Think multichannel: Spearhead Canada's new business model for pharma marketing 

To ensure that your product reaches your customers, successfully engaging with them is key. From understanding what your patients need, to learning what physicians and payers value - this is the best way to develop your sales and multichannel marketing strategies and transform your company. 

Bringing together 100+ executives from over 15 big pharma companies, eyeforpharma's Sales and Multichannel Marketing Canada 2015 summit will provide you with instructions that you can implement immediately to boost your new strategy. To be one of the first to receive the brochure, download it here

Bringing together 100+ executives from over 15 big pharma companies, this event will provide you with instructions that you will be able to implement immediately to boost your new strategy.

The Sales and Multichannel Marketing summit is the perfect platform to:

  • Start with the patient: Put patients at the forefront of your planning to ensure your commercial strategy reflects true customer value.
  • Integrate technology: Understand how to best use the latest technological innovations to add value to your sales force.
  • Master multichannel: Learn how to locate and engage your customers through a variety of online and mobile platforms with case studies showing tailored communication channels.
  • Fully understand your customers’ needs: From physicians to payers, hear from your customers how they want to work with you.

Expert industry speakers this year include:

After months of in-depth investigation into the challenges currently impacting your role – the June event brings you the industry’s foremost minds providing insight and frameworks that you can implement  to drive change in your business. 

Speaker Image

Rick Blickstead

President & CEO
Canadian Diabetes Association

Speaker Image

Michael Stone

Vice President - Marketing
Eli Lilly

Speaker Image

Ray Chepesiuk

Commissioner (CEO)

Speaker Image

Kyra Trainor

Associate Sales Director (vaccine division)
Novartis Canada

Speaker Image

John Gerow

Global Head of Strategy for Commercial Excellence

Speaker Image

Ashok Bhaseen

Vice President - Marketing & Sales


Top 5 Reasons to Attend:

Prepare yourself for the future of Canadian pharma with two days of intensive learningexpert insight and unparalleled networking. Don’t fall behind with out-dated methods - enact meaningful changes to your commercial strategy at this year’s eyeforpharma Sales and Multichannel Marketing Canada summit.

  1. Leading industry experts: Position yourself next to key players in the Canadian pharma industry for frank, insightful and open discussions.  
  2. 8 + hours of networking: Spend 2 days mingling with the foremost innovative minds in sales and multichannel. Establish the commercial connections that will transform your business.  
  3. Key case studies: Hear directly from the industry experts on the do’s and don’ts in implementing sales and marketing strategies.
  4. Tailor made agenda: After months of in-depth investigation, the agenda focuses on tackling the real challenges that are impacting your role right now
  5. Canada specific: Take away frameworks, aimed at the Canadian market, that you can incorporate into your commercial strategy

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Develop Customer-Centric Strategies to Demonstrate Value

To thrive in today’s pharma climate – the patient needs to be at the forefront of your business plan. Gain greater acceptance of your medication, rebuild your company’s reputation and ultimately strengthen your business by offering your patients value beyond the pill and supporting them to monitor their own health. 

Here’s what our attendees have said in the past...

“The meeting opened my eyes to how my peers are working to engage the public, patients and healthcare professionals in this new age of communication”

- Oncology Senior Product Manager, Amgen

“It was refreshing to be able to think and brainstorm about one topic and its many facets without interruption from daily work distractions”

- Senior Product Manager, Lundbeck

“The conference gave me the tools and additional motivation to implement within my company”

- Marketing Operations Analyst, Astellas

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For further information or to help improve the program, please contact:

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Shakira Browne

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