle to be crowned Most Admired Pharma Company. Votes will be fielded from pharma employees, HCPs and, of course, patients.

As each round is completed (4 in total) we will see who really is admired, and who should be taking a look at other companies around them.  Join us for round one to have your say about who really is the most admired pharma company.

Which Pharma Company Do You Admire The Most?

About eyeforpharma Awards

The eyeforpharma awards celebrate positive progress towards value for patients and customers and recognizes those in the pharmaceutical industry that are driving pharma forwards.

We celebrate those who aren’t just chasing higher short-term profits, but who are investing in better customer innovation, value and outcomes leading to longer-term success.

This is part of eyeforpharma’s mission to make the pharmaceutical industry more open and valued, which means these awards are a literal translation of why we exist. It is our responsibility to shine a light on where pharma does well, to inspire others into similar or better action.

How to get involved

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