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11th Annual

The Patients Summit 2014

17-18 June 2014 | London

Build trust: redesign your company around a better patient experience

The conference is the definitive meeting point for pharma to discuss how it is serving its patients and will provide you with the tools to build trust and addvalue through becoming truly patient centric. How are we going to do this? Check out our unique sessions: download the brochure

Great to see an industry conference dedicated solely to patient issues!

Simon Davies, CEO, Teenage Cancer Trust   

The conference will take you through our 3 step process to achieving real patient centricity - scroll down for more details, or download the brochure

Your conference at a glance - the tangible solutions the Patient Summit offers to put the patient at the centre of your company: 

    • A business model with the patients at the centre: practical and structural solutions for a cohesive and workable approach to putting patient at the forefront of your organisation 
    • Tailor your offering to what patients truly want and need: develop a nuanced approach to understanding the patient journey and learn how you can turn this knowledge into creating a better patient experience 
    • Engage with patients and help your patients to help you: communicate with patients to ensure their active participation in formulating their healthcare plan and guarantee their adherence
    • Partner with all relevant stakeholders for a superior service: ensure a truly holistic approach to serving your patients by integrating the aims and objectives of all the relevant stakeholders: payers, HCPs, service providers
    • Revealing case studies and the chance to meet your patients: the only conference with practical, tangible solutions for pharma and medtech companies shaped by the patients themselves

For more details of what you will learn at this year's summit, download your copy of our exclusive brochure

This year, the Patients Summit is split into four sections: a workable strategy to help you achieve real patient centricity

Although everybody in pharma is currently talking about 'patient centricity' moving beyond the buzzword is another story altogether and pharma needs real solutions. The difference between the Patients Summit and other conferences is that this is the place where you can move beyond general discussion of the benefits of putting the patients at the centre and get the tools to put this into practice.

Our agenda reflects a four process fills with individual sessions full of tangible solutions, to help you understand your patients, understand what is valuable, learn how to engage patients and then how your company must change to support this strategy. 

See the agenda in full

Understand your patients and what they care about

  •  Shed light on the complex eco-system of the patient journey: know who will be involved in the patient’s life and treatment and learn how to successfully work with them to improve the patient experience
  • Understand that patients are people: Keir Woods, Director of Oncology at GSK,  reminds us how to understand the emotions involved in the patient journey and how these will vary from person to person
  • Learn what patients really find valuable: Paul Humphrey, Head of Patient Advocacy at Genzyme, talks about his techniques for collecting evidence about the outcomes which are important to patients and Dr Stephen Head gives real life examples of patients he has worked with

Click here to see exactly which sessions will help you achieve patient centricity by understanding the patient journey  

Real value for patients 

  •  Offer continued support beyond the pill: the Managing Director of Diabetics With Eating Disorders offers unique case studies of successful ways to understand the complex and unique physical needs of individual patients 
  • Understand what a really valuable support programme looks like: for the first time eyeforpharma supervises a unique round table, where you can work with patient associations and HCPs to develop collaborative support programme and receive feedback from the International Association of Patient Organization (IAPO) 
  • Partner with stakeholders to offer greater value: hear from DAK Gesundheit how HCPs, patients, payers and pharma can integrate their support to add real value for patients  

Click here to see how the agenda will help your company to add value

Go from engagement to compliance 

  • Promote active engagement in healthcare: Dan Gaita, President of the Romanian Heart Foundation tells you his technique
  • Work with multi-stakeholder coalitions: hear about how Novartis are engaging with disease area coalitions to build trust and ensure a reciprocal partnership

Excellent opportunity to learn about the reasons for non compliance/adherence and come up with ways to overcome obstacles.

Tassilo Korab, President, TKM Healthcare   

Click here to see presentations and panels to help you engage your patients 

Organisational cohesion in your company

  • Balance departmental objectives: implement the right functions necessary for patient centricity in the company and ensure cohesion
  • Collaborate with patient associations: learn how your company can establish a mutually beneficial partner and be a real player in promoting health not just medicine 
  • Ensure global consistency: Soren Skovlund, Global Director of Patient Research and Engagement at Novo Nordisk will deliver a keynote, talking about Novo Nordisk have been so successful in this space

See how this year's agenda will help your company become patient centric

What's different about this year: real workable solutions for your business through our unique 3 step process to achieving patient centricity

