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The Patient Summit Europe 2016 was accredited as a Patients Included conference.

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Fast-Track Profitable Patient Centricity

If you believe that pharma should be all about the patient, there is no better place for you to spend two days than in the company of others who dedicate their minds and efforts to maximising the wellbeing of patients. This is the one event in Europe to which patient-focused experts make an annual pilgrimage - 2017 will be our 14th year! Just think what you can learn from them.

Filtering the most useful insights from the myriad people involved in the patient journey is tough, but we think we do a pretty good job - with insights from big pharma, patient advocacy groups, KOLs and, of course, patients. In 2016, the event's key themes included:

  • Real life, real results:
    Hear case studies on how patient initiatives are improving patient outcomes
  • Time for a new business blueprint:
    Discover how pharma companies are ushering in new business models that put patients first – with exciting results
  • Measure and prove:
    Learn how to measure the effects of your patient-centric strategy and prove your results to get buy-in from all parties
  • Less obstacles, more opportunities:
    Find out how to forge a clear path through the red tape - to forge meaningful relationships with patients
  • Make pharma more accessible:
    Teach patients to work with you to enhance their perception and encourage better engagement
  • Education for pharma:
    Health literacy and capacity building programs improve patients’ willingness to work hand-in-hand with pharma. Find out how

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Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

Leading Industry Experts and Patient Advocates

25+ industry leaders including C-Suite, VP and Director level speakers, along with expert patients and patient group representatives, share their experiences so you can make healthier decisions. 2016’s speaker faculty included:

Anne Beal
Anne Beal


Chief Patient Officer

Jan Geissler
Jan Geissler



Dr Jacintha Sivarajah
Dr Jacintha Sivarajah


Head of Medical Affairs

Kristian Hart-Hansen
Kristian Hart-Hansen

LEO Innovation Lab


Anjali Trasy
Anjali Trasy


Global Head Patient Engagement Strategy

Oliver Timmis
Oliver Timmis

The AKU Society


Ruth Wilson
Ruth Wilson


Director Global Patient Relations and Advocacy

Dr Oleksandr Gorbenko
Dr Oleksandr Gorbenko

ViiV Healthcare

Global Patient Affairs Medical Lead

Aisling Burnand
Aisling Burnand


Chief Executive

Camilla Krogh Lauritzen
Camilla Krogh Lauritzen

Novo Nordisk

Director and Global Head of R&D Communication and Patient Partnering

Turn profit-patient into patient-profit

Transforming your profit-patient model into a patient-profit system is one of the biggest shake-ups in pharma's history.

Many major brands are already in the process of creating and developing a new patient-centric approach, and introducing measures to reward staff against patient-oriented metrics.

What was once an ‘if?’ has become a ‘when and how?’. But changing an engrained mind-set requires a collaborative effort; the more companies that encourage–and in some cases enforce–patient-centricity, the more widespread the buy-in will be.

‘Profit’ is still a valid talking point – it hasn’t become a dirty word. What has changed is that it is now being seen as a natural by-product of putting patients first.

Now that patients are being almost universally regarded as pivotal to the sustained growth of pharma, the question turns back to: how will an inverted model still provide profit for pharma and key stakeholders?

The conference aims to help pharma stakeholders share views, and examine ways to put patients at the centre of evolving pharma business models, without damaging profits. Putting patients first needs to be attractive on both the humanistic and fiscal levels in order for patient centricity to thrive.

It won’t happen overnight.

New strategies need to be implemented to reshape business structures and positively influence internal thinking. The message that patients are pharma’s number one business priority needs to filter down from C-level to the root system of every pharma-related business.

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Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

Making it Happen

It’s vital that all staff members get the message, but patients must also take up the cause.

Research shows that actively engaged patients have a deeper understanding of their diseases and are less likely to skip their medication, or drop it altogether. Engaged and informed patients are an asset to pharma, because they believe in their own health and wellbeing, and therefore stick to agreed programmes, which is mutually beneficial. So if this is a win-win, what’s the problem?

The problem is that human beings dealing with disease aren’t robots. Nor are their carers. They slip up, break routines and habits–plain forget. It’s a major problem that pharma and HCPs, through patient education, would like to resolve.

But how? What proven methods are out there and which ones work best in different circumstances: are mobile health solutions the answer, or digital monitoring and delivery? Could online forums and focus groups be the key?

Perhaps a combination of these things, or some other innovation yet to be tabled. The solutions are many and varied, and some are better than others. The job of pharma and HCPs is to find the best and deliver it.

What our Delegates are saying

Tools and tricks for Patient-Pharma harmony

Increased communication between patients and healthcare systems, better monitoring, and more accurate data gathering and documentation are some of the things that can help drive patient engagement and, by turns, assist pharma.

Digital health technologies are key to fine-tuning new patient-centric business models. But with tens of thousands of platforms and apps to choose from, which ones offer the best results?

Finding the right balance between technological solutions and human effort, as well as finding new ways to ensure medication adherence, is a core focus for pharma; it’s one of the clearest examples of how a patient-centric approach can lead to mutually beneficial patient and business outcomes.

Right now the industry is evolving, opportunities are plentiful, and pharma is edging its way toward a long-term sustainable approach that’s better for pharma because its better for patients.

Despite barriers such as silos, resistance to change, overemphasis on sales talk, a disjunction between patient and shareholder values, and medication non-adherence, the outlook is positive. But there’s much more to discover, and at this year’s Patient Summit, we want you to find out what’s making pharma tick, and what you need to do to put your organisation on the fast track to truly productive and profitable patient-centricity.

Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

Unrivalled Networking

This is an event designed around networking and learning. With expert presentations from big pharma, patient advocacy groups, KOLs and real patients, this summit brings together all the key stakeholders under one roof - this is the chance for real discussion, real learning and real change throughout the industry.

  • Networking drinks at the end of day 1
  • Coffee and lunch networking breaks
  • Networking and meeting area

3 more reasons to attend

  • Case studies
    real, practical advice and experience from your peers.
  • Patient Panels:
    after each session or panel discussion, we will open the floor for comments and questions from the Patient Panel before the rest of the audience. We believe that this holds every speaker - even if they’re talking about something ‘internal’ – accountable to their customer.
  • Team Benefits:
    Group rates are now available for 2+ attendees to ensure all relevant peers can take advantage of this learning opportunity


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