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2019 Award Categories

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Individual Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    The winner of this award is a person who worked for several years in the interests of patients and customers, seeking value even before it was ‘fashionable’ to do so. The winner will have found creative and effective ways deliver this value, marshalling whatever resources are available and aligning others to the cause. For this special Award, candidates must be nominated by a third party. The nomination should outline what the nominee has accomplished during his or her career and explain why they are worthy of this award.

  • Patient Champion Award: Patients

    The winner of this award will be a person or small group which identifies as a patient (or patient group), and who has provided other patients or people with a stronger voice, through advocacy work. This voice will have been influential enough to have created communities, changed policy, raised awareness, helped launch a product or driven a new movement. Good advocates have a purpose beyond popularity: they may strive to challenge the status quo, ensure that silent sufferers are heard and empowered, or motivate others to account for those in need. We will look for evidence of original work with pharma and health organisations to make a difference. That difference may come in the form of increasing access, understanding, education, value or health benefits to patients and caregivers.

  • Patient Champion Award: Pharma

    The winner of this award will be an individual or small group which has demonstrably worked to make patient’s lives easier from within a pharmaceutical company, perhaps (but not necessarily) going against the grain of commercial interests, or forging a new path in order to champion or deliver a patient cause. Ideally the candidate can show not just actions but benefits that have accrued as a direct result of these actions, and that these actions are more than simply the normal business of a pharmaceutical company (we acknowledge that some drugs have delivered major benefits, but we are looking for original actions). The winner does not necessarily have to be in a patient-facing role, they may be a back-office ‘unsung hero’ who has made a change that will ultimately benefit someone in need.

  • Health Entrepreneur Award

    The winner of this award will be a start-up company or entrepreneur who, in a short space of time, has generated strong traction with an original healthcare idea, product or service. We are especially keen on those who have found new ways to serve patients or health professionals in a beneficial way. The winner does not need to have demonstrated commercial success, but will be able to show strong take-up in their venture beyond mere interest. This award primarily seeks to recognize original start-up companies but will also consider spin-out companies and innovative initiatives from larger organisations.

Team Value Awards

  • Most Valuable Clinical or Access Initiative

    This award is for an initiative that has altered the traditional clinical development or market access pathway, ultimately finding ways for innovative treatments to reach patients more quickly and effectively, without compromising on quality and compliance. With increasing requirements and complexity in trials, costs have increased despite no improvement to the quantity and speed of bringing new treatments to market. We are particularly interested in those who have changed processes, management or methodology in trials or access paradigms, including work in adaptive, patient-centric/PRO or RWE-enabled trials, or in securing new value-based or outcome-based agreements with payer engagement and innovative contracting.

  • The Global Health Pioneer Award

    This award is for a pioneering initiative that has made a significant improvement to the lives of those in emerging or developing economies, or underprivileged groups in developed economies. Initiatives may have either a local or regional impact. Ideally we are looking for an innovative approach that has changed the paradigm of care for an underprivileged population (although we acknowledge that, sometimes, straightforward efforts that recognize previously hidden/ignored communities can be just as worthy of recognition). We seek projects which adapted themselves sensitively yet boldly to the needs of a population, provides sustainability and long-term impact, and are patient-centric at their core.

  • Most Valuable Healthcare/HCP Initiative

    The winner of this award will be an innovative project which has delivered tangible working and healthcare improvements, both in the long and short term, to healthcare professionals* or to healthcare institutions/systems. Demonstrating understanding of real health requirements prior to implementation, the winning project will have met a strong need and been managed to an outstanding level, making a quantifiable, positive impact on its intended customer. Please indicate how the project generated new knowledge which will ensure long-term impact.

    * including but not limited to physicians, specialists, nurses or payers

  • Most Valuable Collaboration Award

    The winner of this award will be the creator of a pharma-pharma or pharma-nonpharma initiative which clearly brings a new proposition to either HCPs, payers and/or healthcare systems, creates new value and redefines what is possible in our industry with a degree of lateral thinking. There is no limit to the number of participants, however each collaboration must involve at least one biopharmaceutical company. Please indicate in your entry how you were able to leverage the unique qualities of each partner, and how the collaboration has been managed and presented for maximum impact.

Pioneer Awards

  • Most Valuable Breakthrough / Discovery

    This award is for an original product, product enhancement or scientific invention which has the potential and, ideally, early traction to provide significant impact on a patient population. Perhaps it is a newly launched drug showing strong initial results, a new way of delivering a treatment, or a new category or class of treatment that will redefine standard of care in an area. The winner doesn’t need to demonstrate commercial success, but needs to show that the product has been launched or will be launched imminently, and that it has disruptive potential with identifiable value for patients, caregivers or health professionals. The winner will be a genuine pioneer, bringing something novel and meaningful to the life sciences industry.

  • Most Promising MVP / Pilot

    This award is for an experimental initiative which has the potential to disrupt the status quo. We are particularly keen to reward initiatives which have shown agility through the rapid creation of a product or service, bringing it into contact with real customers before being refined, and through smart measurement are able to preserve or pivot towards a finished project. We are just as interested in the pathway taken to breathe life into the product/service as we are the product/service itself and its benefits.

  • Most Valuable Service or Digital Therapy

    This winner of this award will be an initiative which goes beyond the pill, providing a holistic service or solution that provides significant benefit to patients. The initiative may be complimentary to a medicine (perhaps referred Pill+ or a digital medicine) or be entirely independent of a medicine (for example a digital therapeutic), yet still able to demonstrate clinical or other value. It should either have launched, or will be launched imminently but with some in-field exposure.

  • Most Valuable Data & Insights Initiative

    This award is for an initiative that harnesses data (internal or RWD), AI, ML or analytics to reveal valuable insights, ultimately resulting in new opportunities for better patient care. We are looking for those who have smartly deployed data or informatics/analysis techniques whether in clinical, commercial, medical or patient-generated data - or who have found ways through data standards or interoperability to enable better insights to be discovered and acted upon. This award is also suitable for those who have created tangible new directions through using AI or distributed ledger (eg blockchain) technology. Ultimately the winner will be able to show the power and ingenuity of what is possible in this burgeoning field.

  • Most Valuable Education / Awareness Initiative

    This award is for an initiative that has raised the profile and visibility of a disease, cause, health concern, population or treatment. We are not looking to reward mere advertising (no matter how good it is); we are seeking campaigns which have provided additional value, shown creative ways to raise awareness, gathered further reach in an additional way, clarified scientific concepts for HCPs or patients, or made things easier or clearer. Ultimately, we are looking for an authentic effort to educate and further the understanding of something that matters, and that has achieved success in doing so.

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