How do I sign-up for eyeforpharma Barcelona Virtual?

Please visit the registration page for deadlines, rates, descriptions and other registration information.

Is the agenda exactly the same as what was advertised for the physical event, eyeforpharma Barcelona?

No, it’s not – but the vast majority of our sessions will still be available, plus with the new format we have been able to add new speakers and sessions to the agenda. Find out more here

Will there be multiple sessions to choose from at a particular time?

There will be one continuous stream of new content, with live panels, Q&As and panels included. See the business-critical topics here

If I can’t make a session, will it be recorded, and can I watch it later?

Absolutely! Once sessions have been streamed live, eyeforpharma Barcelona Virtual will allow you to watch a session on-demand whenever it suits. Learn more about the eyeforpharma Barcelona Virtual here

Can I still connect with people who are attending the virtual event?

Yes you can. eyeforpharma Barcelona Virtual offers a completely online networking platform. You can still connect and create those critical business relationships you would at the physical conference. Learn more about the platform here

How will the meetings work?

Once the meeting is agreed by both parties then you will be allocated logins for an online conference call.

I still have some questions. Can I speak to someone?

Email jbramwell@eyeforpharma.com with your query and he’ll get back to you ASAP