Remove barriers to entry and achieve commercial success: embrace an access-based approach to marketing

This two-day conference will be the finest and largest gathering of the movers and shakers of South African pharma, medical devices, and healthcare. 

It will bring together the 3Ms (Market Access, Medical and Marketing teams) and C-level executives, along with the government, academia and payers to bring clarity on upcoming regulations as well as demonstrate how cross-functional collaboration can make your entire organisation achieve enhanced commercial success. Don't be the only one missing out! Find out more here


  • Market Access to enable a wider group of patients get the right medication is one of the biggest challenges faced by pharma in South Africa 
  • Medical teams struggle to deliver the value proposition owing to unclear guidelines and lack of standardised requirements across public and private sectors 
  • Marketing & Sales teams, as a result, send out mixed messages to various customer groups thereby making it difficult to deliver steady communication 

Great brands are based on a vision, which is constant across all stakeholder groups. Communicating a consistent message to prescribers, payers and patients is essential to improving your bottom line and gaining access to maximum possible patients. Come identify the gaps in your value chain and take away the know-how to fill it up. Register here

A sample of expert speakers you will meet at the Summit:

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Your agenda at a glance:

  • Panels and debates: to foster collaborative thinking and consensus amongst all stakeholders and a chance to voice your questions to the appropriate audience
  • Strategic tracks: to ensure that your 3Ms (Market Access, Medical and Marketing teams) are working closely together as one unit to deliver a consistent brand message
  • Payer and Physician insights: on what exactly is needed from your company to build long-term partnerships with those that reimburse and prescribe your drugs
  • Latest updates: on the NHI reform directly from policymakers so you can develop a future-proof strategy
  • Creative concepts: on how to gain best commercial returns while allowing maximum patients access to the right medicines

Download the full agenda here

Let's give pharma a voice!

Pharma has historically been at the receiving end of most discussions in South Africa. We want you to take the hot seat now:

  • This summit will give you a chance to voice your views and build reforms along with policymakers and payers
  • This will be your platform to ask all those questions that keep you up at night and come together as an industry to solve them

Market access and pricing

Budgeting constraints, registration backlogs and inconsistent dossier requirements create a difficult atmosphere to gain market access for your drugs:

  • This summit will provide you updates on benchmark pricing and other changing regulations such as HTA requirements that will impact your strategy for access
  • You will have a chance to learn from various private aids their requirements and criteria for decision-making. Get the latest speaker line-up here

Commercial excellence and cross-functional collaboration

Achieving commercial success in the midst of various restrictions and challenges is the ultimate goal in order to be sustainable:

  • Understand the importance of working cross-functionally in order to improve overall commercial performance and your bottomline
  • CASE STUDIES: Learn from leaders in pharma about their success stories and how you can get there. Find out more here 

NHI: New challenges and new opportunities

The NHI will bring massive implications not just on pharma but also on rest of the healthcare industry: 

  • Discover the various opportunities NHI will bring to reach patients in the public sector
  • Understand what these changes will mean to the private market and to the entire healthcare industry

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Three reasons why you can't miss CEMA South Africa 2016:

Fast track knowledge and industry-driven agenda: a unique combination of keynotes, panel discussions, case studies and presentations guaranteed to provide you with the most up-to-date information to prepare your commercial and market access strategy for 2016 and beyond…

25+ expert speakers: across all stakeholder groups hand-picked to share their expertise with you to help you to drive your business forward and reach out to maximum number of patients

Networking & Exhibition: with 10+ hours of designated networking time, networking drinks events, and exhibition area, this is your chance to meet your peers and colleagues and build meaningful partnerships to drive your business forward

To see the full agenda, download the brochure here

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If you'd like to get involved or have any ideas, we would love to hear from you on the details below! 

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