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Quotes from past eyeforpharma conferences

Companion diagnostics are strengthening big pharma's personalized medicine pipeline

This event is dedicated to fostering a meeting platform and cover all the aspects of this complex endeavor, with the ultimate goal of taking product development to the next level.

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Move from Blockbuster to Nichebuster. It is a Do or Die.

Personalized & Translational Medicine Summit 2010 addresses the big issues. It will bring together all stakeholders in personalized medicine. More than 22 senior level speakers from the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry will give insights into their biggest challenges and develop ways to overcome them. This platform will foster the collaboration between drug and diagnostics development and generate practical solutions for all stakeholders.

What you'll take away from this meeting:

  • Move from Blockbuster to Nichebuster to reach the right patients
    Ensure your therapeutics are targeted to maximise patient benefit and guarantee reimbursement
  • Deliver personalized medicine as a co-regimen to stand out from the competition
    Develop a strong product portfolio built around regulations and demands to achieve commercial success
  • Make multiple stakeholders integral to the personalized medicine discussion
    Find mutually beneficial solutions to ensure the long term success of personalized medicine for all stakeholders
  • Cross industry partnering opportunities set to dominate the industry
    Learn cross-industry partnership best-practice to position your company at the forefront of the industry

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This conference will be different


Andy Dorner, Senior Director of Molecular Medicine at Millennium gives a preview on his talk in our podcast:

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This meeting will not be a best practice conference with standard speaking slots and power point presentations. Yes, we have leading thinkers in this space on our speaker panel – but delegates in attendance will be as much a part of the meeting as these speakers.

Discussion, debate and scrutiny will be the order of the meeting. This is your chance to be part of an initiative to test theories, discuss successful models and forge new collaborations.

No-one can afford to ignore this trend ... it's the future of pharma.

Download the full programme now

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