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Personalised multichannel strategies have allowed thousands of companies, in highly regulated industries, to create trusted relationships with their customers; providing real value to all stakeholders – so why is pharma still lagging behind?

In an industry with a wealth of digital tools, resources and talent, pharma must utilise customer interaction data and analytics to truly enhance customer experience. Whether its providing HCPs with timely, practical information or supporting patients throughout their treatment pathway; the role of the customer facing teams has never been so important.

At Multichannel Europe 2017 over 200+ pharma executives will come together to plot the route for the next stage of this movement. Pre-order the brochure to make sure you’re kept up-to-date with the latest development

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So how can we achieve multichannel in 2016?

  • Monitor and adapt: Discover how multichannel can provide the feedback you need to redefine your brand-customer relationships
  • Tailor your outreach: Uncover key methods for accurate customer profiling to ensure relevance, end-to-end, across multiple touch points
  • Prepare for change: How to make sure your brand teams are ready to produce multichannel as standard
  • Content still king: Find out why leading brands are ramping up their output to win customers over
  • Learn from other sectors: hear how retail and finance companies have developed multichannel marketing strategies that draw their customers closer

Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

Snapshot of our 2016 Industry Leaders

Gerhard Arnhofer


VP, Head of Integrated Multichannel Marketing CoE

Tim White


Head of Customer Experience

View Interview →

Maria Lagutina


SVP, Consumer Marketing, Digital Sales and Customer Experience Lead – EMEA

Julian Spinks


General Practitioner

Panos Papakonstantinou


Head Digital Commercial, Europe

View Interview →

Matthieu Jusserand


Multichannel marketing Director

Stephanie Bova


Head of EUCAN, Takeda Digital Accelerator

Marcel De Jong


VP, CRM Futures Global Business Lead

Ricard Robledo


Global Head HCP Connection

Susanne Kellenaers

Daiichi Sankyo

Director of Multichannel Marketing

Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

So what’s happening in pharma?

So why has pharma been lagging? The fact that the industry has been going through a colossal sea change has a lot to do with it. Working out how to put patients and customers before profit and still remain buoyant has been top of the pharma agenda. But now that the industry has its priorities in order, and isn’t sinking because of it, achieving a new level of marketing excellence is back in sharp focus. And there is a growing sense that, in order for the new patient-centric model to succeed, multichannel must play an integral part.

But there are difficulties. For one, there are tens of thousands of digital channels, including websites, apps and social media platforms that can be used to communicate with customers. Discovering the best combinations to achieve seamless customer-brand conversations across multiple touch points presents a key challenge for the future.

In addition, to achieve optimised data models through ever-deepening levels of segmentation takes time. More data needs to be gathered, and the existing dots of disparate data need to somehow be connected to make them useful. But if current masters of segmentation such as Amazon and Netflix can do it, so can big pharma brands.


As pharma readjusts to recognise the patient as the number one customer, we wanted to create the ultimate platform for your engagement needs. By bring the Patient Summit and Multichannel Excellence together you now get twice the learning, twice the networking and twice the value- all with your one pass.<

Patient Summit speakers include:

Anne Beal


Chief Patient Officer

Jan Geissler



Kristian Hart-Hansen

LEO Innovation Lab


Oliver Timmis

The AKU Society


Aisling Burnan


Chief Executive

Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

What our Delegates are saying

Real communication with customers

A question still hangs in the air, though: apart from a marketing refocus, why else has multichannel suddenly become so important to pharma? One reason is that doctors and HCPs are becoming harder to reach through traditional channels. Many have become resilient or impervious to the marketing initiatives of big pharma hitters, and face-to-face communications have suffered as a result.

Research has found that there is a direct correlation between marketing overkill and customers switching off. Customers want meaningful relationships that add value to patient outcomes. They also want to be in control of when, where and how they receive their information.

The rapid growth of information sources means that doctors, nurses, HCPs and patients are less reliant on material provided solely by pharma companies. Pharma now finds itself in a situation where it has to prove itself, not as a salesforce, but as a genuinely useful resource with a customer-focused agenda. Winning trust is essential. With the right datasets, pharma can achieve this. But creating a virtuous circle of improved relationships between patients, prescribers, payers and providers through enhanced multichannel mechanisms will require the collaboration of a wide range of health sector disciplines.

While strategies are being drawn up, above all, it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a multichannel customer, rather individuals that want to enjoy a seamless, consistent, customer-oriented experience across the various channels they use. Multichannel, used wisely, has the potential to boost revenues and cut costs for pharma, while freeing up time for health care professionals and driving better patient outcomes.

Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown

3 more reasons to attend

  • COMMUNITY: Meet your peers face to face to discuss multichannel marketing, customer experience and the opportunities in digital
  • NETWORKING: With over 250 senior decision makers in attendance, the Multichannel Customer Experience summit is the place to forge the partnerships to position your company for long-term success
  • EXHIBITION: See the latest CX, digital innovation and CRM solutions to ensure you are working with the technology that ensures you exceed in your marketing and customer objectives

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Pre-order the detailed event brochure

Complete speaker line-up • Program for all tracks & sessions • Audience breakdown