Workshops - 26th March

Pre-event KAM workshop (book early, limited places)

Transform KAMs into Business Managers: Reps have been hard-wired to detail. Developing them into KAMs usually reveals commercial weaknesses. This workshop will focus on the need for increased commercial awareness amongst Key Account Managers

The workshop format will deal with the development of commercial acumen in three clear ways:

  1. Financial understanding - what are the metrics driving the provision of health services and how are they measured. We explore the language and the key metrics to look for.
  2. Critical Enquiry Techniques - Understanding the customers' financial drivers is one thing, but added to this is the need for the skill to unfold opportunities at a deeper level, to identify where the customer needs support and would value your customised support, products and services.
  3. Value Proposition Development - The ability and processes to develop compelling value propositions to align to customer goals. The workshop will explore how to start with the design and development of value propositions.

Presenters: David Wright, Director, Imonic

Workshops - 27th March

Lunchtime Workshops
12:45 - 14:00


2nd generation Mobile CRM app now!

Bringing enhanced usability, unrivaled flexibility and increased productivity to your business
MI Touch, Built on your Experience and our Expertise

Speaker: Alexandre Macquin, , International Consultant, Itops

Afternoon Workshops
16:15 - 17:45

(choose one of the below workshops)

Towers Watson

Coping with the challenges in sales force talent, performance and compensation management in today's turbulent pharma world - sharing experience and best practices.

In this truly interactive and lively session you will have the opportunity to share latest thinking with your industry peers on how to effectively solve the key issues of today's pharma sales management. You will be able to choose among a set of critical topics that keep you awake at night, such as:

  • defining and rewarding market access roles
  • new sales force deployment models
  • managing your talent base for the future.

Join this session if you want to hear from your peers and are willing to share your own experience on these and other crucial topics.

Presenters: Ron Burke / Marcus Minten


From strategic thinking to operational delivery

  • You are facing loss of exclusivity or launching a new drug.
  • You need to make investment or divestment decision.

Discover the different steps from segmentation to territory alignment and execution on CRM systems.

Presenters:Alexandre Macquin, , International Consultant, Itops

Campbell Alliance

Driving Effective Local Training: Best Practices for Partnering with the Local Business and Global Learning and Development

Local (country and region-level) L&D (learning and development) teams face an increasingly difficult job. On one hand, they have to meet the business needs of their local constituents while on the other hand they have to partner with their global organization. Moreover, budget and headcount cuts mean they are being asked to juggle these commitments with fewer resources at their disposal. In order to succeed, these local L&D teams must become adept at prioritizing needs, allocating scarce resources, and managing stakeholder expectations.

This workshop will focus on helping local L&D teams understand how to interact with both local and global stakeholders in order to drive business results. At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the L&D trends that are most likely to impact them and their constituents
  • Conduct a local business needs assessment
  • Agree to service levels with the local business and global stakeholders
  • Develop a local learning plan
  • Manage the business relationship with key stakeholders

Mike Meehan, Director, Global Learning Operations, Merck & Co.
George Schmidt, Practice Area Leader, Commercial Effectiveness Practice, Campbell Alliance
Bram Goorden, Senior Practice Executive, Commercial Effectiveness Practice, Campbell Alliance


The journey behind continuous development & exceptional performance

  • In this industry lead workshop you will see examples from the pharmaceutical industry showing how it has developed and evolved its coaching and development processes; the mistakes made and the lessons learnt.
  • Using data from many years of experience, distilling the essential components of success and how these can be replicated across people and through the organisation.
  • We will look to answer questions including:
    • What is the essence within successful sales people?
    • How can these core skills and competencies be learnt and developed?

Workshops - 28th March

Lunchtime Workshops
12:45 - 14:00


After "Share of Voice" comes... "Knowledge of Choice"

From the inventor of true CLM comes CLM 2.0. This is a workshop designed to enable you to get your message across as your sales force shrinks.

  • Have you got the “channels” sorted but lacking the qualified audience? We’ll show you how to get it.
  • Are you wondering how to centralize to save money, yet customize to provide tailored service? Not any more.
  • Are you skeptical and want to see real-life examples of new solutions already delivering results? We’ve got them.

Get inspired, get provoked, get involved – come and experience how technology can help you inspire your customers to seek out your knowledge rather than forcing it upon them. It’s time to move from “Share of Voice” to “Knowledge of Choice!”

Afternoon Workshops
16:00 - 17:30

(choose one of the below workshops)

Data Intelligence

Commercial model evolution with a KAM focus

  • The adoption and maturity of different commercial models, including KAM, varies significantly throughout global pharma
  • The reasons, drivers, opportunities and motivations for evolving the commercial model are many and varied
  • Data Intelligence will present a summary of their recent survey into commercial model maturity, before focusing in on how KAM adoption differs between geographies, company types and markets
  • This workshop will set the scene then look into some of the capabilities supporting KAM, giving attendees the opportunity to debate which capabilities are more crucial than others
  • Attendees will be able to compare and contrast their own experiences and status' with like-minded colleagues from different countries
  • Attendees will be able to take away a 'thought leader' perspective on the successful capabilities needed to drive a new KAM commercial model, and apply these to their own situation before considering how to evolve their own internal situations
  • Attendees will also be able to receive the full analysis and a whitepaper containing industry perspectives on commercial model maturity

BayGroup International

Selling Value, Not Price:Arming Your Team to Push Back on Price Pressure

Today's healthcare sales forces-whether selling pharma products or medical devices-face unprecedented pressures, new competition, and fierce price and margin pressure. At this session learn how top performing companies are addressing these challenges, and arming their sales teams with better skills and tools for expanding the size and profitability of their business. This session will focus on three important topics:

  • Lessons from the field: proven strategies for positioning value with the new buyer
  • It's counterintuitive: managing tension in the selling and negotiation process
  • Profitable execution: three keys to driving results in a complex, competitive market

Ron D'Andrea, President, BayGroup International.
Harry Kendlbacher, Managing Director EMEAe, BayGroup International.


The INFONIS workshop aims to provide the attendees a practical insight of a complete eDetailing-CLM process, including a modular solution for the pharmaceuticals to build their digital content, eventually considering third-party collaboration. A powerful publishing module to deliver appropriate contents to the right audiences, an on-line/off-line viewer module in multiple platforms to transmit the right messages by displaying digital content while tracking user interaction, and a dashboard module providing the analytical feedback to reenter CBIM or any other CRM system in order to really close the loop will be shown and discussed during the session

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