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Conference Agenda

Be the change
08:30 - 09:00
Panel: Meet the needs of an increasingly demanding external environment with a new value-driven medical model
  • Connect and champion patient and real-world data activities throughout your organization by acting as the network between silos
  • Develop and source the new set of capabilities required to enable medical’s full potential
  • Ensure long-term success by adapting now to the next generation of patients, physicians and KOLs with increased access to medical data and research

Speaker Logo Sotirios Stergiopoulos CMO, SVP and Head of Global Medical Affairs Ipsen

Speaker Logo Sandy Leonard Vice President of Medical Evidence & Observational Research AstraZeneca

Speaker Logo Zhen Su Chief Medical Officer, North America EMD Serono

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Dr. Pritesh Gandhi, PharmD Vice President-Medical Affairs Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

08:30 - 09:00
Direct more meaningful internal policy by representing the patient voice across functions
  • Create a more complete picture of the patient journey by using insights from across stakeholder touchpoints and RWD sources
  • Bring more patient insights inwards with increased direct interaction through advocacy groups and organizations
  • Develop new patient value metrics to better inform approach and effectively communicate need to decision makers

Speaker Logo Pol Vandenbroucke Vice President, Medical Strategy Pfizer

08:30 - 09:00
Early engagement of Medical Affairs in product development: A new frontier to drive R&D innovation and linking “Proof of Concepts” to “Proof of Medical Value”
  • Bring diverse stakeholder insights (patients, payers, providers) early and successfully into the clinical-regulatory development process
  • Develop “must have” components of TPP and successfully translate into a cohesive end point strategy
  • Establish patient centricity and be the voice of the patient by timely ensuring that patients’ perspective and patient centered evidentiary needs are represented in the development programs
  • Harness institutional talent, scale and learning curves towards early medical engagement

Speaker Logo Usman Iqbal MD, MPH, MBA Senior Director, Medical Affairs & HEOR Trevena, Inc.


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Roundtable discussions
08:30 - 09:00
  • The modern MSL: what are the skill requirements and how do you achieve them under constrained budgets for maximum value addition?
  • Digital tools in medical affairs: how focus investment on technological developments for improved customer engagement and insights gathering
  • Achieving launch excellence: the steps to create unity across Development, Medical Affairs, Access and Commercial teams
  • Reducing the risk of outcomes-based pricing: explore medical’s role in achieving a new high bar for data requirements
  • Patient-centricity: a hot topic, but what’s really being done and how do medical help instil a change for good?
  • Maintaining authenticity: what’s the best approach to balance commercial and scientific pressures?


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Bring value to every function
08:30 - 09:00
Embed the patient perspective into drug development to locate undiscovered value
  • Improve strategic decision-making throughout development to enhance patient and business outcomes
  • Connect key advocacy groups, patients and caregivers with internal leadership to form long-term collaboration and exchange direct insights
  • Explore how the “Embracing Carers” initiative is empowering and supporting unpaid caregivers to advocate and drive support of their wellbeing

Speaker Logo Scott Williams Vice President, Head of Global Patient Advocacy and Strategic Relationships EMD Serono

08:30 - 09:00
Find customer's unmet needs with use of enhanced scientific principles in evidence generation
  • Witness the evolving role of Medical Affairs in translating unmet need into a manageable process
  • Explore how to unlock greater product value and differentiation through the “Evidence Development Process”
  • Understand how this evidence generation management can solve unmet needs more effectively

Speaker Logo Juan Ochoa Chief Medical Officer, US Nestlé

08:30 - 09:00
Panel: Address increased evidence demands with a new pharma-payer value paradigm
  • Define medical’s role with market access colleagues to increase synergy between interactions and maximize on limited contact time available
  • Tailor publication plans to the payer audience with increased understanding of decision-making factors
  • Increase research opportunities and align findings to payer preferences with a focus on collaborative claims in database studies

Speaker Logo Suzanne Belinson Executive Director, Clinical Markets Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Speaker Logo John Graham Vice President and Head, Value Evidence and Outcomes GSK

Speaker Logo Vivian Herrera Executive Director, Head of HEOR Payer Strategy Novartis


