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The organizers made sure that the agenda tackles the latest issues facing you and the critical aspects of the U.S. pharmaceutical market. We wish this event to be comprehensive and we are aiming at experts from various patient compliance backgrounds and environments. In addition, the focus is on approaching patient compliance, adherence, persistance and education from many different perspectives.

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At the conference you will learn about:

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Session One: Why patient compliance initiatives justify increased investment

The key reasons why you should be building global patient care networks

  • Find out how to develop patient-focused programs to maximize patient retention and adherence
  • Explore global patient strategies to achieve improved bottom line results
  • Learn how to measure the success of your compliance initiatives at the individual patient level

International Product Management Director, Berlex

Benefit design and medication adherence - align incentives to engage the patient and improve your bottom line

  • Gain an in-depth look at the recent healthcare benefit design trends which have an adverse impact on the health of the population while increasing total healthcare costs
  • Understand how you can change the benefit-design paradigm by considering innovative ways to share costs with patients while removing financial barriers to care
  • Improve health outcomes and reduce total healthcare costs by aligning payer, patient and political incentives
  • Learn from examples of innovative initiatives by U.S. employers and government payers that link mandatory disease management initiatives and behavioral changes with reductions in out-of-pocket cost-sharing

Medical Director, GSK

How to measure and maximize the effectiveness and ROI of in-office marketing strategies

  • Best-practice ROI methodologies (and common pitfalls) gleaned from working collaboratively with analytics teams from 9 of the top 10 pharma companies
  • Understand why you need to take a “Practice-Centric” approach to ROI and explore the key drivers of in-office program success
  • Find out why primary research with patients/consumers is equally as important as script data in order to ensure maximum impact of your in-office strategies

President, Sales and Strategic Planning, Healthy Advice Networks

A new business model for the pharma industry – Learn how to increase your revenues and profitability from improved persistence and compliance

  • Discover why you need to take the lead in developing successful approaches to improving persistence and face up to market pressure and the growing expectations of payers
  • Learn how to make the best use of medication monitoring to enhance persistence across multiple therapy areas
  • Find out why reducing communication and technology costs is the only “scaleable” approach to deliver better persistence for large population groups
  • Discover new, clinically proven HIPAA compliant turn-key patient management solutions offered on a risk/reward basis that will ensure benefits to patients, providers, payers and help you to uncover the hidden blockbuster in your portfolio

CEO, MedAmigo

Session Two: Build a culture of adherence

Medication Non-Adherence: What all healthcare providers should know

  • Add value to your adherence program by exploring the primary causes of medication non-adherence and understand better patient resistance to taking medications
  • Review psychological theories related to medication adherence to create a practical model of patient decision-making that you can incorporate into your adherence campaign
  • Learn about limitations in the state of the psychological science of medication adherence and benefit from expert suggestions for future academic and industry efforts to combat this problem

Director of Health Psychology Services, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Find out about the critical role that unit dose packaging plays in improving patient compliance

  • An Overview of pharmaceutical non-compliance: Scope and Impact in the U.S. and the Rest of the World
  • Learn about many benefits of unit dose blister and strip packaging that will help your patients/customers take their medications properly
  • Hear how much money is being lost every year due to the non-compliance problem

Executive Director, Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council

Who's The Person Behind the Disease? – How you can exploit different marketing channels to deliver better targeted therapies

  • Find out from innovative research findings how healthcare and pharma fit into the overall context of people's lives
  • Identify the root causes of adherence, and learn from other industries on how to increase the effectiveness of your patient-focused programs
  • "One size doesn't fit all" - explore customized strategies which deliver different solutions suited to your customers/patients individual needs

Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, AstraZeneca

Patient data enabled approach for improving adherence: Developing programs targeted through physicians

  • How to use patient level data to identify physician segments with distinct patient adherence issues
  • Conduct focused research to isolate patient, physician, and other causes for adherence issues
  • Develop marketing initiatives tailored to high value segments and track improvements using patient data

Principal, ZS Associates

Adherence: The foundation to better health – How to draw up a patient action plan based on the comprehensive Disease Management system

  • Learn how to define adherence precisely and gain all the essentials about existing measurement methods to obtain the best possible evaluation of your adherence programs
  • Find out about the strategies the Disease Management industry is applying to promote disease education and combat a rampant patient safety problem caused by non-adherence to therapies
  • Determine the current penetration level of quality strategies which focus on medical guidelines as essential for increased compliance

Senior Vice President, Caremark Rx, Board Member, The Disease Management Association of America

“The drug works, it’s you that has failed” – Straightforward and expert guidelines to patient compliance fallacies

  • Uncover why we are all getting compliance wrong and the measures which should be taken to change this common misunderstanding
  • Define precisely concordance, compliance, adherence and identify exact measures in order to translate them accurately into your patient programs
  • Gain insights into where the system is failing the patient and where Pharma companies fail the patient to add to the design of your patient compliance initiatives

Formulary Advisor, NHS

Expert tips for your patient adherence initiatives from patient compliance in clinical trials

