Meet the key stakeholders and benchmark with the leaders in Oncology commercialization

  • We’ll soon be launching Oncology MARKET ACCESS AND PRICING 2015, the executive summit of decision makers from pharma, payors, specialty pharmacies, provider networks, GPOs and community oncology groups.
  • Running in its 6th year, the conference is regarded by many as the most targeted and high-level gathering on commercialization and market access strategies for oncology products in the US.
  • A true forum of stakeholders interaction, the event provides an exceptional opportunity to foster strategic relationships and leverage best-in-class insights on how to innovative customer segmentation, targeting and contracting strategies. Pharma attendees join key stakeholders from the managed care market to secure access, adherence and product uptake in the shifting site-of-care environment.

Don't miss the Industry's critical market access summit in 2015. Join 180 leaders in Oncology commercialization and secure your place now with our exclusive pre-launch partner rate of $700 off the standard price. Just get in touch with Ulrich Neumann at the details below. Registration will officially start in January (in the unlikely case that you don’t love the program, you’ll simply drop us a line and get your money back)

What’s in Store for Oncology Market Access 2015

  • Direct Consultations with the leading Players in Cancer Care – all in one room: Establish your organization as a strategic voice in the oncology utilization debate and recognize how to best communicate value for product positioning and sustainable market access
  • Payer Focus Groups - Get first hand perspectives on the latest reimbursement dynamics and discuss alternate payment models with decision makers from Aetna, Cigna, United, Well Point, Priority Health, Blue Cross and others.
  • Rise of Specialty Distribution – Collaborate with specialty pharmacies, maximize supply chain effectiveness through targeted distribution partnerships and deep-dive into industry-leading patient hub services.
  • Community Stakeholders – Hear directly from providers in the community how payor reimbursement is influencing treatment decisions and co-create patient assistance and adherence programs. Receive data from the Association of Community Cancer Centers and learn from the leaders of Dana Faber, Connecticut Center for Primary Care, Orange Health and others.
  • Policy Changes and Government Insights: Understand how plans on the exchanges are affecting oncology reimbursement, hear from CMS about shifts in Medicare benefits and identify the impact of new guidances on drug affordability and access.
  • Pre- and Post-launch Commercial Excellence: Gain actionable insights from leading industry peers on how to adjust forecasting, access, sales force and channel distribution strategies.

We surveyed the market and conducted additional qualitative interviews with 45+ executives. That has given us a range of “hot” topics the industry wants to discuss and learn more about. Get more info here

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Who joined us last year?

Don't just take out word for it!

“Great overview on the Oncology landscape with discussions which tackled the key challenges.”

Alice Berringer, Executive Director, Oncology, Novartis

"All formats should be like this…shared learning in a comfortable atmosphere."

Jeremy Leffler, Director of Federal Policy, Sanofi

"A very well-organized meeting."

Marc Watrous, Vice President, Genentech
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