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Unlock data's value: master the real-world revolution
08:30 - 09:00
Expand your RWE horizon: look beyond data generation and explore the multitude of further uses
  • Explore the range of tools to leverage RWE to improve healthcare stakeholder (e.g. patient associations, HCPs, payers) engagement
  • Leverage new technologies to analyse healthcare trends
  • Integrate RWE in the cross-functional communication strategy of your brand value proposition

Speaker Logo Luca Dezzani Global Brand Medical Director Novartis

08:30 - 09:00
Promoting the patient voice in evidence generation and global market access planning
  • Learn about the challenges of real-world evidence and marketplace demands for supporting new treatments
  • Understand important regulatory and payer perspectives on patient-centric data in decision-making
  • Explore effective examples of leveraging the patient voice in RWE research to leverage direct-to-patient opportunities

Speaker Logo Gema Parlange Vice President, Access Consulting PAREXEL

Speaker Logo Leanne Larson, MHA Corporate Vice President & WW Head, Real-World Evidence Strategy PAREXEL Consulting

08:30 - 09:00
Inform formulary and regulatory decision-making with pragmatic clinical trial (PCT) data
  • Incorporate real-world evidence study design and data into PCT planning and development
  • Learn best practices of PCT study design and execution from ongoing and completed case examples
  • Discuss regulatory and formulary decision-making considerations incorporating PCT data

Speaker Logo Eric Wittbrodt Director HEOR AstraZeneca

08:30 - 09:00
The role of registries in patient understanding for Medical Affairs in an era of ‘big data’
  • Understand the full potential of registry data amongst the RWD source spectrum, and how this fits in the realm of ‘big data'
  • Create a complete picture of the patient journey by linking registry data with other RWE sources (claims and EMR) to overcome evidence gaps
  • Explore the full range of registry data uses (comparative effectiveness & safety, cost effectiveness, real-time PRO feedback & analysis)

Speaker Logo Raymond Hill Chairman and CEO Corrona


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Next-generation technology for next-generation Medical Affairs
08:30 - 09:00
Overcome difficulties reaching and educating HCPs by using new digital channels
  • Establish a continuous feedback loop through virtual communication platforms to shape program direction
  • Assess technical capabilities developed by commercial teams to effectively bring assets into medical use
  • Understand how to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of digital medical education

Speaker TBC – See website for updates

08:30 - 09:00
Exponential education: Accelerate the distribution of medical information by embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Enable immediate medical request response times by investing in machine learning capabilities, automating a proportion of responses
  • Develop intelligent content personalized to requesters, using self-learning social monitoring technology
  • Become the prime destination for medical information requests by creating a reliable and seamless online interaction experience

Speaker Logo Chris Keenan Head, Worldwide Medical Customer Engagement, Medical Capabilities BMS


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Closing Keynote: Put your money where your mouth is
08:30 - 09:00
Panel: Shape internal direction by effectively measuring and demonstrating medical's value
  • Create tangible KPIs that are easily measurable and relatable in comparative assessment
  • Use quantifiable external feedback on medical interactions to bring insight on field team interactions internally
  • Foster a business-focused mindset within medical teams to drive long-term change toward a more measurable model

Speaker Logo Eddie Power Head US Medical Affairs, Pfizer Essential Health Pfizer

Speaker Logo Gary Kaplan Vice President of Medical Affairs Research Clinical Score

Speaker Logo Jefferson Tea VP Medical & Scientific Affairs Takeda Canada

Speaker Logo Kathy Foris Head of Medical Neurology UCB

Joint Philadelphia Keynote
08:30 - 09:00
The empowered patient: Build a partnership of trust
  • Prioritize the growing need to better understand life with disease, and the role of the patient and caregiver in providing vital insights across the entire drug lifecycle
  • Discover ways to operationalize patient engagement, implementing a robust framework which works across all functions (using Astellas examples).
  • Identify authentic patient insights – and understand when and where a closer relationship can help improve a patient’s healthcare experience

Speaker Logo Jim Robinson President U.S. Astellas

08:30 - 09:00
How your company can bring humanity back to healthcare
  • Has pharma lost its humanity? Avoid the endless restructuring of our commercial model and bring back partnerships with authenticity
  • Why we must recognize the danger of putting a premium on systems, data and processes, and neglecting human relationships
  • Translate humanity into the physician’s office: use category management and medical education to build credibility and establish long-term customers. Witness how Ferring are achieving this in the fertility domain.