  • Find out about common barriers to achieve patient compliance in clinical trials and incorporate these findings into your marketing strategy
  • Identify strategies to promote subject compliance and significantly improve essential patient involvement
  • Understand how study drug compliance is measured in clinical trials and the ramifications of compliance on clinical trials results

Clinical Research Physician, Eli Lilly & Company

End of Day 1

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Session Three: Blueprints for regulatory affairs, DTC advertising and DTP communication

New developments in the regulatory environment surrounding DTC advertising and practical tactics for efficient alignment with DTP communication

  • Insights into DTC regulations and how they pertain to DTC advertising and DTP communication – how can you obtain maximum value from both?
  • How to use DTC advertising to improve persistency and conduct compliance campaigns in a wide-ranging consumer marketing position that will boost your revenues
  • Identify common regulatory pitfalls and sensible solutions for avoiding them while optimizing the value of your DTC and DTP programs

Executive Director, AstraZeneca

Discover how you can successfully design, implement and evaluate a comprehensive Direct-To-Patient acquisition and compliance campaign for new and existing patients

  • Structure and design versatile DTP programs by developing tactics based on insights from both the market and patients in order to improve your compliance profitability
  • Maximize the benefits of implementing DTP practices by optimizing deployment of your tools
  • Gain blueprints for holistic evaluation of DTP initiatives and learn to measure success on the entire program

Product Manager, Eisai

Session Four: Multi-level approaches to patient communication and education

In-depth insights into why it is necessary for you to move beyond traditional approaches for improved compliance and persistence (C&P)

  • Improve your understanding of the science of compliance to create next generation patient compliance programs
  • Hear examples of the power of total integration of C&P efforts with all patient communications and find out how to set the stage for compliance during the acquisition process
  • Explore the value of a multi-media approach to C&P and find out how you can benefit from the expanding role of the internet and VAT (Voice Activated Technology) in compliance initiatives

Director of Behavioral Science, HealthMedia

PANEL SESSION: Personalized adherence programs for patients, physicians and pharma

  • Learn how to develop appropriate messages and tools to meet the needs of different age groups and disease states
  • Expert solutions for matching consumer-focused programs with the technology-readiness of users
  • Recognize the most efficient ways of balancing marketing opportunities emerging from your patient-oriented initiatives against the need for physician acceptance
  • Discover future prospects and trends of interactive programs where consumers dictate the interface and functionality

Moderator: Physician, Partners Telemedicine

Panellists: Director of Patient Relations, Pfizer
Director, eBusiness & Medical Devices, Baxter
Managing Partner, Roska Direct
CEO, Quantia
Senior Marketing Director, Connetics Corporation

Enhance your ROI by using predictive modelling and patient segmentation

  • Explore different approaches for identifying high impact patients through dynamic risk and decide which model works best for your profitability
  • Benefit from a variety of predictive modelling techniques applicable in the real world to perfect your patient programs
  • Recognize the value of various communication channels in order to optimize patient and clinician contact
    Managing Director, Outcome Technologies

The Value of Medicines – Hard-hitting case studies on strategies used by GSK to offer comprehensive solutions through pharmaceutical care and patient assistance programs

  • Understand the risks and costs associated with drug discovery as the first step when evaluating your patient assistance programs
  • Explore the key success factors, messaging and tactics adapted by GSK in the Value of Medicine campaign that ensures long-term effectiveness of your patient-oriented initiatives
  • Debate what is really driving healthcare costs today and find out how to lower the overall advertising costs to achieve your revenue targets

Vice President of External Advocacy, GSK

Why you should recognize the use of better communications technology as essential to improve your care plan adherence

  • Reasons why technology has become an integral part of life for the majority of patients and why the use of email and the widespread adoption of cellphones make it essential to incorporate them into your adherence strategies
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how you can creatively connect patients to healthcare providers by using multimedia text messages to provide real-time medication reminders, and deliver an enhanced educational level
  • Benefit from emerging trends in a compelling package of electronic monitoring, real-time reminders, adherence incentives and access to disease and drug information that will involve your patients in tailored self-management programs
  • How you can take advantage of consumer grade technology and use it as a new critical success channel through which to tackle poor adherence

Director, Partners Telemedicine

Lessons from other consumer-focused industries on how to enhance the effectiveness of tools for a breakthrough improvement in patient compliance

  • Discover a new statistical approach - that has been invisible in healthcare so far- that will help you to measure your patient compliance initiatives more accurately
  • Explore how rigorous research methods used in consumer industries will boost the results of your pharma patient compliance programs
  • Use outcomes evidence to enhance creativity and improve the effectiveness of your compliance evaluation strategies

President, Careguide Systems

Targeted therapies: Learn about the value of patient education in creating successful outcomes

  • Explore the wave of innovation occurring now in biotechnology and find out how your marketing approach will need to adapt to be successful with new products
  • Determine messaging for disease state awareness, education, physiology, and new paradigms of treatment to stay ahead of your competitors
  • Learn about the cutting edge research that will show you the direction of more targeted therapies and more personalized medicines
  • How you can actively involve patients in the management of their own disease and educate them better to achieve successful outcomes of your therapies

Director, La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine, Advisor to the CEO, Amylin Pharmaceuticals

End of Day 2

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