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Conference Agenda

Redefine pharma marketing for new-era performance
08:30 - 09:00
A Scientific Approach to Marketing Performance
  • Bring clarity by firstly redefining your customer types and core objectives
  • Ensuring development is driven by smart use of data in determining key decisions and messaging.
  • Integrate new Business intelligence and analytic tools to drive smarter marketing decisions

Speaker Logo Florent Edouard Head of Global Analytics and Intelligence, Respiratory AstraZeneca

09:00 - 09:30
Global vs. Local – How to adapt strategy to ensure maximum engagement
  • Perform ambitious changes at global/HQ level whilst still maintaining regional and local flexibility in delivery.
  • Identify and adapt your multichannel strategy to different geographies and technologies
  • Find out how Eli Lilly has created a flexible marketing campaign for differing customer behaviours and expectations

Speaker Logo Josef Bednarik Chief Marketing Officer – Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) & Israel region, Business Unit Director Oncology & Biomedicines, Russia Eli Lilly & Co.

09:00 - 09:30
CASE STUDY The transformation of Allegropharma’s marketing efforts from a customer-generic to customer specific approach
  • Hear about how Philipp Maerz took over the commercial leadership at Allegropharma and completely rejuvenated the company culture by bringing the focus back to the customer
  • Discover how Allegropharma went back to basics, conducting grassroots market research to better understand, and therefore serve, their customer’s individual needs
  • Hear about the role of new tools and technologies as part of this transformation

Speaker Logo Philipp Maerz COO Allergopharma a business of Merck

Multichannel Mastery
Digital as The Ultimate Enabler
09:00 - 09:30
Avoid ‘multichannel 1.0’: put an end to ‘shouting louder’ across multiple channels
  • Redress the balance towards the customer by providing educational content in whatever format is preferred
  • Move beyond channel selection; go from a push- to a pull relationship and inspire customers to seek information from pharma as a credible source

Speaker Logo Antigoni Voutsa Marketing Director South (Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Croatia, Slovenia, Cyprus) Lundbeck

How to collaborate with local start-ups to create innovative digital solutions
  • Work on a local level to find the innovative movers and shakers that you can partner with to answer your problems
  • See how Pfizer’s Healthcare Hub is providing support to late-stage health tech start up

Speaker Logo Ralph Lagel Senior Manager Healthcare Pfizer Innovative Health

09:00 - 09:30
Your marketing plan must support the operations of your customer-facing field reps
  • Understand why your marketing teams should support the customer facing role and link them to your company’s strategic imperatives.
  • Break down the silos and be a partner to your sales function – rather than a threat.

Speaker Logo Susanne Kellenaers Director Multichannel Management Daiichi Sankyo

Adapt or die: ensure your company is set up for the fast pace of technological change at the core of your business and processes
  • Embrace a different mindset; as well as the processes and methodologies to be able to digest all the changes happening outside the industry
  • Learn how bring external innovators, such as technology companies and start-ups, into the fold

Speaker Logo Prof. Dr. Eric Schott CEO Campana & Schott

09:00 - 09:30
Use advanced segmentation to build strong market share in a competitive environment
  • Put yourself in their shoes: discover the three processes by which customers choose to use and become advocates for your product
  • Learn about creative approaches to identify viable reachable segments that align with customer value and their changing priorities
  • Measure the value of your segments and shape promotion to optimise your results

Speaker Logo Graham Leask Strategy Lecturer Aston University

CASE STUDY How Takeda Nordics leveraged Real World Data to bolster customer value propositions
  • See how high quality registries in the Nordics can enable HCP customers to improve their knowledge on what kind of treatment that is beneficial for patients
  • Learn about the visualization tools Takeda implemented to help their customers keep track of treatment costs and results

Speaker Logo Thomas Mogan Innovation and Customer Excellence Director Takeda AS

09:00 - 09:30
PANEL Content is (still) king
  • How can content produced by pharma companies be relevant when competing with other information hubs
  • Invest in tailored, useful and educational material to support your brand positioning for both physicians and patients
  • Understand how change in mind-set from pharma to publisher can unlock the potential to pharma becoming a core information hub

Speaker Logo Paul Dixey Global Multichannel Marketing Director- Vaccines Franchise Partner GSK

Speaker Logo Gaetano Mecenero Head Content Marketing, Strategy & Projects AXA Winterthur

Speaker Logo Nico Garibolod Head of Multichannel Pfizer

PANEL Become more nimble with greater use of marketing automation
  • Learn about the role of technology: the big enabler in marketing automation
  • Use analytics to segment to the nth degree: overhaul your CRM with better integration of customer types and more personalisation