Speaker Logo Paul Navarre CEO Ferring Holdings Inc

08:30 - 09:00
Panel: ‘Value’: focus on the common objectives amidst the chaos
  • Develop the shift to value-based care and explore its potential to set an acceptable ‘new normal’ for drug pricing
  • Discover how best to demonstrate true value of your drug when interacting with a complex array of stakeholders
  • Understand pharma's unique position in the delivery of healthcare to understand which partnerships and collaborations are required, moving forwards

Speaker Logo Sue Mahony Senior Vice President & President Lilly Oncology

Speaker Logo Fabrice Chouraqui President, U.S. Novartis

Speaker Logo Stephen Ubl President & CEO PhRMA

V ClinBio Bob Oliver Chairman V ClinBio

08:30 - 09:00
Digital is not only here to stay, it’s the new lifeblood of your organization
  • Discover how digital communication will determine how well you bring your drug to market – beyond simple messaging
  • Envisage the next level of patient experience that digital can provide, whilst ensuring deeper feedback and insights for your organization
  • Highlight the digital monitoring role that sensors can play in improving adherence rates and diagnostics, further supporting the relationship between HCPs and patients

Speaker Logo Markus Leyck Dieken Senior Vice President, Global Head, CNS Teva

08:30 - 09:00
Panel: Big data. Bigger opportunity.
  • Appreciate the monumental long-term effect of real world data informing both customers as well as ourselves; particularly regarding drug discovery, patient access and commercialization
  • Understand the trajectory and adoption of sensors to collect real-time patient insight and their future implications
  • Realize the potential in the analytics of vast quantities of data and where this will influence prescribers, payers, policy makers and other stakeholders

Speaker Logo Dr. Carsten Brunn Head of Pharmaceuticals, Americas Region Bayer

Speaker Logo Bharat Tewarie Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer UCB

Speaker Logo Rob Scott MD Chief Medical Officer, VP Global Development Abbvie

Speaker Logo Zhen Su Chief Medical Officer, North America EMD Serono

As well as two full days of our Medical Affairs focused stream, you will gain access to 3 other full tracks of discussions and insights from the co-located Philadelphia event.

Track 1: Patient Potential, Value & Support
  • Where is the trust? Strengthen relationships through partnership
  • Establish win-win collaborations with advocacy groups and patient organizations
  • How to become the go-to trusted source of information
  • Best practice examples of how to work with external groups while staying compliant
  • Demonstrate the Impact of the Clinical Educator to drive adherence
  • Discover how real connections with patients and providers can differentiate your brand
  • Achieve better outcomes by optimizing your patient support programs
  • Ensure patients and caregivers have simple ways to engage and provide feedback
  • Co-create programs with patients and carers to optimize user experience and delivery
  • Use behavior science to go from episodic to continuous, personal patient support models

See the speakers here
Track 2: End-to-end Customer Experience & Digital Engagement
  • How mobile tech will enable personalized connections and stronger relationships
  • Award Winner’s Case Study: how one company innovated to deliver tangible working and healthcare improvements
  • Leave a positive impact by demonstrating a real understanding of healthcare requirements
  • Content marketing masterclass: learn how valuable information gains traction
  • Coordinate your multichannel strategy with all stakeholders to drive further engagement
  • Deliver a seamless digital experience through enhanced data insights and customer analytics
  • The people and skills required to adapt to the digital-native generation
  • Adapt KPIs to maintain relevance and encourage investment

See the speakers here
Track 3: External Innovation & Collaboration
  • BMS case study: how diagnosis was improved through real partnerships and technology
  • Navigate reimbursement issues using robust data and evidence
  • Understand the analysis required to prove the value of your services and solutions
  • Optimize wearables now – not in the future – to gain real advantage
  • Determine the uses and limitations of data analysis from mobile and wearable devices
  • Case studies: the very best examples of pharma companies collaborating to find maximum value for patients, healthcare and society
  • Identify new propositions for customers and healthcare systems, through partnerships
  • Address the growing stakeholder complexity through sophisticated KAM options

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