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In Store For Patient Centricity Canada:

  • Case Studies on patient adherence, communication, and digital technology
  • Full sessions on patient perspective featuring ePatients, caregivers and advocates
  • Two exclusive CEO Panels on what patient centricity truly delivers to both pharmaceutical companies and the patient journey
  • Roundtable discussions on how to deliver customized and personal care to enhance patient compliance and satisfaction
  • Successful take home messages from Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Bayer, Sanofi, and AbbVie

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Thomas Cannell
President and CEO

Jon Fairest

Christian Lauterbach
President & CEO

Michael Trembly

John Haslem

Patrick Cashman

Christian Scheuer
President and CEO
LEO pharma

Rob Oliphant
President and CEO
Asthma Society

Katharina Staub
Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

Joanne Coles
Strategic Business Planning Manager
Johnson and Johnson

Gilles Fortin
Director of Patient Engagement

Femida Gwadry-Sridhar
Director of Medical Health Informatics
University of Western Ontario

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Priscilla Colon

Priscilla Colon

Global Conference Director
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"Understanding the needs of patients and appreciating what other companies are doing to be customer centric has become increasingly valuable. I look forward to attending the conference and brainstorming directly with industry experts in the field"

Ashok Bhaseen, Global President Thyroid Federation International and Vice President, Pediapharm

"It was a great event with very knowledgeable speakers and valuable time for discussion and networking"

Dennis Moorice, Volunteer, Best Medicines Coalition