Speaker Logo Sarah Sculpher Chief Marketing Officer Caesars Entertainment EMEA

Speaker Logo Julian Brewer Head of Digital Marketing Schroders

Customer Experience and Engagement
Disruptive Innovation
09:00 - 09:30
Use a superior understanding of the patient journey to craft better insights for your marketing messages
  • Ensure every interaction the patient has with your brand, through the website or other marketing materials, is tailored to fit their unique patient experience
  • Cater for the needs of multi-language and multi-cultural information in different countries/ languages

Speaker Logo Christine Dudenhoffer Global Marketing Director OFEV/ VARGATEF Boehringer Ingelheim

Data-driven communications: how digital technology enhances your customer interactions and delivers commercial benefit
  • Explore how digital solutions can support the changing customer/stakeholder landscape
  • See real-life examples of how digital transforms customer relationships
  • Learn how value-adding digital services can optimise commercial opportunities

Speaker Logo Lars U Diemer Chief Executive Officer Agnitio

09:00 - 09:30
Stand out from the crowd – optimize investment & customer experience with smart commercial approaches
  • Differentiate and deliver business growth by optimizing engagement
  • Explore next generation, best in class engagement models
  • Combine person-based & digital resources to elevate customer engagement

Speaker Logo Liz Murray Senior Director, Solution Design Team/ Multichannel Centre of Excellence EMEA QuintilesIMS

Speaker Logo speaker_name job_title comapny_name

OUT-OF-INDUSTRY CASE STUDY Consumer Behaviour Marketing: an exemplary user journey of a personalized digital experience at Volkswagen
  • Learn how VW implement real-time reactions to customers online to help develop customer engagement
  • Understand how data from online customer engagement can be used to develop high-level targeting to get the customer to a desired end-point

Speaker Logo Adel Baraja Director - Marketing and Public Relations Volkswagen Group

09:00 - 09:30
PANEL: Recognise that customer experience is not about excessive levels of service but a consistent approach to reliable, honest and useful communication
  • Develop a straightforward approach that allows you to build and measure both trust and loyalty
  • Adapt your communication strategy depending on the different needs and personalities of your customers

Speaker Logo Ian Golding UK Board Ambassador Customer Experience Professionals Association

Celgene Massimiliano Nazionale Associate Director, Commercial Excellence Celgene

Connected Technologies: Can they help build sustainable differentiation for your product?
  • Understand how interactions between drug delivery devices and connected objects such as sensors, mobile phones and wearables are essential for driving patient behaviour
  • How can the Internet of Things (IoT) transform patient care while at the same time generate new type of real world data that could help personalizing care for patients?

Speaker Logo Hervé Dumas Director, Patient Care Solutions Lead UCB

09:00 - 09:30
Traditional Pharma Marketing is Broken. Time to start again!
  • Understand that customer expectations are shaped by their marketing and consumer experience outside of the pharma industry
  • An in-depth look at how pharma needs to react to these rising benchmarks in order to keep up and create a positive customer experience

Speaker Logo Carsten Grandke Lead Multichannel Management CoE TEVA

Develop Artificial Intelligence to impact healthcare
  • Understand how Innovative technologies can meet customer needs through methods such as AI
  • Learn how working with the right partner can deliver completely unique experience through digital

Speaker Logo Betul Susamis Unaran Global Head of Digital Ferring Pharmaceuticals

09:00 - 09:30
It’s all about what the customer wants. Not what you want
  • Understand how Pfizer is moving from a multichannel to omnichannel approach
  • See how working towards more engaging and strong content can make for better customer loyalty
  • Realise that the new aspiration is an Omnichannel approach

Speaker Logo Nico Gariboldi Head of MC Marketing Pfizer

The inevitable trends that will make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone on earth

Today, everyone has near equal access to everything that is digital. The same may soon be happening to healthcare, and these trends show why

  • Understand why diagnostics is improving at double the rate of Moore’s Law and Information is free and getting smarter
  • Smartphones and “the internet of everything” will create a global channel of healthcare delivery
  • Intervention will be unrecognisable

Speaker Logo Ali Parsa CEO & Founder Babylon Health

Speaker Logo Adam Higgins Senior Director, Global Digital Innovation Group AstraZeneca

09:00 - 09:30
The Microsoft Accelerator Story: Disrupting pharma through big data analysis
  • Understand how data scientist can analysis big data to help push big pharma to produce better results in a faster time
  • Transformation happens when there is a mindset shift, then we can drive agility and growth back into the business

Speaker Logo Warwick Hill CEO Microsoft Accelerator

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