As well as keynotes from Novo Nordisk, Bayer, Arthritis Ireland, Grünethal, and Depuy Synthes of J&J, your Patients Summit will show you how to:

Step 1: Understand patients

  • ‚ÄčThe first step to putting the patients at the centre of your business is understanding who they are and how they feel.
  • We've secured experts from GlaxoSmithKline, Genzyme, BD, UCB and the Belgian Health League who will give you the tools to do just tha

To implement this strategy in your company, download the brochure

Step 2: Give patients what you know they find valuable and build a relationship

  • Once you and your company understand patients, the next step is using that knowledge to offer them what they really find valuable.
  • At the Patients Summit, we have an expert from the International Association of Patient Organizations (IAPO) who will lead a unique round table, giving you the chance to critically asses and build on your knowledge of potential support programme. As well as, experts from Diabetics With Eating Disorders, the Italian Thrombosis and Cardiovascular Association, the ABPI, Nutricia and DAK Gesundheit, HCPs and patients themselves who will take you through how you can offer real value.
  • By offering greater support and things which will really improve the lives of patients, the natural result will be greater trust in the industry and patients who are ready to engage more with their treatment.

To implement this strategy in your company, download the brochure

Step 3: Use your relationship with patients to ensure their engagement and a reciprocal partnership

  • The natural result of offering greater value and ensuring patients trust in the industry will be patients who are more compliant and engaged.
  • However, case studies from Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, MSD will show how you can turn this engagement into a reciprocal partnership and ensure the patients are helping you to continue to help them.
  • Our unique panel with experts from UEA, the Romanian Heart Foundation, the NHS, and patients themselves will also show how you can turn trust and satisfaction into engagement and long term adherence and partnership.

Our unique sessions will help you implement this process in your company, download the brochure now to see how!

With the following experts to help you put your patient centricity strategy into action: 

Patient centricity is something which is currently extremely important to pharma, yet few people are certain of its meaning and certainly pharma is still struggling with how to achieve a truly patient centric outlook. This is your chance to meet and hear from the innovators in this field. 

    • Soren Skovlund, Global Director, Patient Research and Engagement, Novo Nordisk
    • Ian Talmage, SVP Global Marketing, General Medicine, Bayer
    • Keith Allan, Head of Medical Advocacy, Novartis 
    • Matthias Borst, Vice-President/General Manager Diabetes Care Europe & EMA, BD
    • Hannah Gagen, Patient Engagement and External Affairs Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim
    • Werner Bleilevens, Head of Patient Centricity, Grünenthal 
    • Paul Humphrey, Head of Patient Advocacy, Genzyme
    • Esther Broer, Global Medical Affairs Manager, Nutricia
    • Jacqueline Allan, Director, Diabetes with Eating Disorders 

I really like the patient focus approach; the whole two days with the mix of patient talks and industry presentations really helped. 

Bruce Gilligan, EU Director of Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline  

View all speakers here

Why you can't afford to miss The Patient Summit

This two day event will cover how to put patients at the centre of their healthcare. Not only that, it covers an in-depth look at how to communicate with and engage your patients to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership for the future. With tangible case studies from those you told me were enjoying success in this space, as well as presentations from HCPs, payers, MDD and most importantly, patients and the patient associations themselves, it is the forum to discuss how your patients will shape your future offerings.

  • A multitude of stakeholders (including patients, patient associations, HCPs and payers) in the same room
  • Practical tools for your company for moving past the buzzword 
  • Learn how to excel at understanding your patient and providing what they really need
  • The only chance to get feedback for patient support programmes from the patients and HCPs themselves 

The only European setting where the industry, providers and patients come together to discuss optimal ways to create a win-win situation for everyone involved in the patient journey. 

Kathrin Heinritz, Senior Manager Sales Excellence, Celesio   

Download your copy of the brochure here

See what our delegates had to say about last year’s event:

Great event with great speakers and networking opportunities. Great to have a combination of industry, physicians and patient groups speaking at same meeting.

Manager Patient Group Relations, Genzyme

Good to see that the patient voice is gaining some momentum!

Consultant, Complete Clarity

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If you would like to get involved in this development of this unique event or wish to participate, please get in touch using the details below!


Sophie Akister
Sophie Akister
VP Patient Engagement
Global Event Director | eyeforpharma
Direct tel: +44 (0) 207 422 4322
Email: sakister@eyeforpharma.com

Click HereDownload your free copy of the e-brochure
including full programme and speaker line-up here

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