CEO Panel: How to Manage in a Changing Commercial Model

  • How has the commercial model changed in past years and where do you see it progressing to?
  • Hear top CEOs share their points of view on the industry trends and developments
  • Learn what CEOs expect from their sales and marketing teams, and how to evolve to new opportunities
  • Look to the future of the industry with foresight afforded by their shared industry experience

Jon Fairest, President and CEO, Sanofi,
Frederic Fasano, CEO, Servier,
Christian Lauterbach, President and CEO, Bayer

CEO Panel Discussion: Taking on Patient Centricity

  • How the evolution of patient communication has changed the nature of industry communication with their patients. -Hear how pharma can adjust their business models to provide quality care to the patient experience. -Discover how the patient centric model promotes an integrated healthcare world, with patients, pharmacists, HCP’s and pharma partnering to provide patient support.

Michael Tremblay, President of Astellas
John Haslem, President of Alexion
Patrick Cashman, President of Lundbeck

The Patient-Centric Journey: How the pharmaceutical industry is evolving to meet patient needs

  • The definition of Patient Centricity, its history and relevance on customer-centric models
  • How to deploy patient-focused services that are aligned with your company’s core vision and values.
  • Devise new patient communication channels to build credible stakeholder relationships
  • Revitalize your company’s patient communication “attitude” to inspire patient-centric support internally and externally

Andrew Casey, CEO of BIOTECanada

Meet the needs of rare disease patients

  • How to inspire hope and engage patients whom suffer from rare diseases
  • Discover how to leverage patient support programs to add value beyond the pill
  • Explore the secrets of a patient centric culture and how to partner with the Canadian health care system to improve patient care

Peter Brenders, General Manager, Genzyme

Case Study

The impact of Patient- Physician Collaboration: Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network (T1DTTN) Case Study

  • Improve Communication between patients and Health Care providers
  • Empower patients with skills for better self -management and elevate the standard of care provided for patient communities and their families.
  • Identify and mobilize HCP/POL mentor advocates as a consultative forum for current and future practice behaviour
  • Provide insight and access to Industry partners to understand and co-create on a “systems” approach driven by HCP expertise and guided by the patient voice

Dr. Amish Parikh MD – Internist and Endocrinologist at Trillium Health Centre, Mississauga, Ontario
Lynda Covello LL.B., LL.M. – International Commercial Lawyer, IP Strategist; Type 1 Diabetes Patient Opinion Leader/Patient

Innovative Partnerships: maximize influential relationships to enhance patient support

  • Create new partnerships to provide you with a holistic patient centric approach
  • Learn how to work most effectively with patient advocacy groups, physicians, and HCP’s to ensure crucial developments for your customer centric model
  • Techniques to determine which stakeholders are most useful in generating patient knowledge to secure strategic and tactical payer buy-in

Karen Chow, National Stakeholder Relations, Novartis

The Generation of Empowered Patients

  • Gain insight into the e-patient movement and how patients manage their health through mobile, smart phone, and social media applications
  • Engage with your HCP’s to provide reliable digital information for your patients and convert internet surfing into true engagement.
  • Align your patient centric strategies within the digital marketing and social media space to convey your company’s mission and core values

To be announced

Becoming Patient Focused: It starts internally

  • Hear how Bayer is using a mobile learning program to help employees be more patient centric.
  • Articulate the connection between profit, patient focus, trust and engagement in your team
  • Learn what Leopharma has planned for next year to increase sales while simultaneously being patient centric.

Kathy Foris, VP of Scientific Affairs at LEO Pharma
Christian Scheuer, CEO, LEO Pharma Canada
Jill Donahue, Author EngageRx

Inspire Patient Adherence

  • Leverage information communication technology and health informatics to engage your patient to increase improve outcomes
  • Establish successful patient engagement portals and useful resources for adherence enhancement
  • Increase patient engagement while simultaneously lifting your bottom line

Femida Gwadry-Sridhar, Director of Medical Health informatics, University of Western Ontario

Engage your patient from the start: Effective patient recruitment techniques for clinical trials

  • Analyze Real World Evidence to discover the impact of new interventions on patients - Utilize RWE studies to determine the right patient, drug and drug dose to increase adherence - Engage your patients in clinical trials to generate evidence-based health care solutions for payer investment

Manny Papadimitropoulos, Director of Health Outcomes, Eli Lily

Value Beyond Expense

  • Techniques to get the value of your product recognized by key stakeholders and understood by physicians
  • Identify sustainable and engaging selling and marketing solutions based on patient needs
  • Effectively leverage digital technology to deliver convenience to HCP’s and valuable care to patients.

Ashok Bhaseen, Vice President Marketing and Sales, Pediapharm

Maximize your value proposition: Best Practices on collaborating with public and private payers

  • Effectively communicate value to payers by understanding what they look for and how they make formulary and reimbursement decisions
  • Enhance your patient access strategies by utilizing shared objectives and information from your payers
  • Build patient programs that demonstrate patient value to increase the benefit of investing in your brand.

Payer Panel:
Speakers to be revealed

The Power of Collaboration: Combined competencies that drove impressive results!

  • Hear how a pharma- patient group collaboration empowered patients and changed policy ie. Bill C44
  • Internal and external strategies for inspiring patient centricity amongst your team and your partners

Gilles Fortin, Director of Patient engagement, AbbVie
Katharina Staub, President of the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

An integrated health care world: Health Care Professionals evolve to meet the needs of the empowered patient

  • Improve point of care to bridge value gaps along the patient journey
  • Explore successful POC techniques from various stakeholders to increase patient engagement and activation
  • leverage technology to curate the post visit patient journey and optimize the clinical encounter

Lead by:
Dr John Reeves, Founder Liberate Health
Shafiq Qaadri Mpp Family Physician /CME lecturer/ Medical Writer/ Member of provincial parliament

Physicians and pharmacist to be revealed.

Patient and Care Giver Panel:

  • Discover what your patient’s have to say about their experience with your medicines, communications and interventions
  • Hear how the role of the caregiver has evolved and crucial ways they can influence patient behavior and support adherence
  • Find out where patients turn for support, motivation and guidance and the opportunities for pharma to support them
  • Learn how to use the patient narrative to provide impactful solutions to patient non-compliance

Lead by:
Dr. Vaughan Glover, President and CEO of the Canadian Association of People Centered Health

Zal Press, Patient Opinion Leader and President and CEO of Patient Commando,
Jennifer Buttars, Care Giver Opinion Leader and Consultant,
Dawm Richards, Patient Opinion Leader and Vice President of the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance

Patient Advocacy Panel: Cross collaborating to ensure patient support

  • Discover the challenges and opportunities that lay in the patient group- pharma relationship to enhance collaboration opportunities
  • Collaborate with patient advocacies to engage patients in public advocacy efforts and increase consumer trust
  • Collaborate industry and patient to go from idea-to innovation- to market

Rob Oliphant, President and CEO of Asthma Society
Lynn Moore, Director of programs and services, Arthritis society
Ken Chan, Vice President of Cystic Fibrosis

Round Table: Strategically planning for a more optimal health care system

  • Open Patient Centric Communication Floor: It’s your chance to ask any burning questions or topics of discussion -Discuss and Debate effective patient adherence and engagement strategies to create a road map for action - Analyze ways to break down the organizational silos and build patient trust

Speaker to be revealed

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