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Conference Agenda

08:30 - 09:00
Help patients help you by integrating patient insights and technology to transform patient value
  • Co-design with patients from day 1 to create meaningful patient endpoints
  • Learn from your challenges to create a better overall product for patients
  • Listen to patients to comprehend unmet needs from their experience

UCB Erik Janssen Vice President Patient Relevant Innovative Solutions Mission Neurology UCB

08:30 - 09:00
PANEL: Perform your research with patients, not just for patients
  • Base your research priorities on patient priorities
  • Create metrics that measure the impact that’s of the greatest concern to the patient
  • Constantly engage with patients throughout the trial process for the best co-created solutions

Merck Jan Nissen Vice President Patient Innovation and Engagement Merck

Janssen Katie Mazuk Senior Director, Global Head Investigator and Patient Engagement Janssen

TJ Sharpe Patient Advocate

FDA Samir Shaikh Deputy Director, Patient Affairs FDA

08:30 - 09:00
Case Study: Novartis’ patient app that is breaking physical constraints through virtual interaction
  • Comprehend how this approach minimizes the impact on the patient’s life
  • Understand how data can still be collected and analysed without site visits
  • Identify how patient involvement in design led to the best possible product

Novartis Mohanad Fors Global Head Digital Innovation Lab - Global Drug Development Novartis

08:30 - 09:00
Discuss the negative impact and financial burden that Co-pay Accumulators on patients of those with no other treatment option
  • Hear about the impact of Co-pay Accumulator Programs to patient’s lives who have no alternative
  • See the PBM perspective to understand their decision-making process
  • Ally with Patient Advocacy groups in the fight against co-pay accumulators

CSL Behring Dina Inverso US Strategy Leader- Reimbursement and Patient Engagement CSL Behring

Patient Advocate Pete Dyson Patient Advocate

08:30 - 09:00
Walk the talk on patient engagement
  • Ensure your portfolio decisions are directed by patient need, in concert with your therapeutic expertise
  • Listen to the customer and develop products that meet their needs faster
  • Instil a culture of action not talk when it comes to patient engagement

Speaker TBC next month

Work With Patients, Not for Patients
Digital Disruption of Trial Design
10:30 - 11:00
Industry and Patient Advocacy Groups: Doing what is best for Patients, Together
  • Compliance and ethics are key to positive relationships
  • The benefit to Patients must be at the heart of all interactions
  • It is critical for industry to get insights to succeed in addressing the needs of patients and caregivers

Merck Michelle Vichnin Global Lead, Patient Advocacy and Strategic Alliances Merck

Case Study: Janssen’s patient voice initiative
  • See how patient insights have affected real trial design changes
  • Why even the voice of one patient has the influence to change a trial for the better of all
  • How the Patient Voice initiative has led to new retention strategies

Janssen Maura Snyder Director, Patient Engagement Strategy Janssen

10:30 - 11:00
Patient engagement, a new paradigm for FDA Approval
  • See how patient engagement enhances your product approval
  • Determine the value of PRO endpoints in FDA approval
  • Build the case you can take directly to other teams on why engagement is critical in submissions

FDA Francis Kalush Health Programs Coordinator, Professional Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement (PASE), CDER FDA

Case Study: When and how to engage with patients
  • Start early – be proactive with your patient engagement strategy to iron out issues early
  • See what good could look like when patient engagement is actioned effectively
  • Collaborate internally to get the best results for patients

Dermira Trisha Devlin Director, Patient Advocacy Dermira

10:30 - 11:00
Panel: Support patient advocates to align pricing incentives with a greater balance of access and affordability
  • Empower patient advocates to fight for sustainable costs and access to life saving care
  • Move patients from last to first consideration in the value chain of drug pricing
  • Provide clarity around drug pricing and partner with patients to reshape this broken system

Siobhan Cavanaugh Patient Advocate, Former Head of Patient Advocacy Mylan

Panel: Clear the endpoint bottleneck to realize the full potential of digital trial design
  • The limitations of current endpoints that have outlived their time
  • Systematic strategies for the development of novel, patient-centric endpoints
  • How pharma can update their outdated endpoints to enable more forward thinking clinical trials

Eli Lilly Joseph Kim Senior Advisor, Patient Experience and Design Innovation Eli Lilly

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research Lauren Bataille Senior Associate Director, Research Partnerships The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

10:30 - 11:00
Improve Patient Outcomes and Clinical Effectiveness through Collaboration
  • Overcome obstacles to patient access by communicating individual needs
  • Demonstrate cost quality with a balance of cost effectiveness and optimal patient outcomes
  • Reshape the healthcare landscape with collaborative programs between payers, patients and providers

National Hemophilia Foundation Michelle Rice Senior Vice President External Affairs National Hemophilia Foundation

Patient ownership over their own health records
  • Ensure patients can see their own data as easily as aggregated data
  • Explore the entrepreneurial tech solutions designed to help patients protect their data
  • Place the patient in control of how their data is shared and used

Pfizer Craig Lipset Head of Clinical Innovation Pfizer

Informed Patients Are Powerful Partners
Co-Create Trials With Patients
10:30 - 11:00
Arm patients with the knowledge and skills to make informed health decisions
  • Comprehend the value of health literacy in patient communications for better adherence and trial uptake
  • Include patients across a range of health literacy levels when reviewing your patient information for the clearest picture
  • Case Study: how to use patient feedback and health literacy to improve patient labeling

Merck Laurie Myers Director Global Health Literacy Merck

Design-Thinking to Improve the Patient Experience
  • Learn how design-thinking principles and practices will help identify the pain points patients actually want solved
  • Explore methods to connect and work with patients, and how to treat them equitably in the process
  • Understand how working with patients helps to build better patient-centered solutions faster

Savvy Cooperative Jen Horonjeff Founder and Patient Advocate Savvy Cooperative

10:30 - 11:00
Case Study Fox Insight: People with Parkinson’s disease and researchers working together toward treatment breakthroughs
  • Fox Insight snapshot: an online, longitudinal study designed to capture information directly from thousands of patients
  • Facilitate rapid data collection and long-term participation through effective patient engagement strategies
  • What’s in it for the patient? How Fox Insight is affecting change for participants

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research Lauren Bataille Senior Associate Director, Research Partnerships, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Case Study: How patient input revamped Janssen’s informed consent
  • Why e-Consent adds value to the Informed Consent process
  • How Janssen engaged patients to co-create the Informed Consent Form and eConsent.

Janssen Cassandra Smith Associate Director, Investigator & Patient Engagement Janssen

10:30 - 11:00
Challenges as Stepping Stones to the Path Forward
  • Learn from missteps in collaboration to foster more meaningful connections across healthcare
  • “Dear Siena”. Hear real-world issues in partnerships and how the community provided methods to resolve them
  • Underline key principles to foster collaboration in healthcare through problem-based learning

Company_Name Sarah Krüg Patient Advocate Founder, Health Collaboratory CEO, CANCER101

Understand patient journeys when designing clinical trials and patient recruitment strategies
  • Harness patient wants and needs to be co-creators in trial design and outreach strategies
  • Embed clinical research into patient treatment paradigms rather than fitting patients into your protocol
  • The days of check box activities are over: strategy must take into account the needs of specific patient populations

Vertex Kelly McKee Head of Patient Recruitment, Rare Diseases Vertex

10:30 - 11:00
Case Study: Co-creation of patient services in a diverse diabetes population to enhance engagement
  • Every patient is different – tailor your service to suit different population needs
  • Envisage the future of pharma-patient relationships with a ‘drugs plus’ service that goes beyond the pill
  • Ensure your service is co-designed with patients to create the most effective patient service

Sanofi Lisa Egbuono-Davis Vice President, Global Patient Centered Outcomes and Solutions Sanofi

How Lilly encouraged empowered patients: Lilly TrialGuide
  • Develop a focus on education and awareness to empower patients in their decision-making process
  • Provide patient-focused content that’s literate to their needs
  • Use storytelling to connect patients with relevant content such as caregiver experiences

Speaker TBC next month

The Im-patient conference

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